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Hi - I'm Marti in San Antonio, TX. I have watched Survivor since #1. I have never missed a show. If I was not home, I recorded the show so I never missed anything! There are some really bad memories for me like Jonny Fairplay (what a loser) and Dreamz who went back on his word to YauMan. Those are the worst, and I hope I never see Fairplay or Dreamz on another Survivor show. There are some great memories too. Christy Smith was one. She was deaf and was able to compete. I felt that Survivor was reaching out to the hearing impaired, and they had someone else who had a prosthetic leg. That was cool. Anyway, I like to watch and see who I think is going to win. Most of the time I am right, but this last one got me. I never thought Todd would win, and cow eyed Amber was in it with him. Courtney should have won because she just laid back and kept her alliance. She would have been the last person anyone would expect to win, but she almost did.

Love the show, and will always watch it. To old to play, but am trying to get my son to play. He would be great. He is a lot like Ozzy. (The best player ever!)

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First_Marti Men vs Men and Women vs Women (2 separate shows) 5 Apr 16 2009, 9:23 PM EDT by mystical_pippin
Thread started: Jan 18 2008, 5:46 PM EST  Watch
I've tried this before. I think it would be interesting to have a show with men vs. men (the women would love it) Then, the next show would be Women vs. Women! Two shows! The men would be happy and the women would be happy. I, who really love watching the competition would love both. How about trying it?
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First_Marti Favorites vs Favorites #2 1 Mar 25 2008, 10:08 PM EDT by aceofstuds
Thread started: Feb 22 2008, 11:54 PM EST  Watch
I saw someplace where members were writing their selections for Favorites vs Favorites, so I did it too, but now I can't find the right spot. So I am putting it on my page. Here you go. Tell me what you think!

1.Ozzy – Cook Island
2.Ethan – Africa
3.Colby – Austrailia
4.Tom – Palau
5.Terry – Exile Island
6.Earl – Fiji
7.Edgardo -- Fijii
8.Frosty – China
9.Yul – Cook Island
10.Gary –Guatamala

1.Twila – Vanuatu
2.Dani – Guatamala
3.Stephanie – Guatamala
4.Piegh Gee – China
5.Colleen – Borneo
6.Julie Berry – Vanuatu
7.Denice – China
8.Vecepia – Marquesas
9.Misty – Exile Island
10.Rebecca – Cook Island

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