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Slogan: Of course it's just my constitutionally protected opinion..... I could be wrong!
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rob bonaparte *************************russle knighting coach************** russell bonaparte
Rob Bonaparte ******************************* I dub thee Sir Coach! ********************** Russell Bonaparte

Stephanie All Glammed Up

Amanda*********************coach ****************** Jeri
AMANDA *********************** * ****** COACH ***************** ****************** *JERRI ***********************

my recreation season 20 logo
My Season 20 Logo

ROB the tribe has spoken cry

"Oh Solo Meo"

music bar
"O Sole Mio"

"Just for you Hotchfan!!"************************************************** COLBY 2

Hotchfan this one's for you! *****************************************This one's for me!

JT *************************JAMES

Why didn't Colby just give ME the chocolate? ********************** Mmm...Yum Steroid Sandwich!

home - Survivor

put your left foot in, put your left foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about. you do the hokey pokey
and turn yourself around and thats what its all about......

fire pot


************************************* Mid Term assignment**************** Mid Term Assignment


moon over sac

10/2009 my latest - "Moon Over Sactown"

fire pot

The Tribe has Spoken! the tribe has spokenWOO HOO! woo hoo

I LOVE SURVIVOR!! - have watched since the first season! I've Only missed one season due to living i
in the mountains with no cable or satellite. Some seasons are more memorable than others for me. My faves
from seasons past are: Ozzy, Richard Hatch, Stephanie, Rupert, Ozzy, Yul, Yau-man, Ozzy, Amanda, James & did I say Ozzy?

I've always said..... Survivor should have taped several shows before airing the first one - they could've prolonged the element of surprise with the "survivors" for at least 3 seasons if not more! There's nothing like the effect of surprise and it would have given the audience a chance to watch the next season survivors (knowing the rules & strategies of the game) while the players didn't!

This past season Survivor Micronesia was one of the best in a long time. It's gonna be tough to beat next season. I am a true fan of Survivor and even though I don't always agree with who wins I will ALWAYS watch this magnificently, well thought out, "social experiment" game. I think Mark Burnett is a genius. It would be nice though to see some more theme games like perhaps young against old.

I'm female, single 50 years young...and mother of 3 beautiful CATS! Pippin, Tigerbean and Boo Radley!! 12-8-08 update: Sadly I lost my Tigerbean in November due to cancer. He is waiting for us in a meadow by a stream with lots of birds and field mice. 8-13-09 update: Now I have lost my beloved Pippin who was the apple of my eye and meant the world to me....

My moto is: "Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon.....shall inevitiably come to pass!!" I truly believe in the power of the positive thinking. (I just wish I could do it more often!)banging my head

I am a budding graphic artist and joined in the masthead design contest. I did not win but had alot of fun doing it - my design is below
********************************Masthead Design Contest

My darling baby girl, my kitty whom I loved and thought of as my daughter, passed away. She gave me 13 years of joy, comfort, fun, hairballs & most importantly UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!
I am devasted and my heart hurts very badly, I don't know how I'm going to get through this. She has been the SOLE source of comfort for me especially this past year. A year of difficult events. First Mom, then Tigerbean, then one of my longest & enduring friend's sudden death.
And now, I will never get to see her waiting for me at the top of the stairs with baited breath when I come home, or the cute little way she would stick her paw out, spread her claws & meow when she wanted me to hold her - never again.
It was very unexpected - she suddenly became sick last week. After 3 trips to the vet - she wasn't responding to treatment, we realized there was no hope, I held her in my arms when the doctor put her to sleep.
My wonderful vet was very kind and sweet and gentle. He even cried with me and the whole staff hugged me when it was over. It was nice of them to give me the time I needed alone with her. They gave Pippin, oxygen and morphine and I held her and talked to her for an hour. They would come in periodically and talk to her too.
I don't know why it came to me but when it was time, I recalled a scene from "Out of Africa" when Karen Von Blixen and her faithful assistant Farrah are saying goodbye. she reminded him that when they went on safari he would go ahead in the daytime to find a place for them and build a fire. At night she would see the fire and come to the camp.
I said: "Pippin do you remember when we went on Safari? and in the daytime, I would go ahead and find a place to camp & build a fire. And you would see the fire and come to this place? Well, this will be like that. Only this time you will be the one to go ahead and find a place for us. And you must make a really big fire so I can find you."
RIP - baby girl.

A few weeks later they called me & asked me to come in and pick up something. They had her ashes in a beautiful box and they made a caster plaque with her paw print and name on it. I was so blown away because this isn't what a vet would normally do. I'm so gratefull they care about the love and years and the bond we develop with our furry children
*****Me and Pippin 2008 *******Pippin 2007********Tigerbean Portrait

***Pippin-n-Me Xmas 2008 ************* Pippin 1996-2009 ************ Tigerbean 1997-2008 Pippin's son

************* She was so tiny for her age at 13 she was less than half the size of her babies
Boo Radley*******Boo and Tigerbean 2007********Boo Boo Hates the Camera
Boo & the Bean in background ****** Boo and Tigerbean 2007 ****** Trying to get Boo to look into camera
****************************************************He always looks away just before snap!

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.Hawkeye.. wow 1 May 25 2010, 12:59 AM EDT by mystical_pippin
Thread started: May 25 2010, 12:03 AM EDT  Watch
You have the coolest profile ever,,,love it:)
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mystical_pippin Easter Sunday 2010 Taking a Break! 0 Apr 4 2010, 3:24 PM EDT by mystical_pippin
Thread started: Apr 4 2010, 3:24 PM EDT  Watch
It's been a long week trying to catch up with errands and homework. I've got to find an apartment soon too but it's raining cats and dogs today plus it's a holiday so I can't do much except homework....BORING....I've feel like I made a mistake with my choices of classes this semester. One is way over my head - the homework is beyond overwhelming - 6-7 files or tutorials every week plus 2-3 chapters of reading - lots of technical stuff too - not good for a "right" brainer like me.....and the other class is at a very inconvenient time - I might take one as a no - credit credit so I don't mess up my GPA = 3.4. It would suck if I decide to get a degree - no plans for that right now but I could always change my mind - after all it's a women's it's best to keep it where it is (or higher if I could). You would think after all these years and 4 colleges I would have one, but I kept changing my major. First it was Dance, then Humanities, then Theatre, then back to Dance...... In between getting certified in 2 others - Medical coding and Desktop Publishing.......just call me a professional student.
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SURRICK GOOD ! 4 Nov 2 2009, 3:04 AM EST by mystical_pippin
Thread started: Oct 24 2009, 2:00 PM EDT  Watch
Pippin you are one talinted young Lady , Great job !!!
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mystical_pippin Getting Back to Normal (Whatever that is.....) 0 Sep 14 2009, 6:52 PM EDT by mystical_pippin
Thread started: Sep 14 2009, 6:52 PM EDT  Watch
I got in 2 classes this semester - getting there was difficult, almost didn't happen. Turns out that the University here cut half of it's programs and so all those students came over to SCC and registered the first week it opened back in May. Four days after that almost every single class was full. So when I tried to register in mid July for the Fall I couldn't even get wait listed. I went to school the first week trying to get in but was turned down along with many other continuing students. What sucked is that I knew at least 1/4 of those students would drop by mid semester. Anyway, my teacher had been asking in all of his classes if anyone could help this guy out who was in the class that had cerebral palsy. He was having trouble moving his hands. So I figured since I couldn't get into any classes I would volunteer. I sent an email to my teacher Tom and he writes back if I would help this guy out then he would get me in!! Now I have this guy I'm helping AND the classes! Also I've been asked to display some of my artwork for an annual charity ball here on Oct 1st - I'm scrambling to come up with artwork that pertains to Sacramento and the charity. I get to keep whatever I sell So now I've got double the homework and extra work on the side PLUS I have my other job taking care of the brats here in my house....which is overwhelming by itself! but it's good to stay busy. Eat less and don't cry or think about missing my baby as much.
I picked up Pippin's ashes on Friday. The staff had some cards for me and one of them made me this beautiful heart shaped plaque with some colored stones in it AND it had Pippins paw print in the cast. I started to cry when I saw it. I could not believe they did that for me. What an incredible gift! Even though it was sad, I was very happy to have something extra that was part of her!
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hanlam84 hey 4 Sep 2 2009, 6:09 PM EDT by hanlam84
Thread started: Aug 28 2009, 12:12 PM EDT  Watch
u like cats
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