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Mark "Big Daddy" Byrd's Survivor Audition Video S18

Big Daddy Survivor Audition
Big Daddy -
You know you want to

Survivor: Cook Islands

Survivor Hopeful

Audition Videos - Survivor
Audition Videos - Survivor

Audition Videos - Survivor
NOT In the Slushpile of Survivor Applicants? TO LATE NOW!!!
Get as they say it in the Biker-World... Wild-N-Ready! The challange is almost over Survivor Freaks...who's gonna Outplay! OutWit and Outlast this round of applications???
Don't ya just feel like your standing outside the chocolate factory? "I gotta golden ticket..."
O'Cid ain't given in to no stinken' rumor of an All-Star! DID YOU Sneak-A-Peak at Cid's Survivor 16 Audition! For morale check out Sheilla as she explains her motive for making a video!


Audition Videos - Survivor
Audition Videos - Survivor
Audition Videos - Survivor

Hey there! I'm Zoe. That's me over there on the left, with my latest audition tape. Caution, turn down the volume for the first 10 seconds unless you want everyone within hearing distance to run to the computer and see what you're doing!

Oh, and why should Survivor pick me? Haven't you been listening? Because, I'm "sex-y" !

now when they need someone more evil than she looks, that's artistic & clumsy, doesn't take herself too seriously, yet is "sex-y" in her own way... well, they know where to find me!

I am the most aggressive person Survivor will ever see ACTIVELY playing the GAME

Yes, it is a game to be played and it is time someone started playing. I am smart and tough as nails!

Lynne, if you want opinioned people: I am your girl, but I am also very funny (in a twisted way).

SEG, I am NOT applying again! You have wasted too much of my time. If you want me you can come to me! I believe you know how to recruit players!?! Just leave me a message.
With Love, Cadives
I should and could write a book about myself, but this space just isn't big enough to cover everything about me. I'm not a poser just a all around guy ready to be a Survivor winner. Contact me!!!!
This is TheCiscoShow! This video is 2 years old. I am now 35 lbs lighter and much stronger than I was then.

But far more than the physical, I have the intelligence to Outwit, The skills to Outplay and the endurance to Outlast any group you can put together.

Visit my MySpace account to comment, I want suggestions if you have them for my next video.

I think I might get all WWE on them. I have that side I just don't show it cause it is scary to normal people. Just ask the people at the drivers license place in Franklin TN.

Here is a pic of me now with my youngest!

Audition Videos - Survivor

Audition Videos - Survivor

Looking for Me?

Listen up's the deal!
I am not lookin to be discovered...I am not a actress...or any one important!

I am just an average woman living my life as colorful & different as I can possible think of...wanting to play the game of Survivor! I am intringed with the game...Will I be the Ultimate Survivor? I don't know! Will I be the most poplular? I don't know! Will I be the best competitor? I don't know!

All I do know is I am for REAL! I want to play the game! I want to experience what comradery is! I want to know what it is like to compete! I want to find out how far I would go for a million dollars! I know I can do this and I know people would not forget I had been there!

For more past auditions...

GO To:

a collection of all 10 auditions I have submitted thus far!

Hi, I'm richard1885 one or the founding participaters on the Survivor Message Boards. Here to say 'I'm Ready". Single father of three girls who definitely needs a break. LOL

Hi! I'm Deb - a huge Survivor fan. I would love to play the game. Hope you enjoy the video.
So I broke some rules on how to make a good video.......but maybe you'll notice that I'm handsome, athletic, and possibly funny??

I'm also a fan looking for adventure and eager to play something other than racquetball. Let's play!!
My name is Sylvia (aka Archaeobabe/Desert Road), and I've been to semi's twice - still looking to make the show. My husband and I had a blast making this at a site I was working here in Arizona. Enjoy!

Well I am back now with a vengence. Time to shine like the bright bulb that I am.

Check me out and send me a message. Cool Beans.

New and improved. If anyone has any comments feel free to contact me at

Heeeelllloooooo Lynnneeeee! This is actually the one I didn't send in. I messed up the audio and then changed my mind what I wanted included. The ones above I sent in for S12 and AR Family Edition.
Well. I am confused like everyone else. I hope things didn't go "poof" again. This was my first video I posted. I put S12 and two AR family edition together to save space.

Check out the new attempt!! Long time fan and auditioner. Still trying. Feed back would help.

Audition Videos - Survivor

Man Suffers Compound Fracture Trying Out For Survivor
Wahoo! Over 3000 views for the two parts of my Survivor video! Not bad for an unknown first time YouTube poster. You need REAL people and someone like me that follows the beat of a different drummer! Let’s get the process started! Have your people call my people....
I hope you enjoyed seeing me break my leg. Click below if you want to see another section of the tape concerning my work with Koko the Signing Gorilla

OK, I didn't really break my leg, I just made it look like it. Everyone was in on this except my two sons. They had no idea that I set this up and they thought the break was real and were going to call 911. Watch my son in the blue shirt, he just about barfs near the end. He was a little ticked off for a bit afterward, but he got over it. This is just one part of the video, the rest is a lot of fun too. I'm sending it in today so keep an eye out for it. I'm the kind of guy you need to make things interesting. Email me!
Hi everyone! If anyone has seen or bought one of those SURVIVOR replica props on Ebay, I'm the guy that makes those things. Heres my attempt at making it on the greatest game there is. It was a lot of fun to make and I've alreadgotten to work on my next one just in case it doesn't go my way again. I enjoyed watching everyone elses auditions, it's nice to actually see other people who have the same dream. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of my video, let me know. Don't worry, I can take criticism if you have any. Special Thanks to Jenny for all of your compliments and support throughout my whole application proccess so far! And if any CBS people are interested I'd love to hear from you. For my phone number you can contact Jenny Guzon Bae, or find my application. If anyone has any additional comments, or if you're lookin for any Survivor replica props, let me know, I'd love to hear from you email me at Survivor Imports Good Luck, and Enjoy Everyone! -Rob or (Bert)

Marcus112456 - Enjoy my latest video attempt.

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