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Oh, the many Survivor challenges!

Throughout all of the Survivor seasons there have been some truly amazing challenges, and some challenges we hope to never see again. Here is a place to debate the best and worst. Reward or Immunity: it doesn't matter. Let us know what you think! And remember it may be the challenge itself that you love, or how the contestants involved played the challenge that makes it so memorable!

Fan-Favorite Challenges

Survivor: All Stars
IC-"Blind Leading the Blind

Blind Leading The Blind

Challenge Description:

One castaway would direct their other blindfolded tribemates toward large block puzzle pieces scattered around the beach. Teams had to retrieve all puzzle pieces and then assemble their 3-D Puzzle. The first two tribes to complete the puzzle would win immunity, while the third would go to Tribal Council.

Challenge Outcome:
From the go, this was a chaotic challenge, as players stumbled all over each other and the puzzle pieces as they searched. Memorable instances: Ethan accidentally dropping the heavy puzzle piece on Colby, Lex getting lost in the trees, and poor Big Tom getting hit on numerous occassions.
The whole challenge became a comedy of errors, and in the end, the underdog Saboga tribe finally won immunity along with a second place finishing, Mogo Mogo. Although Chapera were the first to retrieve all of their pieces, their strong personalities wouldn't allow them to work as a team and finish. And thus, were sent to their first Tribal Council.
Survivor: Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 14, 15, and 19
IC/RC- "Survivor Menu"

Survivor Menu
Survivor Menu

Survivor MenuSurvivor Menu

Survivor MenuSurvivor Menu

Challenge Description:

The premise of the food eating challenge is simple: one by one, each castaway makes their way up to the table to see whether or not they can stomach the native cuisine. During this period, there is no time limit. In most cases, if all tribe mates are able to swallow without regurgitation, it all comes down to a tiebreaker between two tribemates (one contestant from each tribe). In this case, the person who finishes first, wins immunity for his or her tribe.

Challenge Outcome(s):
Survivor: Borneo - Food of Choice: Grubs
All tribemates finished their grubs and it came down to a tiebreaker (Gervase for Pagong and Stacey for Tagi). While Gervase put in a good fight, it was Stacey who won immunity for her tribe.

Survivor: The Australian Outback - Food of Choice: Native Aborigine Menu
With all castaways stomaching their food items, Kimmi represented Kucha and Tina represented Ogakor in the tiebreaker round. And although vegetarian Kimmi, refused to eat cow in the previous round, she quickly stomached the worm and won her tribe immunity.

Survivor: Africa - Food of Choice: Cows Blood Mixed w/ Milk
A tiebreaker round between Linda (for Samburu) and Kelly G. (for Boran), required them to drink a large glass of pure cow blood. Linda drank more quickly and victoriously won immunity for her tribe.

Survivor: Marquesas - Food of Choice: Fafaru
Rotu member, Neleh, and Maraamu member, Rob M., fought it out in a tiebreaker around. And though both struggled, Rob choked, throwing up pieces of the fish and Neleh won immunity.

Survivor: Pearl Islands - Food of Choice: Seafood Smoothies
Eventual Pearl Islands winner, Sandra, represented Drake and Darrah represented Morgan in this intense tie break moment. They each had to drink a large smoothie of all the seafood ingredients along with eating a fish. In the end, Darrah was victorious.

Survivor: Palau - Food of Choice: Balut
The ailing Ulong tribe of Stephenie and Bobby Jon, lost once again when Tom, of Koror, beat Bobby Jon in a tiebreak round.

Survivor: Fiji- Food of Choice: Fijian Menu
The dominant Moto tribe continued their winning streak when many of the members of Ravu complained they couldn't swallow their food, due to dry mouths as a result of dehydration.

Survivor: Samoa- Food Of Choice: Samoa Smoothie
The Galu tribe continued their reward winning streak and won again, mainly by the help of Monica.

Survivor: Guatemala
RC- "11-Mile Hike"

11-Mile Hike

Challenge Description:
In a Survivor first, the castaways were informed that they were to compete in a challenge right off the bat. Just as the title states, the tribes had to complete in an 11-Mile Hike/Trek race in order to win the better of two tribal camps. The better camp: an actual Mayan temple which provides shade from the sun.

Challenge Outcome:
Just as the Survivors were stunned, when both Bobby Jon and Stephenie returned to the game, the Survivors first raced to a pile of supplies (consisting of corn, fruits, and other items) and took the items they needed into the jungles of Guatemala. Injuries especially hit the Nakum tribe when Blake was struck by a poisonous tree and Bobby Jon suffered a major heat stroke and muscle spasm. However, through all these injuries amongst their tribe, Nakum was victorious and claimed the Mayan temple as their shelter.
Survivor: Seasons 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, and 14
IC/RC - "Physical Contact Battles"

Pilfering PiratesAll Stars: Pilfering Pirates

By Any Means NecessaryBattle Dig

Kicking and ScreamingKung Fu Cannibals

Survivor: Thailand - RC- "Pilfering Pirates"
Challenge Description:
The tribes, positioned on opposite sides must race to a common boat and retrieve however many items as they can. As an added twist, on the way to the boat, the tribes would have to intersect. In this intersection, lies a black "Attack Zone" in which oppsing tribe members could attack and tackle eachother into the water. The tribe that first retrieves 10 items, wins the reward.
Challenge Outcome:
Sook Jai, which had the more young and physical fit castaways, clearly had the advantage. Their quickness earned them the heavy lead against the older Chuay Gahn tribe. However, the disadvantage to being young: compulsive actions without thinking. Many members of Sook Jai including Robb, Jed, and Ken were disqualified from the challenge for not entering the "Attack Zone" before attacking and thus, the Chuay Gahn underdogs ended up winning this challenge.
Survivor: Pearl Islands - IC- "Boarding Party"
Challenge Description:
In a human Chess-type of challenge, the goal was for each tribemate to reach the opposite side of the course. When members of opposing tribes meet one another on an intersecting platform, a physical contact battle ensues and the person first knocked into the water must go back to the start, while the victor holds his or her place on the platform. The first tribe to have all their tribemates reach the opposing side of the course wins.
Challenge Outcome:
The Morgan tribe, who suffered a major losing streak previous to this, gave it their all and eventually ended up winning their first Immunity Challenge. However, little did they know that the Drake tribe had premeditatedly decided to throw this challenge.
Survivor: All Stars - IC- "Pilfering Pirates"
Challenge Description:
This challenge was taken directly from the Survivor: Thailand season from the challenge of the same name.
Challenge Outcome:
The dominant Chapera tribe continued their winning streak. And Rob M. shocked many viewers when he victoriously tackled down challenge powerhouses, Ethan and Colby.
Survivor: Palau - RC- "By Any Means Necessary"
Challenge Description:
Host Jeff Probst, would pull a lever to release an underwater lifesaver and in a series of match-ups (men v. men, women v. women, man/woman v. man/woman), the goal was to earn a point by pulling the lifesaver to your tribe-colored pontoon. With the added twist of physical contact, tribe members could do whatever it took to steal the lifesaver, whether it'd be pulling or drowning.
Challenge Outcome:
This was one of the few challenges that Ulong actually won. Angie was arguably the star of this challenge, as she took down both Janu and Gregg, of Koror, to earn her tribe critical points.
Survivor: Panama, Exile Island - IC- "Battle Dig"
Challenge Description:
In a series of match ups, the tribe members had to first dig from the sand, a pillow. After the pillow has been found, through stealing, tackling, and running, the tribes had to run back to their mat with it, to earn a point.
Challenge Outcome:
This particular physical contact battle had the closest finish out of any previous to it. It seemed, that back-and-forth, Casaya and La Mina were taking turns in winning each round until the final deciding round leading to a memorable Survivor moment: Ruth Marie nearly winning immunity for La Mina when Bobby, of Casaya, runs up behind her, grabbing her by the shirt and dragging her to the Casaya mat.
Survivor: Cook Islands - RC- "Kicking and Screaming"
Challenge Description:
With three members of Aitu positioned holding three poles of Raro, while conversely, three Raro members were positioned holding three Aitu poles. The goal of the remaining tribe members were to physically remove the opposing members from their tribe-colored poles. Thus, the castaways positioned on the poles had to resist the pull of the removers. The tribe who removes all opposing members would win the reward.
Challenge Outcome:
The Underdog Aitu tribe beat out the Raro tribe, who had both physically fit Nate and Adam.
Survivor: Fiji - RC- "Kung Fu Cannibals"
Challenge Description:
Through one-on-one match ups, opposing tribe members had to knock eachother off a platform using heavy padded shields.
Challenge Outcome:
The dominant Moto 'Haves' continued their winning streak, forcing the ailing Ravu tribe to go back to camp in low-spirits.

Least Favorite Challenges

Survivor: Thailand
IC- "Thai 21"

Thai 21

Challenge Description:
The rules of this challenge were fairly simple, which is probably why it wasn't very entertaining to watch. Taking turns, out of 21 total flags, the tribes were to take either one, two, or three flags. The tribe that would retrieve the last flag, would win.

Challenge Outcome:

Sook Jai and Chuay Gahn went back and forth, taking their time making each move. Sure, it may have been intense for them, but in a viewer's point of view, the challenge seemed to go by way too slowly. In the end, it was Chuay Gahn who retrieved the last golden flag and thus claimed immunity once again.

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