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Bobby MasonFirst just want to say thanks for the feedback (both good and bad!). It’s been fun blogging. I know I overdo it in terms of the length of my blogs and I actually do try to whittle them down, believe it or not. I’m just a longwinded self-aggrandizing blowhard and a braggart, what do you want from me ? ;-). Seriously though, I’ve been having fun, and I apologize to those whose days I’ve ruined with my presence.

I think the interactivity if the WIKI board is a great idea and I look forward to seeing what folks, when given the chance, will ask some of the other bloggers. It’s always interesting to hear what fans are thinking and how they’re responding to you and the show. Thanks to everyone that has asked me questions. I’ll answer every question, but here’s the ones I’ve done so far…

March 30, 2007

Bobby's week on Ask a Survivor might be up, but he'll still be checking in now and then to answer a few questions on his own page. If you want to drop him a line, that's the place to do it. Thanks for everyone's participation.

March 29, 2007


loved your honesty
posted by athenix

Loved when you told courtney that you feel bad for drinking the other peoples wine but not for her. great example of saying how you felt. wish we could see more of that with out all the screaming.


Thanks for the comment athenix! Yeah, that was a weird day. I woke up in the outhouse before Bruce did—or more accurately, I just got out first because I never made it to sleep. I had been laying with my back on the floor with my legs straight up in the air against the inside of the outhouse, trying not to suffocate with all the pressure on my lungs and trying not to swallow termites that were crawling all over my face. I came out and ran into Courtney and she immediately started in on me with the passive aggressive stuff like "So, uh, where were you!" like we were old buddies and I ran out on my bar tab or something. I tried to shake it off but she wouldn’t stop with the "hey, have you seen the bottle of wine?" and "I wonder where it went…" I hate that passive aggressive crap. That’s a sign of weakness in my book. Just say what’s on your mind (BobDawg Da Rules #3). I was trying to be diplomatic and actually apologized to everyone and everyone said it wasn’t a big deal (oh they didn’t show that? Wow, amazing) but she wouldn’t let it go, so at some point BobDawg thought "BobDawg gotsta shut her up. BobDawgsta can’t go out like that on national tv." But Bobby Mason didn’t want to completely unload on her, cuz Bobby Mason was trying to win. So we split the difference and we told her what we told her.

That bottle of wine: $7.99. The look on her face: priceless. It was almost worth getting voted out over…

There actually was a bit more of that stuff that they didn’t show. I was saying things a little more subtle than that to her and Danielle all the time, things that the public would have understood and laughed at but which they didn’t get (like when Danielle kept bossing me around after she and Cirie asked me to start a fire for her and when I kept saying "Oh, you mean you want me to put the stick in the fire? This fire right here? This one? This one I just made without your help? You mean this hot, flamey thing right here?" But they never showed any of it. Glad you appreciated that line though because that was kind of my last hurrah…but at least I went out with my guns blazing!


Nostradawgus lays the "pimp slap of doom" on those sleestak foos!
posted by Legend-41

Hello BobDawgsta, First of all, thank you for taking the time to blog with us survivor fans, it's MUCH apprecated. I have read ALL your blogs and found them humorous and informative.Your BobDawgisms are off the hook HILARIOUS! My question is that as a fellow practioner of the martial arts, wouldn't you like to see MORE "one on one" or team combat in the challenges? maybe an arm wrestling match, tug of war, oversized boxing gloved matches...etc. It would relieve the stress they build up and bring more excitement to the viewers. Or do the producers shy from that because they think some foos will break Da Rules and get out of control? BTW, your "SRODBABD" title is SAFE!


The Legendary Legend-41! Thanks for the comments and question (and for confirming my SRODBABD title—that’s what it’s all about)! It’s a great question, something I had always wondered about before I went on the show. There’s lots of guys out there whose main thing is combat related strength and it’s seldom that raw strength gets tested in an isolated manner. They have things like the belly-bumper pads contests and things like that, but no real mano-y-mano type stuff where after you smash some foo’, it’s clear you just punked him on some macho #$#& and you can look at him and he’ll bow his head and say "you’re just more manly than me, tsssst." I think they shy away from stuff like that. Usually, the challenges involve strategy or teamwork or some other equalizer that reduces the brutes’ chances at dominating any challenges. I think part of it is the personnel (it’s not all top notch athletes so they can’t have 100 yd. dashes and bench press contests), and part of it is that the producers don’t want to throw a spark in a powder keg.

As you will recall, in my season we had something like a mano-y-mano battle in that wrestling match in the sand. It didn’t really look like it on tv but that was a seriously tough challenge. Those matches went on for 20-30 minutes sometimes and it was pretty intense. It also was stressful and not fun at all (until I chased Ruth Marie down and snatched her by the sports-bra…that was fun!).

For me, the reason it wasn’t any fun was that it was too close to being a fight, without REALLY being a fight. It’s like being in the martial arts and sparring with someone that you don’t know and who might take it to another level at anytime if you accidentally catch them in the jaw and draw blood, or even if you’re just dominating them fair and square. Out there, you’re starving and you’re dying of thirst and it was like 80 degrees out there and now you’re supposed to go wrestle with a bunch of other strong, irritated, depleted men that are just as hyper-competitive and pissed off about being there as you are? It was a rumble waiting to happen. I kept thinking, all it will take is one loose elbow or one stray finger in the eye that someone thinks is intentional and it’s ON! And that was stressful to me because we were all out there competing but none of us wanted to go "there." So it was tough because I felt like I had to go at 85% just to avoid being the reason things escalated when in an actual fight, if I can’t walk away, I’m instantly at 105% until one of us is done.

In one match, it was Bruce, a master of Shotokan Karate (Jeff actually told Bruce that he couldn’t use any of his "moves"), Terry, a great athlete that wrestled at Navy and was like 24-1 or something ridiculous, Nick, who’s 6’5" and strong as an ox, and BobDawg, who’s stronger than a brontosaurus. That spelled trouble.

In fact, Bruce squared off against Nick and I took on Terry in part because we didn’t want trouble. I think Nick and I would have been so evenly matched strength-wise that things would have continued to escalate as we tried to get the upper hand and we might have ended up in a fight. So Bruce took him, figuring he could slow him down while I over-powered Terry (Bruce forgot to tell me that Terry was a collegiate wrestler!).

Personally, I was feeling everyone out trying to see how much effort to put forth. I didn’t want to be the guy that set things off--but I didn’t want to be too soft and get my ass kicked on TV because I was trying to be too nice and avoiding hurting anyone. Terry of course goes 100% at everything, which is one of the things I love about that guy. I felt like I couldn’t really go 100%, at least not right away, because I was bigger and physically stronger and that if I let loose, he would escalate and it was just keep going until we got to a bad place. It turns out I didn’t have to worry about that too much because he’s strong as a small-ox and fast as hell and he caught me in a wrestling hold (I didn’t know he was a wrestler until it was too late) and I was locked up.

He was a great sport too. At one point I stood up with the bag and he had an arm around my neck and I told him he was choking me and he let go. He got another hold on me of course, but that was cool because I didn’t want to take advantage of him being a good sport anyway. I bring that up because I have an EXTREMELY long fuse. I haven’t been in a fight in years (bar brawls not included) because I’d much rather walk away and get ridiculed than get in a scrap and really hurt someone or get hurt myself. But with all the fatigue and irritation etc., I remember feeling like my inner-dragon was rising during that match and was about to start breathing fire and that scared me. My fuse is so long that I know that if I’m on the verge of exploding, most other people would have erupted way before that, and that would be a very bad thing …

Anyway, I’m reminiscing, but the answer is yes, I think the pure man-to-man stuff is just a riot waiting to happen and generally, I think it’s a bad idea. People are really stressed and irritated, and they’re on the show because they’re hyper competitive, and there’s a lot at stake (while you wouldn’t just punch a random stranger for no reason, knowing that you could really hurt them, would you do it for a million dollars? Lots of people would). On top of all that, it’s on TV and no one wants to look stupid on TV so some people will do whatver it takes, including taking cheap shots, not to get smashed on TV.
Most people out there won’t have that self-imposed buffer zone that martial artists tend to have and they’ll be unloading with everything they’ve got in the tank and that’s going to lead to trouble. It’s like friends of mine that like to ‘slap box’. That’s not my thing. I’m either all the way off or I’m all the way on. We’re either chillin’ out and having a great time or we’re fighting. But if we get in a fight, it’s for real.
As you know Legend, the deadliest people on the streets are the people that have had training… but they’re also USUALLY the ones you don’t have to worry about because they’re disciplined and secure in themselves and they generally train for defense and inner-balance, and aren’t looking for trouble (the rise of MMA has changed that some—I run into MMA guys now all the time in bars that act like they train just so they can hit the streets and start knocking people out). When you’re sparring in martial arts or boxing, there’s an implicit understanding that there’s certain things you just don’t do and certain zones you just don’t go into. But even then, if you catch them in the mouth or something, even if by accident, or if they feel they’re being embarrassed, some people will go into actual fight mode—and that’s with people that are trained NOT to flip out at the first sign of trouble. Regular people on this show would probably lose it instantly, assuming everything is cool and that they won’t really get smashed for taking it "there." Wrong.

While the warrior/competitor in me would like to see some more mano-y-mano stuff as you would, I think it’s a bad idea since it’s a natural thing for people that don’t really know each other to go too far and set off a chain reaction.

Of course, I’m just talking about guys here. As far as I’m concerned, they should be breaking out the oil, whipped-cream and blind-folds every episode for the ladies…But I’m a caveman…


Yo BobDawg!
posted by Spyne
Hey BobDawg, you were a really fun guy to watch in Survivor: Exile Island and I really enjoy reading your long blogs on Survivors Strike Back!

I have a question for you, which fellow Survivors from your season do you keep in contact with? Thanks!


Thanks Spyne! I always feel like I got short-changed in the editing because I know how much was hidden from the public, but friends remind me that I had some big moments and that I tend to short-change myself in terms of my overall entertainment value so thanks for the comment. Sorry about the editing semi-rant. I hate to always talk about editing but that’s the main thing you’ll hear from most Survivors that go out before episode 6.

Your question brought that up because while I looked anti-social on the show, I’m actually friends with or at least friendly with everyone from my show. In order, I’m in touch most often with Bruce, who’s one of my best friends (a few weeks ago he spoke at the Reagan Library afterwards we fired up some big-ass steaks and tequila shots), Misty (I went to her wedding a few months ago), Ruth Marie, Courtney, Aras, Austin and Danielle (sporadically). I trade emails with Dan from time to time (actually it’s been awhile) and Terry and I trade emails from time too (before I started blogging here). I’ve run into Shane a couple of times at parties in Hollywood. We’re not in touch otherwise, but when I’ve seen him, it’s been cool. Cirie and I were in touch for awhile but it’s been a minute and from what I hear, no one has really been able to reach her. I don’t stay in touch with Melinda but we got to know each other during the post-game and we’re cool. I shoot Tina emails from time to time and when her ‘Chicks with Axes’ show comes to California she’s supposed to bring me as her guest. I never really met Sally except at the reunion but she’s really nice.

For awhile, I was in touch with folks every other day but it definitely seems that as time passes, you realize that you don’t really have as much in common with each other as it originally seemed. It’s such a unique experience that you can’t really talk about it to people that weren’t there sometimes. But as we get further away from it, people tend to go their own ways. Our second day in the game was Halloween. We were dying at Viveros with the crappy shelter and monsoon rains and we said that for better or worse, we’ll always think of each other at Halloween. We called each other last Halloween and will probably do that for awhile, regardless of how far apart our lives take us. By the way, at Viveros, we made a pact that if one of us won, he’d take the rest on an all-expenses paid trip to Vegas…Aras?

From what I’ve heard, our season created more friendships and people stay in better touch than other seasons.


Finally though of something good to ask...
posted by Stimpy_150
Hey there Almighty one! Thanks much for the shout-out on the blog page...I'm sure some people were wondering 'what the hell is he talking about?' ;)

I've read a bunch of the things you've mentioned in and in from stuff in the past that said you got a bad edit. Now let me say, based on your blogs/commentaries/mindset AND some of the great footage that finally made it's way to air during the recap episode, I'd say I agree whole-heartedly.

But, it brings to light something that has occurred this season, where following her exit, Rita said she didn't really talk all that much, even though her edit made it seem like she did....AND there were comments from others that they were, in fact, getting tired of Rita's mouth.

So, in essence, any foo can get on this show and fail miserably and say 'oh I got a bad edit'....gut instinct seems to be the best way to go really, but is there anything else, like clever editting tricks the producers might use to be able to figure out if they're trying to pull a fast one on us, the viewers?

Keep on blogging.....and keep on working 'Bollocks' into them as well....if a bad-ass like Titus Pullo can pull it off, then it should be open season for the BobDawgsta! ;)



Stimp Dawgsta! As always, woowoooooooo!

I don’t know of any particular things to look for, but you have to assume that every season is going to have at least one lazy person, one abrasive person, one person that no one likes, and if they don’t do it themselves, they’ll make it happen in the editing room. I think that most of the people that get cast are probably likeable in real life. You have to meet too many people along the way and while it’s not just a popularity contest, that’s part of it. I think they’re aware that in addition to trying to make a good tv show, they’re also giving some lucky bastards the chance of a lifetime. If they actively don’t like you because you’re a real jack-ass, they may not give you that chance.

I know I was well liked in casting. But if I was really the guy you saw on TV, I wouldn’t have been cast.
Boo got painted as clumsy, but he’s a former mixed martial artist. He’s probably one of the best athletes out there. He got the Gerald Ford edit (Gerald Ford being the most athletic President ever but remembered as a bumbling foo’) and that sticks.

I think anytime you say "what the hell is he/she doing?!?!?" that should alert you that there might be some story-telling going on. Regular people don’t do crazy stuff with that much at stake. Smart people don’t steal wine after seeing what happened when Clarence stole the beans and they don’t sleep when people are working after all the other ‘lazy’ black men that have come before. Someone is telling a story. Now, I’m pissed that it happened to me, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing generally. They have to tell a story and they don’t have a lot of time to do it in.

I think that’s why they rely on stereotypes and caricatures—it’s more easily digestible for the public. That’s also why I suggested in my answer re: application videos that you should focus on one aspect of your personality, don’t try to convince them you’re a renaissance man/woman with all these complex features. They need you to be "clumsy boy" or "slutty girl" or "lazy dude" or "annoying gal" and they’ll reduce you to that anyway, so you might as well make it easy on them. I think for the most part, they show exaggerated versions of people by focusing in on one or two traits, but I think it’s for the sake of continuity.

It’s tough to make up stuff from scratch though so I think the main editing trick is to just not show stuff -- then swear us to secrecy in the big ass contract we sign. I’m not at liberty to discuss stuff you didn’t see, but the reason I came out with my guns blazing on Survivor Live and the CBS Early Show and afterwards in places like where we met and places that suck was that I got killed in the editing but other people were getting off VERY VERY easy and were being propped up by the editing.
For instance, I’m not supposed to come out and say this, but [REDACTED] didn’t really [REDACTED] and before that "happened" there was [REDACTED] and I [REDACTED]. Seriously. In reality I [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] really didn’t [REDACTED] but [REDACTED] smashed that foo’ in real life and said to [REDACTED]’s face that [REDACTED] is stupid as hell and [REDACTED] is the mightiest being ever to walk the earth foo’, and nobody is mightier than [REDACTED] foo’, woowooo! But in the end, you guys didn’t get to see any of that. You wuz robbed…

By the way, my brother is an AVID editor and when we were watching my season, he was pointing out all kinds of stuff the average person wouldn’t catch. He’s the one that pointed out that Aras’ hat was on his head, then on a tree, then back on his head, then back on the tree within a 15 second clip when I supposedly dropped a deuce after the whole team voted against it.

He also pointed out that I was sleeping under a blanket that the team hadn’t won yet. He didn’t even know what happened out there, but he said the scene just looked weird to him. When I thought about it, I realized why—it wasn’t from the day they tried to make it look like. I kept wondering why I was sleeping while people were working because I didn’t remember it and then I got it once he pointed it out.

Someone else in a place that sucks pointed out that in the first episode, they showed Courtney winking at Aras, but if you actually watch the clip closely, you’ll see that in one shot she has a design on the right shoulder of her tank-top, then when she winks, it’s on her left shoulder. They flipped the image to make it look like she was winking at him. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the yoga thing. Did you catch it? Probably not. I didn’t.

Anyway, I’m not all that well versed in the editing tricks except as they applied to me because in my own case, I know what to look for --for instance, they showed me getting my butt kicked by Terry but they didn’t show me badly pulling my hamstring right before that. They showed me sprinting out of the blocks, but before I blew out the hammy and fell in the sand (about 5 strides in), they cut to the aerial shot. But if you watch it closely, you’ll see me limping up the sidelines in the aerial shot. What happened? Well, I’ll just say that while I’m well endowed, but I don’t run with a limp generally…
I’m basically stuck with pointing out stuff you actually saw on TV and filling in the context. For instance, they never showed me talking strategy, working, or doing anything that would suggest that I knew there was a social side of the game. But how did I get on the show? Why cast a boring, anti-social guy that’s not going to try to make alliances, not work etc.? Hmmm…

I don’t think the boring people are boring really. Maybe a few random boring people have slipped through, but having been through the process, I doubt that any truly boring people could make it through the process (or truly lazy people for that matter). Maybe they’re boring when the cameras come on or maybe it’s all fabricated (trust me, Ruth Marie is not boring…one of the few people in the world I can actually stand to listen to), but at some point, everyone on the show impressed someone, and there’s a lot of people along the way that can say "I don’t like him/her" and that’s it. Everyone on the show passed all those tests so they must have something going for them. That’s why I don’t ascribe to the hierarchy that fans and other players sometimes put on this show…how dare he or she speak up, he or she only came in X, not on the jury, like the people that make the jury are any different than the rest or like their opinions should matter more. It’s not like that, but it’s intended to seem like that.

IMNSHO (In My Not So Humble Opinion) they protected Cirie by never showing her look bad in challenges. Generally she did well in them, but she was luggage in some others and they never showed that. I almost had to quit because I separated my shoulder military pressing her over a wall in the first challenge of episode 2. They didn’t show that…but of course they showed her jumping on my head when I was in the mud-pit. And if you watch that episode again, when Cirie picks me, there’s this unmistakeable, ominous music that kicks in, like her picking me was the beginning of the end for me. Then of course, later, Cirie is the swing vote that sends me home. To me it was obvious, because I was involved in it. The public probably didn’t think twice about it (and I guess it could have just been random, but with all the other stuff I saw that was definitely editing, like the Courtney thing, it’s hard to think that anything you see happens by accident).

I’m hard on foos in my blogs, but that’s just for fun (not for them, for me). I know Lisi can’t possibly be that annoying, Rocky must have some redeeming qualities, and Anthony can’t be that soft (a friend of mine ran into him and says Anthony wants to "have words with me"—seriously. I better get my Cloak of Protection +3 out of the cleaners just in case. And I guess I better spray it with water repellant in case he starts crying on me—kidding Ant, chiiiiiiiiill).

Anyway, even Mark Burnett calls it ‘dramality’, not ‘reality’ tv. It’s fun to suspend disbelief and just take everything as it’s portrayed but in truth, it’s not National Geographic where you see everything as it unfolds, including that ashy broad with no teef and droopy boobies. It’s a tv show, not a documentary.


posted by Bruz
BobDawg, thanks for the props on my avatar & for reppin' the 40oz Crew... Ides on me next time your on the eastcoast.

For the majority of the past several seasons of Survivor there seems to often be one man who stands out as the most dominant, being unstoppable in challanges as well as the biggest provider for his camp. Boston Rob was quick & agile like a cat during All-Stars and built an awesome camp for the tribe to live in. In Palau, firefighter Tom Westman constantly dominated in challenges & killed a shark. In Panama, Terry was that season's version of Tom all over again, except a little more arrogant (or at least portrayed that way - sorry Terry!). Of course you would have been the man that season, but we all know you were set up. And on Cook Islands Ozzy was half dolphin, half chimpanzee.

With the Almighty as #1, rank the other contestants in order #2-5 (Boston Rob, Tom, Terry, Ozzy) as to who you feel is the more dominant force.


WooWoo. Sup Bruz? Currently on my desk is not the crooked I, but some Smirnoff (on sale at Rite-Aid, I had to come up). So excuse my brief detour into reality as I rank these guys objectively. I have them all beat in terms of the really important stuff like bench-pressing, brown-bag crumbling, Pulp Fiction quoting, and girl-smashing (while Ozzy may be close there). But while that makes me the mightiest of that quintet, I’m not the most dominant game-wise. Here’s my take on it…

I’ve never met Tom and he definitely put the smash down…I went through my interviews saying I wanted to play the game like him…in your face, no stealth, just smashing foos with enough social skills to get by. But as much as I respect Tom, I think Terry would drag him up and down the beach.
Terry was smashin’ a much more athletic cast. Austin played D 1 soccer. Aras played D 1 basketball. Nick is super buff. Shane is a good athlete, fast and agile and strong for his size. Bruce was the oldest guy out there and he may have been in the best shape, and he’s the deadliest dude to ever play the game. Ruth Marie runs 200 mile marathons. Courtney was a D 1 gymnast. Danielle was recruited to play D 1 soccer. Misty almost became a pro-kickboxer (didn’t know that did you?). Tina is a world class lumber jack. On top of that, there was this sexy black dude out there that was damn near Paul Bunyanesque. I don’t think Tom could have dominated that crew. Terry even beat the BobDawgsta in wrestling. That basically shoots him immediately past Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens and Richard Simmons in terms of athletic achievement and puts him in the category of Hulk Hogan and Thor and guys like that. That’s crazy. We witnessed greatness folks…

Ozzy also put the smash down and there’s no qualifications about that. He was killin’ foos. The way I see it is that he’s a bit more agile and significantly better in the water than Terry. Terry’s good in the water, but Ozzy’s part seal. I’d say Terry is physically stronger, pretty damn agile, and overall, better on land. I’d say those two would be a push in terms of challenge dominance, with Ozzy coming out ahead if there were lots of water challenges and Terry coming out ahead if there were lots of land challenges involving hand to hand battles or throwing stuff (Terry was a baseball player and still plays vintage fast-pitch baseball where foos wear old school Tris Speaker gloves and those big ass canvas uniforms like in the 1890s) too so his hand-eye coordination is good.

I think of Rob more for the social stuff, but he’s a good athlete too. Still, I don’t think he’s on these other guys’ level and don’t think he’d be a stand-out against the Exile Island or Cook Islands cast. The competition level was lower.

The X-Factor might be ‘competitiveness’, which Terry wins hands down as far as I can tell. All those guys are battlers, but for my money, Terry is the one that strikes me most as one of those "refuse to lose types" --unless he’s chopping fish against BobDawgsta, in which case everyone must bow down.

I’m mighty and all, but I’m not built for the kind of performances they have in this game. I’m kind of a one-trick pony (I lift stuff and break stuff), and a washed up broken down pony at that…in terms of how we’d do in challenges in the long haul, I’d put myself at or near the end of this illustrious group. But foos don’t usually beat me at stuff, cuz I just don’t allow it, so I like my chances…
In terms of challenges likely to be seen in Survivor, I rank them thusly…1) Terry; 1a) Ozzy; 3) Tom; 4) BobDawg; Rob 5). I might be selling Rob short here but I’m still a pretty good athlete overall and I have a huge strength advantage. With my martial arts and baseball background, I’m good at throwing, shooting type stuff, and no one smashes foos like BobDawg. Plus, even though I’m black, I can swim…


You Rock and Prior Winners
BobDawg, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blogs. Don't change a thing. The Survivor Blog has NEVER been so entertaining! My question....could you describe in one word (or take 2 or 3 if you wanna) each Survivor WINNER. Would love to get your perspective on the past winners (which I now realize should well have included yourself -- you so rock!)


Awwwww shucks! I’m blushing (on the inside of course…I have a rep to uphold). Thanks for the kind words…! I can definitely see myself in the final two…even if I didn’t win, I’d destroy foos so badly in my final words to the jury that foos would be reduced to tears (not only out of sadness and shame, but also out of admiration and awe, kind of like when foos cry when they see the Mona Lisa in person) and they might give me one of those Rupert style "oh, we’d just like you to have our spare million that was sitting around." I’d take it.

Seriously doe, thanks for the comment.

Here’s my take on some of the notable winners off the top of my head (I didn’t see all of every season and only a few winners are immediately springing to mind).

Richard Hatch: Ahead of his time, but not necessarily one of the best of all time. I think there’s a difference. He gets high marks for having been first, but a lot of what he did was actually pretty clumsy. For instance, that naked gay guy strategy was stupid. He’d get run out quick in every season except season 1 if he tried that. I think he got over on a cast that had no idea how to play the game and he was a little ahead of the pack. He gets high marks for coming up with the "alliance" strategy, but it’s not really that amazing an idea when you think about it and by season 2 someone else would have come up with it. Still, can’t take anything away from him, he put it down in the first season. But I think he’s overrated (I guess I am taking something away from him). The game has caught up with him.

Heidik: I hear he’s a racist. But I can tolerate racism, that’s all over the place (and they sweep it under the rug in this show). What I can’t stand is that he shoots puppies with a bow and arrow. I don’t care if you wear a hood and burn crosses, as long as you don’t do it at my house, but if you shoot a puppy when I’m patrolling the yard you will see the not so nice side of BobDawgsta -- and you won’t see it, or anything else, for long.

That aside, he was probably the arch-type of the strategic player. I don’t think he was a ‘social’ player as much, in that I draw a distinction between people that play strategically, meaning they’re building different alliances, and people that play a social game, meaning they get people to like them. I didn’t get the impression that people liked him, they just believed in him because he was a good talker/liar and people thought it was in their best interest to go along with it.
He gets high marks from me as a player. If he kills another dog on my watch though, he better hope we don’t both end up on the same red carpet somewhere… The mullet, I can tolerate. Violence to dogs? No.

Vecepia- I’ve met her and she’s a great person. Tough and smart and a lady through and through. She played a great game given the situation. She had a clear understanding of personalities and game dynamics and fit herself perfectly for the situation. She’s no push-over either (like Cirie) which I like and really respect. From the show, I expected to see an "awww shucks" type but when I met her, nothing like that at all. She’s a really cool, classy woman, and she actually loves the game. She didn’t get lucky, she played the game and she WON it.

Sandra- what can I say about Sassy Sandra? Rider. She put the smash down on foos. I’ve met her too. Can’t tell if she likes me or not. On one hand, I think she does because you’d have to be crazy to not like BobDawg. On the other hand, she said she doesn’t like me. Or maybe I imagined that…Anyway, I was really happy to see her win because she was herself the whole way through and unlike Lydia in Guatemala, she wasn’t there just to fill the quota. Once she was there, she never acted like she was just happy to be there, she acted like she was running @#@%. She wasn’t there for the TV face time like most people that go on the show, especially lately, she was there to play the game. And she realized that it’s a social game. I like how she still talked game-tactics with Fairplay even though they obviously didn’t get along. That season was one of the last where it seemed that almost everyone was actually playing.

My guess is that there’s plenty of people that still don’t want to give her credit for being one of the best winners, but she crushed foos in my opinion. There were a lot of big personalities that season and lots of memorable foos, but she didn’t tuck her personality away at all. She was herself the whole way through and just molded it to the situation. She gave a good jury speech where she didn’t apologize, she explained…

So many big characters came out of that season, maybe that’s the reason why she’s not HUGE, but it seems to me that if she wasn’t latin, she’d be a huge star for having won Survivor’s biggest season. By the way, I think it’s a little odd that Vecepia didn’t get the huge public/media love either. People complain about how black women are portrayed on tv (Omarosa) but in these two they had smart, tough, funny, cool, personable winners that they could have pubbed up but apparently, it wasn’t a priority…

Aras – I’ve said that I’m one of the most complete Survivors there’s ever been and I was certain I was going to be the most complete Survivor in my season. That was part of my whole interview schtick. I actually believed it. But once I got in the game and I met Aras, my thoughts changed. I thought Aras was the most complete player in my season.

People don’t remember him for challenge beat-downs, but he was the best challenge performer in my tribe. I had some dominant moments, but overall, Aras was the guy. He may not have looked it because he’s tall and lanky, but he was probably the best athlete out there overall and he’s strong as hell. Dude played D1 basketball and does handstands in loose sand. Plus, he’s smart as heck and he was really good at the puzzles. He was also the hardest worker around camp, with Bruce coming in at second there.

I don’t rank him as one of the top 2 or 3 winners because he never was tested until after the merge. From 5 minutes after hitting Casaya beach, he was in a controlling alliance with Shane, Danielle and Courtney and he didn’t have to do anything to get into it—he was just standing there when Shane put him in the alliance—and he was never targeted until after the merge.

He also benefited from having BobDawgsta in his tribe. For some reason, BobDawgsta was a divisive force that deflected a lot of attention from him. If people were paying attention, they would have realized Aras was the top physical threat in the tribe and maybe the game but no one even thought about him as a dominant athlete, focusing on me, an old-ass broken down ex-jock. Plus, we started off with Melinda, Cirie, and then Bruce, all ‘older’ folks from the Golden Girls and the Love Boat. You throw me in the mix and that means 4 people that are definitely going home before Aras no matter what, so he never was at any risk. That’s at least 15 days of freedom. It’s easy to be a leader or an assertive, outspoken type when you don’t have to worry about getting voted out for 15 days minimum.

He was the only person in that 4some that seemed like he had seen the show before, but he didn’t dominate the 3 of them like I thought he should have. He should have been controlling them, not reacting and catering to them. He abandoned me to go with them as soon as we got to the beach, but then he ended up catering to them. He even told me that he couldn’t control them, and I was left scratching my head wondering why he wouldn’t just join back up with me because we could have called all the shots and dominated the entire tribe like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, but just like in the movies, the big, scary black dude couldn’t convince the pretty white dude to come with him to rule the galaxy…

I think he was good but not great socially. I think he made plenty of social gaffes, like telling Viveros that he couldn’t lie because he’s a yoga dude and yoga dudes can’t lie, which made me think, ok, he’s lying… …then he sold me out as soon as we got to Casaya, showing me that not only can he lie, but he’d do so quickly. It pissed me off and I had a plan in play that if Shane actually quit, I was going to get Melinda, Cirie and Bruce who was coming from Exile, and I was going to start throwing challenges and I was going to start knocking foos off, starting with Aras first which would have put Courtney and Danielle in check. Didn’t happen though so I tucked it away and hoped for a merge…
I think he benefited from playing in a season with lots of people that were inept socially. He was head and shoulders above the people in his alliance in terms of intelligence (though Shane is a smart guy) and social skillz but he didn’t take advantage I don’t think. He should have running that foursome…
He’s a good guy and I respect him on lots of levels. There’s not many people I defer to but he did a good job of leading at Viveros and Casaya. He was the one person at Casay that actually could genuinely mix with everyone and he did a good job. I think I’d give him above average marks for the social side of things. He’s a really smart dude, a really hard worker, above average socially I think, and a lot more interesting and compelling a personality than was shown on TV.
Yul- Surprisingly, even though this was the most recent season to be finished, I don’t have strong memories of this season. I predicted that he’d win and wasn’t surprised to see how he did. I think he’s the flat out smartest winner ever, probably one of the top 3 smartest to ever play the game. I heard he never saw the show before but got caught up to speed by watching all the seasons before he went. I like that. I think he was brilliant intellectually, good athletically, and very good socially. I think he used the immunity idol the way it should be used—as a deterrent. I don’t remember all the details of the season, but I think getting it into play early is a good strategy if you’re already kind of in a position of strength.

Tina- thought she was nice, smart, played a good social game. I’ve met her too. Nice person. Also not a soft, push over type, though she’s got that sweetness that Ruth Marie has (but not as much, no one is as sweet as Ruth Marie). Tina obviously benefited from Colby giving up the butt, so she doesn’t get the highest marks from BobDawgsta.

In this game, I think women only win if the guys self-destruct around them. I don’t remember all the details of Jenna’s season, but I remember her being ready to quit. I know where that’s coming from, because it actually was brutal out there and I was only out there 15 days. But wanting to quit then winning doesn’t put you in the top few in BobDawg’s book. I think Rob C. was the best ‘player’ but the best player doesn’t usually win…he gets identified for being active and gets the axe (i.e., Jonathan H. Christ last season…he was one of my favorites b/c he was a throw-back player in my book. But there were so many non-players that he stood out and got labeled as a ‘schemer’ as if that’s bad). Jenna’s in my top myspace friends list so hopefully she just knows I’m calling it like I see it, cuz that’s what BobDawgsta does. She’s definitely the hottest winner. I remember Matt being portrayed as a psycho sharpening the machetes etc., but I’ve met him and don’t think he’s (that) crazy. He’s smaller than I thought he was from the show but I can see how he’d be beatable as a final 2 type.
Ethan - I think Ethan is a smart, nice dude that’s very athletic but didn’t dominate any challenges and I think he won because he didn’t threaten anyone. I think he was fortunate that Big Tom and Lex ran interference for him.

Chris- meh.

Tom- He’s the guy that got me motivated to give it a shot. Until Tom, I didn’t think a masculine dude had any shot in this game. He played the game hardcore and out in the open and I like that. Generally speaking, it’s not a good strategy in the long term because in the end, they’re not really athletic challenges and people get shaken up by people that are clearly "Da Man." In 100 games, I see him winning around 10 times I guess, which is pretty good because most winners I think are once in a lifetime types. I think. He’s a solid, likeable dude. Not an expert socially, but imminently respectable, a natural and believable leader. I don’t think he would have won or even been a standout in my season though. People tend to compare him and Terry but I’m not sure they’re really of the same archetype. They’re both square jawed, Captain America types, but to me, while Tom came first, he’s Terry-lite. Tom is Terry with less athletic power and while he demonstrated slightly better social skillz, he was also dealing with people that were a lot less crazy than Terry had to deal with. The people from Casaya are some of the most dysfunctional the game has ever seen. Bruce will tell you, but if you can’t respect a 5th degree karate master that brought you back from the brink of death, or a Navy pilot that has been staring you down and smashing you time after time, it’s a reflection on your lack of maturity. Those folks weren’t nice or cool to anyone and it’s no surprise Terry butted heads with them. But he still smashed them. I think Tom would have the same problems with that group of kids as Terry did and I don’t think Tom would have had the athletic ability (I think Aras blows him away challenge after challenge) to overcome the fact that they would all gang up on him. But, Tom is probably my favorite winner, the guy I patterned myself after in my interviews…


Question for the almighty BobDawgsta
Mr. Dawg, if there would be another All-Stars, what would be your strategy? In Panama, you were voted out waaaay too early and I would love to see you on another season, but most likely there won't be another "Best of the best" season. Yet, if it would happen, what would you do to make it to the end?

P.S. I love your blogs! Keep em' coming!


WooO Woooooooooo! Thanks for the lurve! I think I’d do well in that format. I think that around people that actually know the game and can play it from a position of strategy instead of emotion and insecurity, I’d do well. I got ganged up on for stuff outside my control and it was by people that had no idea how the game works. In my season, my strategy was to rely on the fact that people would look at me and assume I was there to be the challenge horse, and that they would just completely miss the fact that I was one of the top strategic threats out there.

I hid the fact that I’m a lawyer. I wanted people to think I was the big, happy go lucky, gentle giant type that was just happy to be there. No threat, just want to smash foos in challenges and keep things light around camp. I didn’t want to lead, I didn’t want to get into arguments, I didn’t want to be recognized for anything except smokin’ foos in challenges. Secretly, I’d be one of the smartest players in the game and one of the best schemers. It would have been a good strategy but I never had a chance to do anything thought because the game started at Casaya with 7 people and 4 got together instantly and that was it for me.

In all-stars format (or especially a "second chance you got robbed" format) I think I’d do well. My secret is out about being a lawyer etc., but with players that have played before , I think people would be less insecure and less emotional. People would know that while I talk a lot of smack, I take my word seriously and if I make you a promise, I’ll do what I have to do to keep it. I might not make you a promise, but if I do, you can take it to the bank. I’ve worked hard in my life to have that rep with people that know me. That’s part of why I was so pissed about my edit, because as much smack as I talk, I back it up and I also give credit where it’s due, and if I’m coming up short, I admit it (I’ve apologized several times for posts that have been over the top). I hate that they basically besmirched my rep. My friends know the deal but people that don’t know me believe what they saw and I hate that, I work to hard NOT to be that guy.

Anyway, back to the game. I think at this point I wouldn’t sneak up on anyone, but I still think people would underestimate me. I see it all the time—no matter what schools I have on my resume, people just assume they’re smarter than me based on how gangsterish I look. I cultivate that image obviously so I’m not complaining. Just saying I’d find a couple of cats that like me but (mistakenly) think they’re smarter than me, and I’d let them ‘lead’ and ‘determine policy’ but in the end they’d only be doing so to the extent I let them. In an all-stars format, there’d be so many egos in play, that I might actually be able to play almost ‘under the radar’ which was impossible in a game like Exile Island where I was the only black dude and I was so much mightier than everyone that I stood out, and because no one had really seen the show before in the foursome (except Aras) I couldn’t talk strategy. When Sandra and Fairplay talked, that’s what I mean. They didn’t get along but they both realized they were playing a game and they could talk. I couldn’t even talk in my tribe.

In All Stars format, people wouldn’t worry about me so much because they’d be so caught up in themselves. I think people would like having me in their tribe b/c they know I stand for Da Rules, which makes me dependable/predicatable (heh heh, can you see me setting the trap?) and you can count on me staying loyal. I think people would like that I don’t seem like I’m into the game, like I’m just here to smash foos and break stuff, so I’d be an attractive alliance mate. I’d keep it cool and low key around camp, let the battles go down, and since I didn’t do great the first time around, I shouldn’t be a huge threat. I’d stay out of trouble around camp--then I’d assassinate EVERYONE in my confessionals. I don’t know that foos would let me win though. It all depends on who else was out there. In terms of second chances though, I think I’m deserving, but Misty and Tina from my season also got the short end of the stick…


Seeing as you're a Chuck Norris fan, and I know you know who Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell is...who would win in a Chuck vs. Chuck showdown? On a Survivor note...Who do you think is the best Survivor to have ever played the game (besides yourself of course) and why? Excellent work on the blogs, keep em coming!


Um, Chuck Liddell is a tough dude but no-one is tougher than Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is like Mr. T plus Spawn, plus 2 Mega-Trons. What is it they say about Chuck Norris? He sleeps with the lights on, not because he’s afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of him? No one beats the Chucksta and that big ass belt buckle and those skin tight Wranglers…He’s a Texas Ranger foo’! Nuff said…

Who’s the best Survivor of all time? Hmmm, that’s tough. People get edited to look good if they go deep so you don’t get to see all the dumb stuff they do then mighty mo-fos like myself get bad edits for not going deep so it’s hard to tell. I’ll say that unless you make the late jury you’re not in the conversation so that takes me out (though I’m still the front runner in terms of awesomeness, as well as mightiness). I don’t know, it might be Yul. There's been other good players, but how would they do in other seasons? If you think about it, Yul might be the winner that’s most likely to do well in any other season. He wasn’t all that exciting, but that helps in this game. For a guy that’s as smart and athletic as he is, he still comes across as non-threatening. I think he might be the guy.

Rob C. gets a lot of credit for being the best player never to win. He’s a smart dude and he was active, but the truth is, there’s not really that much strategy in this game. If you team loses, usually one, two or at the very most three people are on the block. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who’s on the block. Like they say in poker, if you can’t figure out who the sucker at the table is, it’s you. So I think being strategic is overrated. Anyone can figure out who to vote for. I think Survivor is about being liked and about reading people and being able to predict what they’re going to do. There’s only 2 or 3 possible moves to make at any given time, but the skill comes in knowing what other people are going to do, what motivates them.

I think a lot of winners are overrated. You can’t last that long unless you haven’t scared anyone. I’d put Tom and Yul as my favorite winners because Tom smashed foos and protected himself by smashing and just enough social skill to get by and Yul was clearly the class of the cast from the second it was announced and he actually delivered. Yes, he had the immunity idol which no other winner has had, but he used it well…

Heidik is up there too but that’s just because things worked out for him. He had so many ‘alliances’ going that he looks like a strategic genius, but it was like a house of cards that never fell. If one person realized what was going on, he would have gone out in a huge fireball and no one would have thought of him as a great player…


Seattle WIll:
I have a couple questions for ya Dawg, but first let me say your blogs are The Greatest, you are to Survivor Blogs what Gretzky was to Hockey, Ali to Boxing, and Ruth to baseball.

My questions are:

I know you were a fan of the show prior to yourself being casted, so who in past Survivor seasons would you say most influenced your game strategies, both before and during the actual game?
Also, as a Fantasy Baseballer, who do you select if you have the #2 overall pick in your...


Thanks for the comments Seattle Will and also for the early posts showing some BobDawgsta love early on!

I’ve alluded to it but I think the guy I looked to as the player I admire is Tom Westman. He came through swingin his sac around like a good ol’ silverback is supposed to and just mobbed his way to the title. A masculine, macho dude that played an upfront game. I think he benefited from a relatively uncompetitive cast, but I liked his style and approach. I really can’t see myself blessing any other former Survivors by comparing myself with them. They obviously wish they could have another 5 or 6 Boston Robs so in my interviews I talked about him quite a bit. I see some similarities there (you’re welcome Rob). He’s an athletic, charismatic dude, kind of like me, but way less amazing. I think that if given that kind of airtime, I’d far outstrip him in entertainment value. But for the old guard, he put it down, can’t take anything away from him. Oh, I’m kind of like Richard Hatch in that I like looking at myself naked, but that’s not really game related…

Re: fantasy baseball…I’ve won my ESPN league 3 yrs running. Twice it was auction draft and last year was a snake draft. My strategy in a 5x5, ML league with 10 teams is always to load up on bats. In an auction I go with the $9 pitching staff strategy where I basically just get 8 MR, all of whom will have sick K/9 and WHIP numbers and some of whom might end up as closers and I use that last slot to rotate in spot-starters, so they only have to be average and I’ll still have good pitching stats. I use the money I save to put together a monster offense and I try to sweep the categories.

In a draft I do something similar but having the #2 pick is tough. If you’re #2, this year I’d have to go with A-Fraud. I actually like the dude which is odd considering he frosts his hair and wears purple lipstick but when a dude’s worst season is 35 bombs and 120 rbis you gotta take that dude. He has something to prove this season. He’s a lock for 45 120 and may throw in 15-20 steals too. 3B is pretty deep this year but he’s so good that he’s the most unique player in the game.

I wouldn’t go w/ Reyes etc. cuz I leave the mid inf spots for $3 players that are one dimenstional. Get me 25 steals and a 260 avg and I’m cool cuz I already have Berkman, ManRam, ARod, Bonds (I think he’ll hit 40 this year—you heard it here first—unless you heard it on SportsCenter this morning like I did) etc. I hate getting locked in w/ a MidInf or Startign Pitcher. They’re destined to disappoint and if this is the year Johan comes back to earth, you’re done. There’s no risk in Arod so with that high a pick, I take him. I take Johan only if I think I can trade him for a hitter plus someone but people don’t really think that way andwouldn’t trade their first pick plus someone for you first pick. Speed kills though. In one league last year I had the 10th and 11th picks in a snake draft and I took Crawford and Ichiro. Screwed everyone b/c they thought I was making an early run on steals. I ended up with David Roberts, D Wright and other fast foos and just started dealing them for power when I needed it.
I’d go with A-Rod. He’s going to have a big year and if his floor is .285 35-100-10, that’s worth building around…


Hi bobdawg
first of all i just wanted to say that i LOVE reading your blogs... they are hahalarious!!! i am a total survivor freak and read the all the blogs!!

my question is what was your strategy when you played survivor and why do you think it didn't work??
if you have the time pplease reply... i would love it sooo sooo much!! thanks!


Hey deh Jumpin4joy! I can see where your handle came from from your post! Thanks for the comments! I’m up at 2:35 am making sure I answer all these cuz I think I’m off the Wiki as of tomorrow so, yes, I have time to answer such a magnificent question (any question that allows me to talk about myself if magnificent;-))

My strategy was to be a valuable challenge contributor and to count on people’s propensity to put people into niches and categories based on stereotypes. I hoped to take advantage of the fact when people look at me, they don’t think intellectual/strategic threat, they think "carjacker". I wanted people to underestimate me, and not consider me as an intellectual/strategic power, which I was. My plan was to just sit back and let other people get themselves on the radar by ‘leading’ or being drama kings/queens while I just played the laid back, ‘happy to be here’, gentle giant type that smashed foos in challenges so they had to keep me around and didn’t have a reason to get rid of me (almost like a less talkative, mightier, more socially aware Dreamz).

I figured I’d be safe early on just based on Survivor 101 strategy and I figured that I’d probably be in an alliance early, thinking that my package would be attractive to someone. It turns out however that people that don’t know how to play the game are unpredictable. Danielle wanted to vote me out first for instance. Not only is that a stupid game idea to have, but to say it out loud so that I could hear it shows that I was playing with complete novices. When I heard that it spooked me, not because it bothered me that she didn’t like me, but because it meant she didn’t know how to play, which meant I couldn’t predict what she was going to do. You can be a world champion poker player but if you’re playing with dogs and chimps, your superior skill goes out the window b/c whatever they do is random. You just have to play your cards straight up. Unfortunately, I had a crappy hand.
My plan was to join up with a couple of younger jocks and an older ex-jock/cop/military type like Terry who was a natural leader and convince him that he was going to be a target for being a leader and for being older, but that I could be his bridge to the younger guys and gals and that we could deflect attention from each other. I actually think that people over play the game and think they HAVE to stab people in the back in order to be playing Survivor. I don’t think so. I think the best strategy is to find people you trust and stick together. The problem is trust obviously, but I like my instincts and I think people that meet me understand that I take my word and rep and integrity seriously. I think I can bond with older guys that have athletic/military/cop backgrounds b/c of my athletic and martial arts and professional and academic background. I wouldn’t be like a kid to them, I’d be a colleague even though I’m younger. And I wouldn’t be threatening to them either b/c they’d have accomplished plenty in their lives.

Things didn’t work out because Casaya started off with 7 people which meant that it was easy to get a majority. Within 5 minutes literally, Aras, Shane Courtney and Danielle were in an alliance and even though they could barely stand each other, they hung tight as they had no incentive to listen to anyone else. Part of why they stayed so tight is that they were such asses to those of us on the outside at first, that they realized that if they didn’t stick together, we’d run them out of there.
Danielle had something against me from the day we set foot on the island. I don’t know what I did to her (I wasn’t walking around acting like BobDawg) but it was early on and she was after me the whole time. Aras was supposed to be allied with me but he sold me out and joined the alliance, which left me, Cirie and Melinda in the minority. Nothing we could really do from that position except hope we won.

I think I’m a good survivor player, one of the most complete there’s been in terms of social skills, intelligence, likeability and athleticism, but I also know that my game has holes. I have to play the game from a power position. I have to be in the controlling alliance to really do well and to really unload in terms of being a character. My game is not built for the defensive. If I’m on the outside looking in, I’m not the type that can kow-tow and suck up to people to let me in. If I had 8 people at Casaya instead of 7 it would have been a whole different story because it would have been their 4 vs. mine and it would be up to the most charismatic person to pull someone from the other side to my side and I like my chances against the jokers in Casaya.

I went home early and I got a bad edit, but I got beat by a woman that was voted most annoying, a woman that had no idea that you can’t vote out the top challenge guys first, and a dude that tried to quit then later voluntarily asked to leave an alliance. It was some of the worst Survivor play ever and they only survived because they were all on the same squad. None of them knew how to play, but they had the numbers and that’s all that mattered.

March 27, 2007


Enjoyed your reply on your take on aplication videos
posted by cptndawg1
Needless to say, I have been somewhat (a lot) critical of your B'Dawg blogs, however, after reading what you wrote (authored by Bobby Mason) my opinion has dramatically changed and I just want you to know. I ask for your forgiveness (ouch, I just bit my tongue). All kidding aside, I am an applicant with not a great opportunity to be recruited due to the remoteness of where I live and there are not a lot of places to hang out. Take care my Friend and I am awaiting the royalty agreement on the use of DAWG. Yeah, sure, you bet....brings to mind, what came first the chicken or the egg..the oak tree or the acorn? Peace Bro'.........cd1


Woo woo! hey thanks for the note Captain Dawg! That’s cool that you’re open-minded enough to slog through them and not just skip them even after my blogs turned you off (even though I’m sure you were probably just looking for more ammo against me, heh heh ;-) ). From Dawg to Dawg, it’s alllllllllllll good …

Unsurprisingly, this reminds me of another of BobDawg’s Da Rules (dang, I’d write a book but no one would buy it since they can get all Da Rules here for free). BobDawg’s Da Rules # 33 states : "Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it, foo’." With as much smack as I’ve dished out the last few weeks, I better be able to weather some attacks, especially if they’re on point and coming from a Dawg. And of course, if my next blog sucks, feel free to change your mind again! I’ll probably deserve it…
I’m glad you enjoyed my reply and I hope you and other readers found something useful in it. The application/casting process is the main concern from the serious fans that I meet. While you wouldn’t have any reason to know it, I was a fan before I went on the show. And though I was recruited, I’m closer to being a "true fan" than the folks that get recruited out of an Osh Kosh B’Gosh catalog and ask stuff like "Jeff who?" and "You mean, we’re going to have to sleep outside? Dang!"

I wish I could share the experience with people because though there’s been bad and good, it’s been incredible overall. I don’t want to sound like a Hallmark Card, but I can still smell the island some days. I also will never eat a coconut again. I thought I’d have it worked out of my system by now but it’s with me every day and I can talk Survivor forever (you’re probably saying, "Yes, we know.").

By the way, re the Dawg moniker… In order to determine ownership of the trademark, we’ll have to determine who was first to use it in interstate commerce. Now, I’ve been trading my money for whiskey for years and have crossed state lines (mainly California/Nevada) many times in pursuit thereof. Thus, my claim to the mark goes back at least 12 yrs. However, I'm amenable to working out an agreement re the mark "DAWG" so as to avoid protracted litigation on the matter, injuring our fellow man and bringing the economy to a halt. What say we split the fees generated from this awesome use of the alphabet, this---D-A-W-G -- including a hefty percentage of my ‘per-word’ rate from CBS? The only problem is that I write so much, it turns out that CBS can’t afford to pay me in a lump sum, so I'm on a deferred payment plan. But once the checks start rolling in, I'll send you your cut. In the meantime, what's your PayPal account number? If you just send me your password and credit card info, I'll set it up for me--I mean you.

Oh, regarding the chicken and the egg…It just so happens that one of my hobbies is solving some of life’s imponderables! I’m glad you reminded me about this one because I actually figured it out a couple of years back but I’ve been so swamped that I never got around to telling everybody. The answer is "the Chicken." I can’t really explain it right now but you can trust me, I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express the other night.

But surprisingly, in an odd twist, it’s the acorn before the Oak. Yes, I know it just doesn’t seem like that would be the case given the answer to the chicken/egg imponderable above, but it’s true. I could explain it to you, but if I did, you’d all have to kill yourselves…

By the way, I’m pleased to let you all know that yes, Dog does exist. And yes, Dog can create a rock so big she can't move it (and yes, Dog is a she, just like "Life"). It’s actually pretty funny to watch when she does this Rock thing. Sometimes she’s out shooting dice with BobDawg and Galactus and she gets a little tipsy and starts making these big-ass, immovable rocks. Then she wakes up the next day all hung over with Cheetos in her ears (courtesy of Galactus) and "I’m Dog, Foo’" written in Sharpie on her fore-head (courtesy of You Know Who) and once she sees what she's done, she says "Me dammit!" then she calls me to come back over cuz she’s blocked in by the Rock and she needs to get out because there’s a few football games and hip-hop award shows she needs to preside over. She calls me and not Galactus cuz I can move anything cuz I'm (yawn) Mighty. Plus I think she thinks I’m sexy. Truly, she’s omnipotent…

By the way, she’s cool as hell, much more mellow than she used to be back in the flooding and frogs-from-the-sky days. But if you’re behind, I suggest you all start saying your prayers. You know how crazy broads can be deez daze…

Oh, the Nobel people left me a message the other day and wanted to release one of my other findings…But I said "NO!" I don’t want this to become public knowledge. It will cause mass panic!" But here’s the discovery: it turns out that it actually IS possible to travel faster than the speed of light, or at least it is for me. You travel back in time when it happens. That's actually how I know the chicken came first. I was there. There might never have been a Colonel Sanders or a Popeye’s if I had a flint and some buffalo wing sauce, cuz I was hungry as hell from all that traveling.

Now, how do I stop you from telling the Nobel people and stop them from publishing…Hmmm, I think I’m going to go back in time and make it SEEM like I was kidding about the speed of light/time traveling thing. That way you won’t call the Nobel people and they won’t announce my findings because they’ll think it’s just a joke.

Ok. Here I go. It worked!

Next week I’m going back to "Fish Chopping Day" and put that bottle of wine back in the box and go to sleep thirsty…

Oh yeah, the last digit in "Pi" is 8.


My Second and Third Questions
first posted by Andr913
I was the guy who asked the question about describing the Fiji survivors in one word, here's another two questions: describe all the Exile Island castaways in one word! (Including yourself.) GO!


Before I get started, for the record, all of these came quickly to mind except Melinda and Shane. Melinda because her time was so short and Shane because my take on him has changed quite a bit since I first met him. We’re not cut from the same cloth necessarily (the only emotions you’re likely to see out of me are "asleep" and "awake" and "give me another, neat"), but I think he’s a rider. He’s a passionate dude and as straight-forward as they come. That’s something I respect and appreciate. Drumroll please….

Aras: Deserving
Danielle: Arsonist
Terry: Kal-El
Cirie: Gangsta
Shane: Dad
Courtney: Buddy
Bruce: Dawg
Sally: Survivor
Austin: Prince
Nick: Solid
Dan: Brilliant
Bobby: Almighty (Awesome? Mightiest?)
Ruth-Marie: Potato!
Misty: Dawg
Melinda: Feisty
Tina: Robbed


I know you were never on the same tribe as Tina, Misty, Ruth-Marie, Dan, Sally, or Terry, but give it a try. Mine, in order, starting with Aras: Awesome, OK, strong, kickass, dramatic, annoying, funny, OK, unnoticeable, unnoticeable, average, awesome, BOOOOORING, funny, average, cool.


Again, I agree with you mostly. I actually got to know Ruth Marie, Melinda, Misty, Nick and Dan quite well as we spent a lot of time together after the game. While I think I got robbed in the editing, I think the public got robbed by Ruth Marie’s edit. That woman is one of the coolest, sweetest people you’ll ever meet in your life, one of my favorite people ever. She went too early to explore her personality and that was one of the most unfortunate casualties of the editing requirements. Misty Dawg was probably #2. Misty could have won that thing.

Nick and Austin weren’t all that exciting on the show but some of that has to do with the fact that there were so many lunatics out there, myself included. I thought Austin had a handful of funny lines, and Nick looks so good when wet. Ahem. Bobdawg digs those guys. One of the best compliments I can give to a guy is to say he’s ‘solid.’ Those guys are solid. Austin is the "Prince" because BobDawg showed him the King’s Ransom on the island and he quickly developed one of his own, but since I outweigh him by about 50 pounds, he dubbed his the "Prince’s Ransom." I’m basically a cynic about people and organized religion, but that dude is one of the most sincere people of faith I’ve ever met, one of the few that I have no doubt is genuine through and through about his beliefs.

Dan is Da Man. Really good guy, and probably the smartest person ever to play the game (with all due respect to Yul…and myself). We were talking about particle physics one day (or more precisely, HE was talking about particle physics… I just happened to be sitting across from him drinking a Tecate at the time) and he started talking about time-travel and something or other about muons and gluons or something and I remember nodding thinking "…..". It’s rare that I feel like someone’s on a whole other order of intelligence, but Dan is out there. And he’s a solid dude too.

Courtney and I are cool now. She’s not ‘all there’ sometimes, but she has a heart of gold and we actually get along pretty well. I went to one of her fire-dancing shows and it’s impressive.
Bruce of course is my Dawg. Love that dude. He was great on the show but better in person, probably the single most personable Survivor you’ll ever meet, one of the best ambassadors the show has had. Plus he’ll beat the crap out of you.

Cirie is gangsta b/c she gangsta’d her way into the final four. There’s more to her than you saw. She has a fierce side that she tucked away for the sake of the game. One of the first conversations we had included her telling me "they don’t want to see crazy Cirie." I was like, "Shoooooo, me either! Let me know how to stay clear." I think she’s a bit overrated on the social side of the game but I think she’s definitely up there with the best. She sold me out, but she swears she only did it because she thought they had the numbers anyway (Shane was supposed to vote for me too) so she just went along to stay out of trouble. That’s why when people say I was bad at the game, I say "Bollocks!" (surely, that was a proper usage). As bad as they tried to make me look and as many social mistakes they tried to make it seem like I made, only 3 people out of 7 voted for me and one of them (Cirie) was by accident. That sheds some light on what really happened.

Terry is the O.G. I think we’d have done some damage on the same team. Going in, I thought that my best allies would be a couple of younger jocks that I could bond with but that would defer to me because of my age, and an older military/cop/jock type that’s willing to lead and believes in "da rules" and respects order. My plan was to find guys like that and tell the older guy, look, you’re going to be a target b/c you’re the leader dude and I’m going to be a target because I’m awesome. I need you to deflect attention from me and you need me as a bridge to the younger folks. Let’s do this, Brutus. I think that would have been a good situation for me. I think for a guy 31-32 is the ideal age for this game.


My other question is: which of the following females from Cook Islands is the hottest: Rebecca, Cecelia, Becky, or Parvati? This is because I asked my best friend who was the hottest women from the Hiki tribe, who was hottest from the original Aitu tribe, etc. And these were his answers. And by a strange coincedence, I agree! So, who?


I’ve met Parvati and Cecilia and they’re both good looking women in my book but I have the key to the quiz. The correct answer is e) Sundra.


Describe each Survivor 13 castaways in one word (if you watched the show).


I watched Cook Islands and blogged about it elsewhere. I had some strong opinions then but have forgotten some of them. Also, I was writing as "the black dude" while others (like Sandra who’s blogging here and Dan Lue from Survivor Amazon) wrote for their respective ‘teams" so I really didn’t pay attention to some folks until about half way through. I’ve met Billy, Cristina, Brad, Adam, Flicka, J.P., Parvati, Jenny (on Myspace) and Sekou. I’ll give "n/a" where I don’t have enough info.

Yul: Renaissance
Ozzy: Trojan-Enz (heh heh)
Becky: n/a
Sundra: HubbaHubba
Adam: Solid
Parvati: Lively
Jonathan: Christ
Candice: TonsilHockey
Nate: Carlton
Jenny: Firebrand
Rebecca: n/a
Brad: Tarzan
Flicka: Chromatic
Christina: CopRock
Cao Boi: woooooooooooooooooooowoo!
Stephannie: potatoes
J.P. n/a
Cecillia: caliente
Billy: Solid
Sekou: Grimace


RE: Rocky vs. Anthony
posted by survivor-fan317
Thanks for the answer to my first question and please don't shorten your blogs... i love them just the way they are. i only write this because your answer to my question hit a nerve with me. I didn't take offence to your answer about Rocky being autistic because many people have misconceptions about this disorder but my son it autistic and i am very happy to report that he acts NOTHING like Rocky.
Thanks again for answering my question!


Hey there! I felt like a jack-ass after I sent it off as I realized it was very likely someone reading might have personal experience with it and that it would be offensive. I actually saw a show this weekend that dealt with autism and it said that it affects roughly 1 in 200 children or something like that. I had no idea it was that common. Anyway, thanks for not biting my head off for that comment and understanding that many of us are ignorant but are not trying to be intentionally offense. I’m one of those guys that says stuff like "that foo’ is retarded" and "his shirt is gay!", thinking it’s funny, and not meaning any offense, but offending anyway. Anyway, I apologize for the crude comment. Oh, and on behalf of the world, let me say we are SO glad to hear your child doesn’t act like Rocky! ;-).
And thanks for the comment and original question woowoooooo.


The Wino

posted by Bruz
I'm new to this blog scene so forgive me if this has been discussed already, but...
how about you tell the fans about the Darkside Crooks?


Woo Woo! I’ve seen some good avatars in here, including a cement mixer or two, a kitty with a slice of bread on his head, and "Dude" from Big Lebowski (I think that’s "Dude." It’s a small avatar…can you confirm Ill-Jim-Ill?). But the award for Best Avatar Ever goes to……Bruz. Its’ a landslide actually. Everyone knows that arm-tats mean you’re super cool (see, for example, my arms) and everyone knows that drinking 40s magnifies your coolness. I don’t see my frosty adult beverage of choice, St. Ides, but it’s probably just behind your massive guns and the mighty Blue Bull tattoo.

Thanks for the shot-out re the Almighty Darkside Crooks. That’s my rap group and we’ve been together about 6 years now. As noted in Bruz’s subject line, my stage name is Mr. BobDawg the Darkside Wino (so I guess I can’t complain too much about being portrayed as a drunk . . . but I’m not lazy though…). Other members include Snook Dawg the Darkside Shogun (my brother) and Stik Figya the Darkside Warlock. For those that are wondering (yes, both of you), "Darkside" does come from our love of Star Wars and there’s plenty of Star Wars references in our stuff. In fact, I kick Boba Fett’s arse in one of my songs. He was tough but I’m ...well, you know.

We’re performing again and actually have a show in Hollywood in 2 weeks. A few Survivors will be there (at least 7 that I can think of off-hand), including my roll-dawg Bruce "the Factor" Kanegai and a couple of other Exile Islanders. Anyone that’s interested, hit me up on Myspace. And if you’re a fan of the malts, google "40 oz. Crew." Keepin’ the dream alive, one brown-bag at a time…Hey, I just made that up, but that’s pretty good. I should copyright that or at least make some t-shirts…You in on this with me Capt. Dawg?

March 25, 2007


Hey, Bob! Where did your nickname BobDawg come from?

College. The best nicknames are the ones other people give you, but sometimes they try to give you nicknames that aren’t all that cool, so you have to take matters into your own hands. I was a hotshot baseball recruit in college (I played D III ball, so I’m not claiming to have been some super stud, though I probably would have been drafted if I didn’t get hurt). Anyway, I was the only freshman to start and I ended up batting cleanup at 165 pounds. Guys started calling me "Bobby Ball Game" and then they started calling me "Bob Cat" which I thought was cooler than Bobby Ball Game but not macho enough for me. Women were always saying I was a dog for some reason (probably because I was a dog) so one day I showed up with "Dawg" on my sweatshirt one practice and it stuck….

Now, regarding the "Almighty" part of "Almighty Mr. BobDawg", I have to admit that I haven’t actually done a survey, so I don’t really know for sure if I’m truly almighty or if I’m really the mightiest being to ever walk the Earth…but of the people currently walking the earth, I’m definitely the mightiest. Is it silly for BobDawg to be 33 and still call BobDawg’s self ‘BobDawg’? Yes. Is it silly for BobDawg to refer to BobDawg’s self in the third person? Yes. Will BobDawg stop doing that? Nope. BobDawg will not, woowooooooo.


Video Tape for Application
What do you think made your application video stand out to Survivor producers, and what advice would you give to someone applying to the show?



This is one of the questions I get most often and I really wish I had a better answer than "be yourself" and "let it all hang out" but I’ll try to come up with something better!

As a preface, I’ll say that BobDawg and I have been told that that our tape was one of the best they ever saw in casting. We don’t know if they’d let us post it on YouTube or something, maybe we’ll go ask…and for the record, we were recruited but we also sent in an application and tape as part of the process.

I’ll also say that I don’t think I know the magic formula (or even if there is one). While I’m not going to engage in false modesty and say I don’t know what they saw in me, I also didn’t know what they were looking for and I didn’t do anything in particular to ‘work the system’ other than "be big" and "be myself", whatever that means. I was lucky, right place at the right time, and when I got my chance, I delivered.

I’ve met some Survivors that actually believe their own hype, like they’re cut from different cloth or something and like they basically ‘earned’ a spot on the show by being so cool. I feel like we all just got lucky. Yes, I think I’m a good ‘character’ and that I brought a great package to the table, but there’s plenty of interesting, quality folks with great packages out there. There’s a bunch in this message board alone. I’ve seen soldiers, MMA practitioners, Jedi Masters, even some crazy foos that think BobDawg is too full of himself ;-) (which is true by the way. Luckily Bobby Mason is a likeable enough fellow). It would seem that many of them could easily be great candidates and it could easily have been them if they were doing shots in the right bar or walking in the right mall, or sitting on the right bus stop.

So the first point is that while the Survivors I’ve met all have one thing in common—big personalities—and when you’re around them, for the most part you say "aha, I get it. I understand why they put you on." But they’re regular people and it’s not like they’re blessed with any special powers or like they’re more awesome than the rest of society (obviously this isn’t applicable to BobDawg, who is awesomer than the rest of society). I think many many people have the ‘goods’. There’s also plenty that don’t have ‘it’ but really think they do and they get angry at the casting people for not recognizing ‘it’.
Regarding the tape… obviously, by definition, a good tape is any one that’s memorable. How you go about that is up to you but I think keeping it in mind that you’re trying to create memories rather than make friends is helpful in keeping you on course. You don’t want the person watching to say "Oh Tammy seems nice." You want them to say "Damn! I have to go tell everyone about Tammy right now."
I think it’s easy to throw together a tape highlighting all the cool things in your life that you want to tell people about while losing sight of the fact that this isn’t an autobiography-- it’s a resume to land an interview for the job of Castaway.

It’s like when people show you pictures of their kids. They’re not doing that for you, they’re doing that for themselves. I don’t want to see that crap and they know that. You want to impress me and BobDawg, show us some dice and put your money in the circle. In this process , I think people should really think about what the casting people would want to see in a tape, not what they want to put on a tape (if that makes sense). Getting on Survivor is your/our dream, not theirs. They’re making a tv show and can use lots of different people and I think keeping in mind that they’re making a tv show helps keep your tape focused.

Do you really care that someone has 3 kids and that she loves them very much? Do you think anyone cares that you love sports or that you’re in the PTA? That’s great and all, and it’s part of what makes you a great person, but it’s not all that important in determining whether you’d be a great contestant. Plus, I think someone may have already used that line about loving their kids before. It’s not the time to show them all the stuff that’s important to you in life, it’s time to show them the stuff that they’ll think is important. What’s that? Well, I don’t know.

I do know that in your tape you should be SHOWING people you’re great, not telling them. They’re not looking for information so don’t worry so much about rattling off details about your life. The point is to show why you’re compelling and you can’t do that by listing your accolades or telling them you’re cool as hell and you know this because you have over "70 friends on myspace!". You have to do stuff in your tape. Illustrate.

Don’t just tell them that people like you. Walk into a bar and have everyone greet you like you’re Norm from Cheers. Don’t say you’re a wrestler and you have a competitive nature…get on the ground and wrestle your kid or something…and crush him. Pin his little butt to the ground then beat your chest and tell him no one can beat BobDawg foo! Oh, whoops slipped into character … get outta here BobDawg.

I don’t think I ever said the word ‘competitive’ in my video but I talked about how I used to destroy my brother in Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, Battleship, anything. Then I walked up the stairs in my dad’s house pointing to all my karate trophies saying "First. First. First. First. Second. Second? That must be my brother’s. Ok here’s more of mine. First. First. First…" Then I raced my dog Bolo down the street and beat him. He didn’t even know we were racing, but I’ll take the W though. The point is they got the message about my competitive nature without me having to say it.

Oh, one thing I would definitely suggest you do is use lots of big hand movements and make sure your face is expressive. You need to be able to talk with your face and body and communicate stuff through the camera. And I’d make it clear why you think you’d be a good Survivor, but just remember that everyone will be saying they’re competitive, that they’re leaders, that they’re diplomatic, that they can bend steel in their bare hands, whatever. I think it’s not what you say that convinces them you’d be good, I think it’s how you say it. Like I kept saying "I’d smash foos." I’m probably the only person that said that in all the tapes they saw because it’s a silly way for a grown up to talk. But they didn’t forget it.
Also, one thing I’ve heard is that your tape you should demonstrate that you can look into a cold, emotionless camera and talk without a script (and without acting ) and capture the audience without having anyone actually sitting next to you giving you feedback through facial cues, laughter, etc. That’s what a confessional is and I think they want to know that you can carry a conversation with yourself and be engaging. If you have a third person persona like BobDawg does, it’s easy to practice.
The other thing I’d suggest is to not try to be the All American that’s flawless and good at everything (of course, they might have a slot for the All American type, so I guess go for broke if that’s you). I’ve heard it said that in reality tv they’re looking for humor, sex, and drama and you have to provide one or more of those in some amount. I also think that flawed people make for better tv.

I think 3 minutes is so short that it’s best to focus on one aspect of your personality and hammer them over the head with it and hope that it piques someone’s interest rather than trying to show them you’re multifaceted. Saying stuff like "I’m down to earth, but I’ll get in your face if I have to" is fine and dandy, but almost everyone is like that, that doesn’t say anything. If you’re a really conservative person, or if you’re an abrasive, short-tempered person, I wouldn’t tone it down so you seem more palatable. I’d play it up, and maybe even push the envelope to the point of being offensive (as long as it seems genuine). The point in the tape isn’t to make friends with the people watching it, it’s to make them think that person would make for good TV and we have to meet them.

Frankly, I think my package (education, profession, the fact that I was a lawyer by day, rapper by night, and talked like a pro-wrestler) was really intriguing to them, but I’m not under any illusions about what separated me from the pack. Being black was a major part of what made me an attractive candidate. So that’s another thing I’d do if I were you: be black or Eskimo or something. That will separate you from the pack at least. And have a weird job. They love it when people have weird jobs…
I really did just let it all hang out in my video though. I gave them a double-barreled dose of BobDawg. If they didn’t like it, fine but they weren’t going to have the option of forgetting me. I was in a God Father hat with a pro-wrestling belt draped over my shoulder saying stuff like "I’d smash any Potsie Webber lookin’ foos that try to ally against me" and "I swim with sharks" and "I eat dragons for breakfast." Then next thing you know I’m in a suit and tie and I’m at work in some wingtips talking about having worked on billion dollar litigation. Then next thing you know I’m on stage rockin the mic and flashing my tattoos with a gangster looking beanie on.

I’m not saying you should go out of your way to be an over the top character…in fact, I’m saying the opposite. You HAVE to be YOURSELF in your tape. Don’t try to be bigger than you are and don’t tuck it away because if you think you’re too outrageous. This is what they do for a living and they can smell an act a mile away. I’ve heard that hundreds of times. Well, maybe more like 7 times, but that’s a lot if you think about it. Why would someone keep saying they can tell when candidates aren’t being themselves unless it was true?

I do think that of all the personality types, cocky is the most useful though in terms of getting noticed. People love to see cocky people get torn down a notch and it makes for good tv. It’s tough to convince someone that you’re super sweet or super cool in 3 minutes, but super cocky comes through loud and clear. I think cocky people have an advantage in the process.

I will say that when they brought me in, I was consistent with what I did on my tape, but I was far from perfect in my interviews. Law of Power No. 28 says "enter action with boldness" so I walked into the room with Mark, Jeff and others saying "BobDawgsta in the house foo!" Silence. No smiles, no chuckles, just ice-grills. Completely bombed. I felt dumb as hell. But hey, at least I took my shot at it. Oh, I also Mark Burnett that he had a typo in his book "Jump In" which I had read twice and was quoting in my interviews. I even told him what page it was on which made the lawyer chuckle and eased my tension a bit (and yes, I told him I had "flexible action."). .

But the point is that for better or worse, I was the same dude in my interview as I was on my tape and they could take it or leave it. So in your tape, you need to be whoever you actually are because the interviewing process is long and intense and if you’re playing a character at some point it will get exposed.

I’m not sure what else to say about the tape. I’m rambling because I’m really racking my brain and trying to impart some info, but it may just be that I happened to fit whatever they were looking for and that’s the whole story.

I know it’s frustrating to send in tape after tape and to never receive a call, but it’s not because they’re trying to ruin anyone’s dreams or anything like that. They’re consummate pros and they’re trying to cast a show. I think it sometimes seems like they’re actively looking for excuses not to take someone but I think the opposite is true. I think they actively look for reasons to cast people and that they work hard to figure out a way to make it work. I think that’s why they recruit so much-- they can control the input better and get to whatever they’re looking for more efficiently.

It’s not a perfect process obviously. Like everyone else, I wonder why some people get put on the show. I’m not going to attack anyone playing in this season because this is Bobby Mason typing not BobDawg (who will be back bashing foos next week), but there’s a few characters the last 2 seasons that leave me wondering how they got picked over the thousands of other people. There might even be one or two foos wondering why I got cast. People are boring sometimes but I don’t think anyone gets intentionally cast because they’re boring. I was cast to be a big character and I ended up being something of a disappointment and not universally liked. Similarly, Jeff always said that Danielle was a star in casting but all that disappeared on the show. So who knows how the people on the show really did in casting ?

Also, as much as I love myself, I can’t take credit for how good my tape was. My brother is an AVID editor by trade so the tape was professionally done. It had subtle special effects in it like black and white and sepia tones, slow motion, fast motion, split screen (me talking to myself about how mighty I am—I mean BobDawg talking to himself about how might he is), captions, music that was sync-ed to the action, stuff like that.

I’m not saying that you need to have a THX ‘the audience is listening’ trailer in your tape or that you need to hire John Williams to do a music score, but I think you should approach it like what it is—a resume that gets you an interview for the job of Castaway. You wouldn’t put your resume on laser paper, you’d use the fancy stuff. I think making a high-quality presentation is worthwhile and I think it’s worth the cost of having it done professionally. The idea is to make the person watching pay attention and remember and want to go talk to other people about you. If it’s actually easy and fun to watch that’s a huge bonus.

My video opened up to a Beastie Boys song then I hopped out of bed in fast motion, did some jumping jacks, popped Ghost Recon in the Xbox, gave a high-five to my Yoda doll that sits on top of the tv, road the exercise bike, then hit the weights, jumped in the shower, then came out of the shower in a suit and tie then made a protein shake—all within about 20 seconds because it was in Charlie Chaplin speed. The point isn’t what I did, but it’s that I sent like 6 different messages about myself in 20 seconds without actually having to waste time saying it.

Dang, even I’m getting tired of myself now. I just re-read this. Is it always this painful to slog through my crap? I’ll have to work on shortening this stuff up… gotta go…


Ask a Survivor (Part 1)
Hey, Bobby. It was the first time that I can know what about you, I have some question to ask you, hope you can answer honor & open.

1) Why CBS want you to join "Survivors Strike Back Blog"?
2) After you make at 11th place finish on 'Survivor : Panama--Exile Island', what reaction that you feel.
3) After you been vote out, did anything change in your life?
4) At "Survivors Strike Back Blog", I just saw so many word. Did you can make it shortly,...


Um…I’ll give this a try.

1) Probably for the same reason I was put on the cast. I call it like I see it and don’t really pull punches. I’m also a fan and have a lot to say (obviously). I’m pretty easily accessible to fans of the show and I don’t take myself that seriously. While I wasn’t popular with viewers, people that have met me like me and have followed things I’ve written elsewhere. I don’t think anyone expected me to write tome after tome like I’ve done so far. I didn’t either and it’s not something I consciously try to do.

2) Well, right after I got voted off I was actually a bit relieved I have to say. That may sound hypocritical after bashing Lisi for saying she was ready to go home, but I was broken down physically (badly pulled hamstring, separated shoulder, split cornea) and it was very unpleasant being around camp, just a bad vibe for no good reason. I didn’t know my story was going to be stealing wine and dropping deuces so while I was disappointed to go home so early, I thought I did a decent job and that it would be fun to watch on TV.

3) It’s been a great ride. I’ve been through my ups and downs about it but it’s an incredible experience that sticks with you forever. There literally hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought about it, turning things over, wondering "what if". I met some great people and made some good friends. I’m part of a small fraternity now—how many people do you know that got drunk and took a dump on national tv? I only know one. It’s been great meeting fans. The best part is that kids in airports recognize me and they’re too young to understand the game or storylines or editing but they remember that I "chopped the fishies" and that "they were mean to me". Kids are the best.

4) Ok.


howdy hay!
Boby daaalin...Just wanted to let you know that your blogs ammuse me...This is a great acomplishment, Princess Jedi Master Captain Snizz is ammused by few...Toodles!


Hey deh guh! Thanks for the comments! From one enegade Sith Lord to Princess Jedi Master let me express my appreciation by saying Wooo Woooooooo…and I dig your posts in the message boards too, by the way… so


over the top
Your survivor strikes back comments are usually funny as well as super long winded but your last one was a little over the top. "toss my salad" seriously. i don't offend easy & i like your stories, so please don't make yourself appear to be without class, i did like you on your shot in panama. i would've taken the booze too!


That’s fair. The truth is sometimes I go back and read them and think the same thing. That was over the top. I write in a train of thought which is why those things are so long and I don’t really edit them for content. And there’s no edit button so I can’t go back and delete stuff, and there’s been a few things that I’d edit out if I could. I figured only a few people would get that joke so it wouldn’t be that offensive to everyone but in the context of that paragraph, it was a bit much. I will flog myself soon. Bad Dawg. Bad Dawg.


Bollocks LOL Bdawg, I couldn't stop laughing when I read that. I'm a true fan, love the blogs. Refreshing.


Thanks Bollocks! I know they’re a pain to slog through but I appreciate that you’ve gotten through them and I appreciate the feedback. It’s a lot more fun than I thought it would be and it helps me stay into the season, even though most of my blogs are based on made up stuff…Bollocks is my new favorite word (thanks Jonathan). I heard Pullo say it on ROME awhile back…


rocky vs. anthony
first of please let me say that i LOVE your posts on the survivor blog... very honest, funny and accurate.
My question for you is this... i know anthony broke the "crying rules" but do you think that rocky was acting like a "real man" at tribal council when he went off on anthony? And let's give anthony some credit... he didn't cry right there in front of jeff.


Thanks! No, Rocky has some serious issues. I was kidding about the crying thing really. I was in Karate for a long time and I’d start crying right before every match at tournaments. That was a way to psyche myself up and foos would start shaking in their boots when I did it. I don’t really respect people that fall to pieces instantly as a coping mechanism, but if crying gets you amped up for battle, it’s all good. I actually thought that’s what Anthony was doing. I thought he was crying not because he’s a weakling but because he was gathering his strength. It wouldn’t have been funny to say that though, so I bashed him instead. But I don’t really have a problem with that. I think men should be men, I won’t lie about that, but men can cry.

I don’t think Rocky is a ‘real man’ at all. He’s like an autistic child (and I don’t mean to offend autistic kids by comparing Rocky to you). I agree with all the other posters that there’s nothing worse or less becoming than a bully. I know I’m harsh in my blogs sometimes and I don’t want to seem like a bully either, but there’s a difference with what Rocky does. It’s the viciousness of it that bothers me about him. Anthony seems like a good dude and there’s a broad range of ways of being a ‘man’ and he’s well within that range. Anthony doesn’t seem to bother everyone else (other than Mookie). I think it shows no class and a lack of maturity to attack Anthony so openly and in such a personal manner. People say they love Rocky because he speaks his mind bro, but watching him bully Anthony makes me think he’s a coward.


Do you think the fact that you're the mightiest being to walk the earth intimidated the mere mortals you were forced to live with on Casaya beach?


Action Dizzle! Yup. My sheer might through everyone for a tizzy. Here’s the dynamic as I saw it: for some reason, Shane, Aras, Courtney and Danielle formed an alliance within 5 minutes of hitting the island. Because there were 7 players, not 8, it was easy to get a majority. Didn’t take any skill, no effort, you just had to be fast (and you had to have whatever characteristic they had to bond that quickly without even talking to anyone else first). From then on, Danielle and Courtney were really hostile and unwelcoming around camp, using the fact that they had the numbers as a bully-stick. I was on the wrong side of the numbers so I couldn’t put the smash down on foos, so I had to walk around on eggshells and hope for the game to change. But I think the fact that I don’t walk around like a supplicant but rather, like I rule the world and I don’t smile all that much intimidated Danielle, who I think was used to getting her way with guys and didn’t like the fact that I didn’t melt and bend and start shuffling my feet for her. I think it made her insecure that she didn’t have the effect on me that she probably has on most guys.

I also think Shane was intimidated by me. Not physically, we didn’t have any problems like that. But it was clear to me that he didn’t like me from early on. I think it was because my presence potentially could have disrupted his game, which was basically to be Charles Manson to Danielle and Courtney’s Squeaky Frommes. They were blown away by Shane and everything he did was great to while everything I did was a problem. I couldn’t even go hunt for food without getting attacked for leaving camp when there’s not fire, like we need 7 people to make a fire. I was ‘not a gentleman’ for using the toilet as a toilet, but Shane got laughs for wiping his butt-crack with Danielle’s soap and for telling Courtney he’d come to her apartment and slit her throat. Foos would start having OJ flashbacks if I said something like that. Danielle would get mad at me for everything, including offering her food. In my head I was like "easy killer" but I had to tuck everything away. So I think that at some level, the three of them realized that they were all extremely fortunate to have found each other because they didn’t really have any game skills and the only thing they had going for them was that there was three of them. That gave them a controlling block since Aras stayed loyal to them and I think all of them were insecure about losing that position which made them hostile to everyone that was on the outside. My might was a part of that.


We've never met ... man I hope someday we do. I love your sense of humor... Love your blogs. Thanks for pointing out the obvious in a way that makes us all laugh... My only wish is that you too "ran away from the bottle of wine" ... potentially the BEST line EVER uttered on Natioal TV... "Yeah, I'm sorry I drank their wine, but I ain't sorry I drank YOUR wine"... PRICELESS...


WooWoooooo thanks for the comments Captain Mac. I dig your posts by the way…Yeah, I wish I’d run away from the wine too. It’s funny but at the time, I actually thought people were going to feel guilty for running Bruce and I out of the shelter and that they would feel so bad that they would have been happy that I took the wine because it would have let them off the hook. I really missed the boat on that one though. No one thought it was messed up that Bruce and I (rightly or wrongly) thought we had to sleep in an outhouse that was filled with termites. But the only person that openly had a problem with it was Courtney who just wouldn’t let her go, so I had to put the smash down on her as you noted above. I wish I hadn’t been in the minority because I was actually still holding back. I didn’t want to get into it with her but she just wouldn’t let it go and I couldn’t just get slapped around on TV so I had to say something. Oh well, I guess it’s better to remembered for something than not be remembered at all eh? When we meet, first shot on me woowooooooo.


I enjoyed watching you on the show, but I have to say your blogs kick your own butt for entertainment value. They are hilarious! And very accurate. Who knew lawyers could be so funny? :-)

Keep up the great work. Best former survivor to post anywhere.



March 24, 2007


posted by dbchupp
Your blogs are a delight. Where have you BEEN every other blogging season?! So, I think you were liking Michelle earlier this season...wondered about her beer-fetching abilities. What qualities does your ideal woman have?


Awwww shucks!

I don’t know whether I think there’s an ideal woman for me or just someone that matches me ideally. I know that sounds like some old Dr. Phil bull-crap but I don’t have a "type" really. I’ve dated across the spectrum of race, size, shape, and age (well, not the whole spectrum of ages…I’m not into that R. Kelly stuff. But higher than you might think. Roughly 25-45).

I guess the qualities I find myself attracted to most are self-confidence, intelligence, style, style, style and sassiness. I like a woman that has a good sense of humor, but not in the sense that she’s always cracking jokes or making fart noises in her armpit—I mean she has a sense of humor so she can laugh-off my b.s.

I like a woman that’s passionate and knowledgeable about something. I like women that have hobbies, even if it’s collecting string (well, actually that would be boring. But pretty much anything else is cool, especially if I end up with a shirt and hat made out of yarn. That’s cool.). I like women that take care of their hair but not so much that I can’t touch it when we’re sitting on the couch watching a movie. I like a woman that likes to shop for purses and shoes and likes to get done up from time to time but doesn’t expect me to know what BCBG stands for (did I even spell that right?) or that pink is the new red or something (or is it red is red again now? I see that on all the GAP billboards …).

I like a woman that’s ballsy enough to grab me by the arm and drag me into the store and make me help her pick out stuff, but appreciates that after 20 minutes, I’m off the hook and she doesn’t get all bent out of shape when I say "I’ll be over at Footlocker. Text me when you’re done."

I’m a big dude (in several ways…) so while I like a woman that’s lady-like and into pampering herself, my ideal woman isn’t dainty. She’s sturdy and athletic, but not so tom-boyish that I forget she’s a woman. I like a woman that has a voice I can’t get out of my head. If we’re out at dinner she doesn’t just say stuff like "I’ll just have a salad" or "I’ll just have water." She likes to get her grub on and she likes to workout and doesn’t obsess over either. I like a woman that speaks up about what she wants and doesn’t make me guess about what she wants to eat or watch, and when she defers to me and says "Bobby, you pick the food" or "you pick the movie", she actually means it and won’t hold it over my head for like 5 weeks when I fire up Pulp Fiction and the Domino’s dude shows up at the door with a meat lover’s pizza with double cheese, some hotwings and a couple of diet-cokes.

She’s tough but not vulgar. She’s not nit-picky and doesn’t go around looking for reasons to fight, but she’s feisty enough to give me some of my own medicine if I’m out of line. Like if I say "Hey you! Go get me a brew" my ideal woman doesn’t just spring into action. She puts her hands on her hips and leans forward then wags a finger at me and tells me how I’m not the boss of her and how she’s a grown woman and how she’s not my maid and how her daddy doesn’t tell her what to do and I damn sure ain’t tellin’ her what to do either, blah blah blah. I like that kind of feistiness for some reason. I mean, when she’s done, she still better get her ass in the kitchen and get me a brew. But she should stand up for herself first …

I’m a bit of a knuckle-dragger but I don’t actually drag women by the hair back to the cave. The beer thing was a joke. But my point was that I don’t want someone that thinks getting someone a beer is some major power struggle, like we’re getting ‘points’ or something. If I’m up, I’ll get the beer. If you’re up, you get the beer. If neither of us is up…well, you get the beer. I have to lay here and stay rested in case a burglar comes crashing through the window. But I’ll get the next one…or not. It shouldn’t be a battle, we’re not playing for points remember?

I’m not into PDA but I’m surprisingly cuddly so I like a woman that’s good at cuddling. I can’t believe I just wrote that…

I like a woman that can hang with the fellas but isn’t trying to be one of the fellas. She should understand sports but doesn’t have to be a rabid fan of anything. As long as she doesn’t say stuff like "The batsman just hit a touchdown and ran around all the base pads!" it’s cool. My ideal woman can look just as incredible in her evening black, red, or silver, or her jeans and a wife beater. Someone that can watch Tombstone with me as well as that Discovery Channel shows on super massive blackholes that I TiVo’d.

That’s all.

Oh, and she has to be able to fetch beer ;-)


Best Player So Far / Final 2 Prediction
posted by indigo15
First off, let me just say that I nearly peed my pants reading your blogs. You make up for most of the other "bloggers" never posting anything.

My question: Although it is fairly early in this season, which contestant (or contestants) do you feel is playing the game the best at this point, and who do you feel deserves the coveted final 2 spots?


I don’t think that you can really judge a player until they been tested and very few people have been tested and won their test. Lots of people are still just ‘in the game’ without having demonstrated any skill and a few people have gone home with little or no explanation (Jessica, Liliana). I like watching the players that get in there and mix it up like Jonathan did last season, or like the Cesternino’s and Heidiks of the world did, even if I don’t agree with the calls they made. To me that’s Survivor and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s really even been playing the game at all until recently…

Mostly by default, I think I’d say that Earl is playing the best game so far. Either that or he’s getting a great edit. He’s not dominant in challenges but he more than holds his own and is a big contributor. He thinks strategically and seems to be fairly aggressive about it. He’s savvy enough to deal with both extremes (Anthony and Rocky), as well as the middle ground (Yau Man, Cassandra, others). I think he’s going to be one of those guys that people just forget to vote out until it’s too late because he’s going to stay "clean" the whole way and people with huge game issues like Lisi and Rocky will be targeted in some big affair that may take a couple of episodes to resolve while he sits back and snipes from the outskirts.

He seems like a reluctant Alpha male, a guy that can take control when others can’t but isn’t hungry to be that guy. I see him as a leader, but I don’t think he’d be the go-to guy if there were stronger personalities or more intellectuals around camp. I could be completely wrong about him, but I think he’s the most balanced player and he’s in a good situation if he can pull Cassandra et al.

When we finally started seeing Alex and Edgardo a little bit, it occurred to me for the first time that they might actually be "players." They seem to get it and they’re likeable guys. I don’t know why they kept Rocky around, but I don’t think it was a bad move strategically. I think that the closest thing they have to the type of ‘throw back’ player that I like will be Earl and Alex.

Dre is playing a horrible social game, but he’s still in there and there’s enough people that are essentially cannon fodder (I can understand how Rocky got on the show but how the hell did Lisi get on and how is she not gone yet?) that he should be safe for awhile, and you never know, he might rip off a couple of IC victories and he could be in the final 3 before anyone realizes it and everyone he helped bury is in the jury scratching their heads wondering how they got outlasted by this guy, because they’ll never accept that they got outwitted. I think his stock shot way up by being on a team with all guys. I think he’ll get along better with guys. I think guys are better able to tolerate and contextualize the hyper-masculinity stuff and don’t get intimidated or turned off by it, which is why I think I did fine at Viveros but ran into problems at Casaya. I think they’ll appreciate what he brings to the physical challenges and his talking doesn’t seem to bother them as much. He seems to have a rudimentary understanding of the game at best, but with this season’s cast, that puts him in the middle of the pack socially, and his athleticism and generally good nature means he probably won’t get targeted for awhile, maybe until it’s too late.

I have trouble getting my arms around Yau Man. I think I love the dude. For a couple of episodes it didn’t seem like he was the really smart, wise, funny, quirky older ‘character’ I thought he was going to be. But from time to time he was looking more like a frail, bumbling old dude that was just getting lucky episode after episode, oblivious to the fact that there was a game going on. But last episode it seemed like he was very much aware of what the game dynamics hold for him and he’s got good instincts for people I think. He’s a battler in the challenges too. I like that. I think Yau Man is liked by the right people (Earl) and isn’t a threat to anyone so he’ll end up late in the game before anyone realizes it.

I think that the best players usually end up 1st and 3rd. 2nd is usually for that person everyone thinks they can beat, which usually means they weren’t that good for some reason (but not always). There’s a lot of players whose time will come at some point like Lisi, Rocky, Yau Man, Cassandra. Those are the 4 that I think can’t win, they’ll just do well to go as deep as they can. Everyone else has a shot I think, except I think Boo is too big a guy to win ICs down the stretch since they’re not usually strength challenges. He’s athletic so he could be a threat, but there’s so many guys in the game, a couple of them really good athletes, that I don’t think athleticism is going to be the basis that people start becoming targets. I can see a final 3 with Earl, Alex/Edgardo, and Dre for instance with Dre being the the #2 guy and Alex/Edgardo or Earl winning it.


Two fairly simple questions for the Mighty Dawgsta.
posted by BDawgstaRawks
First, what do you think you could have done to stay in the game longer? Second, would you ever consider doing an All-Stars or another reality show?

You're my favorite Survivor ever!!!


Awwww shucks again!

It’s tough to answer this question quickly without going into how much of the good stuff that I did was edited out, and I don’t want to sound whiney by saying "Awww, they didn’t show this and they didn’t show that", but the truth is, alot of the bad stuff you saw about me was shown completely out of context (for instance, showing me sleeping under a blanket we hadn’t even won yet so it looked like I was sleeping while others were working, which didn’t happen) or it was flat-out fabricated (like the deuce dropping scene, which if you watch the footage closely, the location of Aras’ hat in particular, you can tell was pieced together to make it look like I just unilaterally overrode the tribes decision to use the outhouse as wood storage, which also didn’t happen. In reality, everyone used the outhouse as a toilet and we used it for wood storage.

I know a lot of people are wondering why I’m even here blogging in the first place. I agree that from what you saw on TV, I deserved to go early and I deserved to be the least popular player according to the CBS polls. From what you saw on tv, I’m an anti-social, lazy, wine-stealing, deuce dropping, fish chopping, sports bra popping ego-maniac (which is why I think some people take my blogs too seriously). You’d have no reason to believe that I’ve been a fan of the game for a long time, that I take the social side of it seriously (in fact you wouldn’t even think I knew there was a social side based on the way I looked on tv), and you wouldn’t have any reason to believe that next to Cirie, I was the most strategic minded player in Casaya. You wouldn’t have any reason to believe that I’m reasonable, a hard worker (I’m the only person of the 16 in my season that was never shown working), a good team player, diplomatic, easy to get along with, that I ‘play well with others’ or that I have a sense of humor. You also would be surprised to hear that I was well liked and respected generally, even by the other team, and that they were stunned when I went home. You wouldn’t believe that other than Danielle, and to a lesser extent Courtney, I didn’t really have any real problems with anyone from the entire game, and that now, I’m even cool with both of them. The people that know me from the game know I got a raw deal in the editing and that I’m not the ass that I was portrayed as on TV.

So, I wish I could say, I’d be better at the social side of the game, or I wouldn’t have taken the wine or I wouldn’t have dropped a deuce, but so much of that was the ‘story-telling’ side of things that it’s tough for me to ‘own’ it and say "yes, I played a terrible game", because it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it looked. I had no idea I was going to be portrayed like that until I was in the middle of episode 3. Before that I thought I was going to be a popular player, one of the good guys that people thought got shafted by getting booted too early.

Do I wish I didn’t take the wine? Of course. But not for the reason you might think. It was portrayed as if that’s why I went home but that’s just the story they fed the public. I think they wanted it to seem like I self-destructed so that it made sense that I got booted. In reality it wasn’t a big deal and Danielle had been trying to get me on the chopping block for a long time before that for something that no one seems to know about, including her.

If I hadn’t taken the wine I don’t think it would have made a lot of sense to the public why I got booted when I did. I stumbled right into that story line and I hate that I gave them such a convenient story to hang my exit on. Before I went out there, I was telling myself I don’t want to be the "angry guy," I don’t want to be the "lazy guy," I don’t want to be the "molest women at night guy", and I don’t want to be the "steal the beans guy." Then out of nowhere, before I know it I’m in the outhouse with Bruce, a cameraman comes knocking, and while it didn’t dawn on me at the time, at that moment I became "stole the wine" guy. I wished that dramatic music that played on tv when I took the wine was there on the island when I reached for the bottle because I would have backed away and said "Whoa! That was close. Luckily that ominous Darth Vader music warned me that this bottle would be my downfall." Alas, there was no such music.

I was surprised that I was on the outside so early, but I wasn’t really that worried about it because I knew I would be a big challenge performer which meant that—assuming people knew how to play the game-- I’d be safe for at least 9 days. I figured that even if we lost three straight times to start the game, they’d have to get rid of Melinda, Cirie, then Bruce (who was on Exile) in some order before me. I was President Beefcake after all. So I figured I’d lay low while all the nuttiness went on at Casaya and just hope for a fissure in the alliance, which seemed likely at first because of how crazy everyone was. I was hoping to pick someone off to come with me, Melinda and Cirie, or more realistically, to work my way into the alliance. I was an outsider but I was still safe for at least 9 days, which wasn’t a bad position to be in all things considered.

The problem is that during those 9 days, things didn’t get better, they got worse. Casaya became more and more hostile, selfish, cliquish and exclusive. It was like being in highschool but not being one of the cool kids. You’ll have to ask Bruce about this but the tribe was very hostile towards those of us that weren’t in the alliance and they really didn’t show the public that.

But knowing what I know now, one thing I would have done to last longer would have been to wave my hands around and jump up and down like a madman trying to get La Mina to pick me in the school yard pick. I would have done a lot better on La Mina. I think the most relevant attributes to how well you perform in this game are, in order, charisma, good instincts re: reading people, an ability to disappear, intelligence, and athleticism. But the single most important determinant of how well you do in the game is tribe dynamics—who’s in your tribe. That’s something that’s largely out of your control but it makes a huge difference. For instance, Danielle and Misty were both athletic, 24 yr. old brunettes. But they’re far from fungible. In fact, other than those surface statistics, they couldn’t be more different as people. If Misty had been in Casaya, we would have formed a powerful twosome and I would have been a power player rather than being under attack from the beginning and playing the game back on my heels.
One specific thing I would have done differently is that I would have made more drastic overtures at the final TC to save my butt, kind of like Anthony did. I’m a lawyer and making arguments is what I do for a living and I can be pretty persuasive I think. It was actually like Jonathan’s description of what Anthony might have been going through. I knew I was on the chopping block, but I also knew that if they were playing according to the percentages as they say, they should be keeping me around because we still needed to win at least one more challenge to be safe at the merge, and it was obvious that the team was stronger in challenges with me there than not there. I also had a promise from Shane (which he broke), a promise from Aras, a promise from Bruce, and an understanding with Cirie. So at TC, I knew I wasn’t completely safe, but I thought I’d slide by, and didn’t want to get too vocal on my behalf, preferring to take the highroad and hope that things go the way they should go.


My Question...
Describe all the survivors in one word.


Wow, simple but great question. Dang, this is tough but let me take a crack.

Erica: Passionate
Rocky: Insecureannoyingbullythatsucksatchallenges.
Sylvia: Terse
Earl: Diplomatic
Jessica: Who?
Mookie: Darkhorse
Anthony: Dudley
Yau-Man: Wily
Rita: MILF
Michelle: Cutie
Boo: Solid
Stacy: Elitist
Edgardo: Solid
Liliana: Who?
Gary: Stayonthecouch
Dreamz: Genuine
Alex: Smart
Cassandra: Awwwwwww!

Here are mine, in order: Cool, annoying, bossy, awesome, sexy, irratating, geeky, boring, average, funny, clumsy, unnoticeable, funny, cool, okay, annoying, cool, unnoticeable, awesome.
Obviously one word is tough but after reading yours, I think I basically agree with your take on all of them or at least I see where you ‘re coming from. I thought Erica was cool and think they overreacted to her so-called ‘outbursts.’ I had to go back to look closely to make sure you were saying Jessica is sexy, not Earl ;-) but I agree with that too and I wish she had stayed around longer, she seemed cool. Lisi’s comments about being ready to go home irritated the crap out of me. Most of my attacks on people are meant to be taken with a brick of salt, but she’s rapidly getting to the point where I actually mean the comments to be as mean-spirited as they come across…

Dre I think is a good dude if a little rough around the edges socially. I hope he keeps his smile on during the whole game and doesn’t flash an angry, vicious side b/c I think that would destroy the character, the guy that some people are pulling for. I’m pulling for him in that it would be a great story obviously and he seems like a good guy, and I like to see athletic guys do well and last long. On the other hand, he’s terrible at the other part of the game.

Overall, I think it’s glaring that this isn’t the most knowledgeable group of players, but they’re starting to get into the strategic side almost by accident. I think the format more than anything is going to be responsible for a lot of people going very deep in the game, deeper than their skill sets and abilities would suggest they should go.

When the game was brand new, it was cool to see people trying to figure out how to play it but it’s 14 seasons in now and while the people in this game seem to be figuring it out as they go, we fans already know how to play. It’s tough watching people stumble through the game at such a low level sometimes. It’s a show but it’s still a game and this so far this season is like watching the junior varsity squad for some reason.


A few Q's for the BobDawgsta
How did you feel about the editing in the episodes you were in? It felt like we hardly knew ye!

If they approach you for a Survivor All-Star, would you do it?

Keep up the great work on the blogs, and drop a deuce for me!


Thanks for the questions!

I got a crappy edit (pun definitely intended).

People that remember me at all, tend to remember me for snatching Ruth Marie by the sports bra, chopping off fish heads, dropping a deuce and stealing wine. And usually, it’s in the reverse order. I’ve found that some people are inclined to take your portrayal with a grain of salt, knowing that it’s a tv show and that it’s a story, not a documentary, and that sometimes you’re the victim of editing even if you’re actually a good person in real life. I’ve also found that many others insist that everything they see on tv is true and they have no sympathy for former contestants that claim they were edited poorly.
The truth is that most of the stuff that made me look like I’m anti-social, lazy, and that I don’t play well with others was fabricated. For a long time I was extremely bitter about that. I thought the edit was so brutal and so far from reality that I took it personally. I’m sure every Survivor that gets booted early feels similarly, because it’s only natural to remember all the great, funny, cool, interesting things you did/said then you’re left scratching your head wondering why they aren’t showing any of it. But in my case it seemed like they were consciously avoiding showing anything that would have made me likeable but that they were going out of their way to show every single thing that made me look bad.

For instance, I’m the only player my season that was never shown working once, even though of course I worked every day like everyone else. I was also the only player shown sleeping in the shelter alone even though everyone on both teams did that. That wasn’t an accident. I joked with Cirie when I first met her and said "I promise you I won’t be the ‘angry black man that thinks everyone is racist’ if you promise not to be the ‘loud ass, finger wagging, neck rolling bossy diva black woman…and you know they’re going to try to show me sleeping, so if you see me in the shelter by myself, wake me up or join me ok?" It was a joke, but I was actually conscious of that. So for like 8 days I avoided getting caught sleeping in the shelter alone. Finally, one day I was so beat down that I couldn’t move. I had torn my hamstring (which they didn’t show), I had separated my shoulder (which they didn’t show), I had split my cornea (which they didn’t show) and both my feet were split open and infected (which they didn’t show). I had been up for 2 straight nights in pain, so when I finally conked out one afternoon and had to sleep, all the paparazzi came rushing over like they were trying to get a crotch shot of J. Lo crawling out of the shelter. Then on the show, they showed me sleeping under a blanket we hadn’t even won yet. I was watching this on tv wondering why they danced around all the good stuff but went out of their way to find or fabricate the bad stuff.

So for those of you wondering where all my attitude comes from and ask how dare I blog so much when you barely remember me or remember me for being a jackass, it’s because I was actually there and I know what happened. I know that there’s a hierarchy among fans and even other players based on how far you went, but so much of what happens is arbitrary and out of your hands, that it’s not like it’s really a game of skill. It’s less like Poker and more like Roulette sometimes and the ball bounces better for some folks than others.

There’s a reason why people from the show like and respect me and stand up for me from time to time when I get bashed. They were there, they know what I’m like. Trust me, I wasn’t put on the show because I’m lazy, antisocial, selfish and boring. That happened in the editing room. I was put on the show because I’m the mightiest being that’s ever walked the Earth (and yes, that includes dinosaurs).
I’m not afraid to call it like I see it, whether I’m talking about myself or others. So here’s some outlandish BobDawgsta sized statements that I genuinely believe to be true, even while I acknowledge that most viewers don’t have any reason to believe them…

1) I’m one of the most complete players there’s ever been.
2) No one brought the heat in confessionals like BobDawg. Maybe ever.
3) I was the first black male that had a legitimate shot at winning in the old format when they used to cast the season like an episode of Friends.
4) Next to Cirie, I was the most strategic player in Casaya, maybe in the game.
5) Next to Terry, I was the most dominant physical performer during my 5 episodes
6) I was thrown under the bus in the editing room (I don’t know why they park a bus in there) in order to protect Danielle, Courtney and Shane, and so as not to steal any of Cirie’s thunder.
7) I was ripping the people they were trying to focus the story around so they buried me. If they had kept cutting to me for my take on things, people in my tribe would have looked foolish, petty, and clueless and they needed the public to bond with them or at least accept that they were still in the game.
8) I got a brutal edit precisely because the idea was to not have the public like me and get attached to me since I went home so early. It worked, as I ended up the least popular player on the CBS polls…I was less popular than someone that was unanimously voted to be the most annoying. Com-O-dee.

Oh, re whether I’d do All Stars if asked…definitely. I’m one of those hyper-competitive alpha male types and I wanted to go on the show because my baseball career ended prematurely due to injuries and I hadn’t really had anything to satisfy my competitive streak since college. I was the ex-jock trying to have one last hurrah. The edit pissed me off but I got over that, but what really eats at me is that I was booted so early. I came to compete and feel like I got called out on strikes. In my interviews and tape I kept saying "I’m built for this game." I still believe that.

On the other hand, I haven’t "earned" an invite based on how well I did in the game. If I was invited, it would have to be based on being a character, which the public didn’t really get to see, or on the potential to do well, which the public didn’t get to see. Also, now that there’s been a few black male players, and they’ve all gone farther than I did, I don’t stand out as much as a post-Pearl Islands player/character. If they have an AllStars II, you have to believe they’d have to put at least one black dude on there and I don’t know that I’d be that guy now now that Nate, Dre, and Earl have had some success and have been popular.

On the other hand, I provided a few highlights and had some standout performances, which is more than lots of players that went deep can say and I think I’m more knowledgeable and better at the game than all of those guys. I’m definitely a bigger character and I’m definitely better at smashin’ foos. I think they could justify inviting me but I realize that most people wouldn’t understand why I was there and many wouldn’t like it.


Will a black man ever win Survivor?


Only if they put me on All Stars II. Heh heh.

Seriously though….only if they put me on All Stars II.

Heh heh. I kill me.

We like to think we live in a color-blind society but we don’t and the cast of Survivor is no different. There’s race-based double standards that play themselves out just like they do for gender, height, age, attractiveness etc. I think race still plays a huge part in the game, even if outright racism seldom does. I think people in stressful situations tend towards that which they’re comfortable with and lots of times, race is that comfort zone, even if only subconsciously. It’s for that reason that I’ve always thought that black men (or any minority but especially black men) start off this game as presumptive outsiders when they’re out there alone. They have to sell themselves to the tribe, letting the others know they’re cool and can get along while not being too assertive, controlling, emotional or trying to lead or something like that. When you’re the only black dude, and you’re not one of those soft, ‘Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ types or like the dude in Beverly Hills Cop that said "Yeah. And we’re not falling for the banana in the tail pipe", you have to tread lightly until you establish yourself as non-threatening (which I never managed to do). And you have to prove it over and over again.

But if there’s other black men around, you can be more natural b/c you don’t have to worry about being isolated as much. If worse comes to worst, you can try to pull a ‘Black Panther Alliance’ together or something, even if it’s by guilt tripping the other black people. Ganging up on someone based on race has never been an option for minorities in the game until recently and having enough numbers that they could do it if they wanted to, I think keeps people honest because they have to respect that it’s possible.

I’m not suggesting that people are this conscious about race dynamics during the game. Even in the race based Cook Islands, the race division was largely a fiction. I’m speaking from my perspective of knowing what I felt like, feeling like I had to walk on eggshells around people I would never defer to in real life. Even if I was imagining it, I was actually thinking that way, and I had to consider the fact that they might have been thinking that way too.

When you’re the only black dude you don’t have any natural, obvious bonds other than being male (and athletic if you’re a jock). For instance at Viveros, Aras kind of just took over and started ‘leading.’ There was almost no question about it and it was just natural to him. But if it had been me, Jerome Jenkins, Darnell Williams and Aras in Viveros instead of me, Nick , Austin, and Aras, I think the dynamic would have been different. I think Aras would have had to hesitate to just take over because he’d have to respect that if we wanted to, we could just gang up on him based on race. I think the presumptions of leadership and power change based on the number of minorities in the game. For instance, no one had to worry about me during my season once they isolated me, but if I was out there with 4 other black people, they’d have to respect the fact that I might have a bond with them based just on race and they’d have to tread lightly. People have asked me how I’d do in a Cook Islands format. I’d dominate.

I think that generally speaking, lone minorities are always in danger of being isolated and that people are generally less tolerant of them, unless they’re docile, non-threatening and ‘just happy to be here’ types. Yes, I think Erica being black and having an afro has something to do with why she was labeled as being so feisty and yes, I think there’s a reason why Cirie, Vecepia, and Cassandra do well but Jolanda doesn’t and Tijuana got labeled as being too feisty early on by whoever that was that took a run at her in Episode 1 of Pearl Islands. That’s where the double standards comes in I think.
So, to answer your question, now that they’ve changed the format to be more inclusive of minorities, I think it can happen. The last two seasons, crackers—I mean whitey—I mean Caucasoids (heh heh, I love that word) have been the minority. I don’t think that gives minorities an advantage, or at least not one they’re likely to exploit (because no one wants to look like they’re teaming up based on race) I think it evens the playing field a bit in that minorities that previously had to tread lightly can actually assert themselves and even lead comfortably, like Earl is doing.

March 23, 2007


Mr. Dawg,
How are you so awesome? Also, how should one go about achieving a similar level of awesomeness? Also, who would win in a fight, you or Charles Bronson? Thank you for your time.

Bobby's Answer:

Great question Mike and I appreciate your sincerity. I’ve often wondered about this myself, and in fact, your question was very timely because I was actually just in the midst of wondering about how I got to be this awesome. I’m not really sure how I got this awesome to be honest. I don’t know if it’s a “nature” or “nurture” thing. Like many things, I suspect that it’s a combination of the two. On the ‘nature’ side of things, as long as I can remember (and I have an awesome memory) I’ve been very, very awesome. To wit, I was always one of the first kids picked for kickball, and I was always the President of the class, or more awesomely, the ball monitor. I don’t like to brag about it (and I didn’t include it in my CBS bio), but in the 4th grade, I was actually voted “Most Likely to Be Awesome.” I didn’t accept the award because I was already awesome and I thought it showed a lack of creativity from my less than awesome classmates. Before I had perfected my snarl, and back when I was a petulant young “Bob Pup” I kind of took my awesomeness for granted. It was so easy for me to be awesome and the world was always confirming my awesomeness for me. Awesome was all I knew, and it felt awesome. By the time I got to high school, I realized I was awesome at everything. For instance, I could say the entire Greek alphabet without singing it, and I could easily shake exactly two aspirins from a bottle whereas most of my peers – and most adults -- could only shake out one aspirin at a time or spill the whole bottle all over the place. That’s because they weren’t very awesome.
So who knows, it may be that my awesomeness was pre-ordained, something that just “is.”
On the other hand, though you wouldn’t know it from my easy, almost silky smooth way about my awesomeness, it’s actually something I have to work at these days. It used to be that I just fell out of bed and BAM! I’m awesome. But it’s not like that anymore. Seriously. I practice being awesome pretty much everyday (I usually do 4 sets of 6 hour “awesome” reps with no breaks in between). But I don’t recover from my workouts like I used to and sometimes it takes a few hours before my awesomeness has returned to its baseline levels. Granted, overall I’m still awesome. I have to concede that. But sometimes I wake up and I’m not completely awesome-- I’m just “great” or “exceptional” or “pretty damn good” or even “pretty awesome. By lunch time, I’m pretty much all the way awesome again, but it’s stressful on those days when it’s already 10:30 a.m. and I’m just “kinda awesome.”
I attribute the variation in my awesomeosity to that fact that now that I’m in my 30s, my HgA levels (“Human Growth Awesomeness”) have declined a bit. While I’m still checking in at anywhere from 92 to 100% awesomeness on any given day, I don’t burst at the seams with awesomeness just spewing forth like jets from a collapsing star anymore. I used to have awesomeness to spare, but now, I consume all of it over the course of a 24 hour period, leaving little to none for others who desire to become awesome too. So to answer your question, Mike, just as there is no such thing as a unicorn, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “similar level of awesomeness.” Thus, just as it would be futile to hunt for a unicorn, it’s futile to try to attain such levels as I’ve attained—at least without the help of performance enhancers, which I am vehemently against (I’m naturally awesome, and I only supplement with Jack Daniels).
So in the end, I guess the answer is that I don’t know how I got this awesome.
It does seem however, that the truth of my awesomeness isn’t known just from empirical evidence. Sure, the facts definitely support the conclusion that I’m awesome. But the truth value of the statement “BobDawg is awesome” is not contingent on happenings in the world. It’s more of an a priori principle really, something that is foundational, something that MUST be true in order for the world to make sense. Any Philosophy 101 student knows that my awesomeness can be expressed in the form of a logical syllogism similar to the well-known “All Men Are Mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore Socrates is Mortal.”
In the same way, we know that the statement “BobDawg is awesome” is true, not because we have 33 years of evidence, but because it’s defined in the terms themselves, “BobDawg” being synonymous with “awesome” (and vice-versa).
But rest assured, I don’t take my awesomeness for granted, and though I'm more awesome than everyone, I remain approachable and I mingle easily with those "non-awes" as I call them. Being this awesome is kind of a gift and a curse, a burden that is mine alone to bear. It's not easy being this awesome. It’s fun though…

P.S. - Who would win in a fight between me and Charles Bronson? When's the last time you heard from Charles Bronson? Exactly. Chuck Norris on the other hand, that would be a tough one...

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Smash a few foos for me!

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Thanks for the answer earlier...

As the week comes to a close... final question... Do you have a personal appearance Representative, and if so... who? How would we get in touch with them?

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