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Survivor: China - Episode 5
Survivor: China - Episode 5
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Original airdate: October 18, 2007

Survivor 15 Recap

Mastermind this week:

Jaime and Peih-Gee

Should have been later'd:


The floater award:


Best swimsuit shot:


Drama king/queen:
Tie: Jaime & James
Most touching moment:

Seeing James not vote for Aaron

Survivor Alliances

New alliances? Shifting alliances? Broken alliances? Record this week's drama.
Jaime and Erik seem to have formed a romantic alliance, but after she threw the challenge, Erik doesn't know what to think.

Erik should and will jump ship if the opportunity arises as I hope that PG and Jaime's behavior brands them as untrust-worthy and gets them booted.

The Challenge Scorecard

Reward Challenge
Immunity Challenge
The challenge:

The reward/idol:


The Red Team as usual......

Who gets kidnapped:
No one; the tribe swap takes place

Tribal Council

Lamest argument:

Biggest whiner:

Voted off:

Aaron Reisberger

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phoenix1967 Does anyone think that Courtney is Anorexic 3 Oct 23 2007, 8:50 PM EDT by CynthiaT
Thread started: Oct 20 2007, 1:31 PM EDT  Watch
I know this is horrible to say and I don't mean any disrespect....But I have taken notice how bony she is, and she tires so easily in all the challenges, and her teammates must notice cause if they can keep her out of a challenge they do... I really don't think she will last that long in the game...What you think?
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sissybob Swimsuits 2 Oct 22 2007, 4:34 PM EDT by sissybob
Thread started: Oct 21 2007, 3:44 PM EDT  Watch
Why were the contestants given their swimsuits? How can they continue to call this Survivor if the producers are constantly giving in and providing comforts from home. Noone wants to see anything popping out of course but if everything is handed over like this the producers may have to change the name of the show to...... MakingDo!
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Motoko089 Survivor Ruined? 8 Oct 21 2007, 1:26 PM EDT by Motoko089
Thread started: Oct 19 2007, 4:58 PM EDT  Watch
The issue at hand after this last week is Jaime and PG throwing the match on PURPOSE so they could vote off stronger players. If you take the issue from the girls' point of view, yes it was strategic and they acheived their purpose. But I do not think the actual action is the disagreement as much as the manner as it was taken. Jamie and PG took full advantage of the situation that the producers handed them, but they laughed about it in an unprofessional manner. In all sense taken, they practically laughed in Aaron and James' face that they had been screwed over. Unless the producers have in mind some querk in this season to screw over PG and Jamie, this show will lose a lot of fans.
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