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Original airdate: November 1, 2007

Survivor 15 Recap

Mastermind this week:
James, owner of two idols
Should have been later'd:
Jaime or James
The floater award:
Best swimsuit shot:
Drama king/queen:
Courtney, all "hurt" about being an outsider
Most touching moment:
Nothing touching but Frosti and Courtney were "touching" one another.

Survivor Alliances

New alliances? Shifting alliances? Broken alliances? Record this week's drama.
Jaime and Erik believe they have found the hidden immunity idol, when really James has both idols. Jaime plays her fake idol and Jeff Probst shoots her down.
The tribes merge. Zhan Hu appears to be going down fast.
One of the funniest Survivor episodes ever. A bunch of elements had to together for the tile to be perceived as an immunity idol and they all did. If Jaime had bothered to look at both idols carefully she would have seen that she did not have an idol. She is still would been the one out without all this confusion, but the laughter of James/Todd and seeing JR sweat made it a classic show

The Challenge Scorecard

Reward Challenge Immunity Challenge
The challenge:

Answer trivia questions about the entertainment they saw while eating.
The reward/idol:

Immunity Necklace

Who gets kidnapped: No one; the tribes have merged

Tribal Council

Lamest argument:
Jean Robert
Biggest whiner:
Jean Robert and Courtney
Voted off:
Jaime Dugan

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Spyne Episode Seven Commentary 0 Nov 4 2007, 4:43 PM EST by Spyne
Thread started: Nov 4 2007, 4:43 PM EST  Watch
James definitely has the power with now having both Hidden Immunity Idols, but the fake idol he forgot to put back would soon come into play. Jaime and Erik find the fake one and think it's the real idol. This was just so funny to watch, I was laughing right along with James.

Now as tension with Courtney happens at Fei Long, the tribes convene and the merge now happens where both tribes become one. They name themselves Hae Da Fung meaning "black fighting wind". They are then treated to a feast and celebration which would play much larger than they thought it would.

The following Immunity Challenges then tests them on what they saw during that feast. In the end, Frosti won the first individual Immunity. With Jaime still believing she has the real idol, she's hoping to get Frosti and James on their side and vote Jean-Robert out. So Tribal Council would soon be very interesting.

At Tribal Council, Jaime makes the last ditch effort to save herself by showing Jeff the "idol" she has. Soon her hopes are diminished as the idol is revealed to be fake. It was great how Jeff threw it in the fire and I laughed seeing James almost about to lose it from laughing. So evidently, Jaime was voted out in a 7-3 vote and became the first member of the jury. It's sure to get exciting now, see you next week!
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