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Earl Cole

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Best moments:
This is my poker face!
The King of Fiji on the mountain top
  • His snakes are misunderstood quote
  • Leading Cassandra to his side
  • Teaming up with Yau-Man
  • Earl Island
  • Leading the "Meke" and winning the reward.
Acting like he had no idea the idol was a turtle

Best Quote:
"That's a lot of pine trees." (to Yau when he found the re-hidden idol)

Worst moments:

Trait that will help him the most:
Leader abilities
Seems to be sly like a fox
Cloak & Dagger moves, able to hide his brilliance
Very likable/Honorable. People seem to trust and respect him
Brilliant Strategist!

Trait that will hurt him the most:
cockiness (at least it all seems to be in confessionals...not in front of everyone)
Strong leaders are the first to go if he makes the merge. He is a good guy but everyone in the game knows he is a serious threat.

Former contestant he is most like, and why:

In high school he would have been voted:

Student Body President

Piece of advice you want to give him:
keep on keeping your enemies closer
Might have to change up your strategy after the merge
Keep surrounding yourself with strong alliances, a king needs protection

What he needs to know that he doesn't know :
Boo is nervous and may target him when he sees an opening.
The other idol has been found.

Biggest surprise when he gets home and watches the show will be...


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NinaHu Earl is the winner! 0 Aug 15 2007, 4:55 AM EDT by NinaHu
Thread started: Aug 15 2007, 4:55 AM EDT  Watch
We all love Yau-man, but this is the suvivor game. Earl is my ideal man. He is smart, hardworking and he uses his one million dollar wisely. And, he is very handsome indeed. All the best, earl!
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guylian won by default 0 May 18 2007, 7:35 AM EDT by guylian
Thread started: May 18 2007, 7:35 AM EDT  Watch
I saw agen the season finale. I liked Earl initially, but after this episode, I was upset with him. I don't like him anymore, he is just a little better than Dreamz. He's a liar as well. During the tribal council, he claims that he was surprised that Dreamz didn't live up to his word. And yet earlier, after the last immunity challenge, he told Dreamz that he was glad he won. It just proves that you were using Yau-man all along to get to the final 3. You realize that if Yau-man won the immunity (which was indeed a big probability), you had no choice but to have Yau go with you to the top 3. But if Dreamz won the immunity, the chance of him living up to this word was close to null, knowing his history of backstabbing. So, that will then give you an excuse to say that "because Dreamz kept the immunity necklace, you had no choice but to vote Yau-man off." What a pitiful reason. :(
Wouldn't it have been a sweet victory had you won against the best player (i.e. with Yau being in the top 3 with you), than winning just by DEFAULT? It was a 1 in a million probability that the jury will vote for Cassandra, and a 1 in infinity probability that they will vote for Dreamz. So, that leaves only the name Earl to vote for. :( Indeed, you outwitted Yau, but lost your integrity (with that last vote you cast) in the process...SIGH!!! :(
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guylian good strategist but... 0 May 16 2007, 8:31 AM EDT by guylian
Thread started: May 16 2007, 8:31 AM EDT  Watch
Congratulations! You were a good strategist...most exemplified by voting off Yau (although I didn't like it when you did so), knowing he'll get the vote of the jury and is an over-all better player than you. It would have been nice though if you brought Yau along with you to the top 3 and see how the jury vote will go. I guess, you sometimes have to be cunning to get the best deal, but that shouldn't be the norm...being fair is much better. May be you can give Yau even just a small portion of your prize...knowing he was a very good alliance to you and you had to backstab him in the end. :(
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