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Tribe: Malakal - Malakal - Dabu
Age: 26
Occupation: Photographer
Hometown: Venice, CA

Survivor Micronesia Contestants - Survivor

Ozzy Lusth

Ozzy Lusth on Survivor

First impression: He looks better with shorter hair
  • He seems cooler toward Probst, who obviously likes him -- what's that about?
  • Ozzy is just Ozzy - Jeff knows he is good, and Ozzy does too. Ozzy is a crowd pleaser. More people will watch the show because he is there.

How is he different from how he describes himself?
  • Ozzy is exactly who and what he says he is. Totally honest guy about himself.
Immunity Wins:
  • His team won immunity last night, but on Cook Island, he came in second. No one could beat him in any physical challenge.
Romantic connections:
  • Amanda - I am afraid he will make himself a target, unless he keeps winning.
  • If he is starting to cool off on Amanda, he'd better treat her with respect and honesty

  • He is the best athlete
  • He does not gloat or boast
  • He hasn't a temper
  • He realized that the last time he did not make enough friends.
  • He was once wise, hope he still is.
  • He is already providing food for the tribe.
  • He is being generous about mentoring Erik
  • He listens when someone talks to him and then makes a considered response
  • He said he needed to get to know people better this round, but I don't think he meant get involved with Amanda. He must be pretty horney.
  • I hope Amanda does not push him around, and play him.
    • He and Amanda are going to cause a problem being a couple. The others will want to split them up.
    • Too popular.


    • Athlete (good swimmer)

    • Great climber

    • Great runner

    • Great thinker - at least before he met Amanda.

    • Smart in competitions

    • Learned from his episode to take care of the camp, shelter, fire and food first .

    • Realized right off they were over-confident.

    • Hopefully, he watched Amanda's episode so he knows she can "play dumb" and be sneaky.

    • Hooked up by Amanda Kimmel

    • This is a disaster! Get away from Amanda. Keep her in your alliance, but don't go so overboard.

    • If any other players were jealous of him before, they are going to be steaming mad over his getting lucky with Amanda.

    • He's only 26 -- his brain isn't finished putting down synapses yet - what can you do?
    • Wait a minute - when he was younger he came in 2nd place. His head is on right, it is below the belt that I worry about.

    • Ciere wants one of the couples split - so this couple business has become a major problem. Ozzy needs to watch his back.

    • Too popular. This could get him into trouble.

    • Amanda is getting jealous.

    ADVICE? Got advice for Ozzy Lusth? Dole it out here!
    • Get off of Amanda!
    • Keep your eye on the prize, not Amanda. Or her boobs and butt falling out of her pants

    • Take it somewhere else, you love-birds !! No one wants to be lonely and listening to your *ahem* You have already been the perceived cause of two of your tribe becoming sleep-deprived -- NEVER a good idea for anyone you need on your team. Now your nemesis (Jonathon) is already gossiping about you.

    • Good job allying with Erik!

    • Best be communicating with Amanda now, directly - you wouldn't want to embarrass her in front of the others - because it looks like you're starting to flirt around -- although that could just be the editing.

    Episode voted off: Episode 10:"It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard"

    Ozzy Lusth - Survivor First Fan voted off was Mary.
    Jonny Fairplay Dalton - Favorites (If only he was anyone's favorite!) #1
    Mary - Fans -#2
    Mike Barton #3
    Joel #4 (He wanted control)
    Jonathan had to leave due to blood poisoning
    Kathy left because she was too tired.
    Chet asked to be voted off because of Coral poisoning #5 from Fans
    Tracy voted off next. #6 from Fans
    Ami, first Fav. to be voted off.
    ELiza 2nd Fav. to be voted off the island.
    First person on the Jury
    Ozzy Lusth - Survivor
    Jason was the #7 Fan voted off. Ladies tricked him too.


    Ozzy Lusch - my favorite of all favorites was tricked my Parveti and her "other" alliance. He was the 3rd Favorite off, and the 2nd man on the jury.

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