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Contestant Original Tribe 1st Switch 2nd Switch Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes Loss Island Status Total Loss Island Votes
Eric Mills Survivor: Ecuador Reims

1st Voted Out Day 3 4 13th Voted Off Loss Island 6th Jury Member Day 34 16
Angelina Jolie Survivor: Celebrity Edition Le Mans

2nd Voted Out Day 6 3 Loss Island Winner Day 34 1
Paula Abdul Survivor: Celebrity Edition Reims

3rd Voted Out Day 8 4 1st Voted Off Loss Island Day 9 2
Holly Billianson Survivor: Loss Island Le Mans

4th Voted Out Day 10 3 2nd Voted Off Loss Island Day 11 2
Ben "Benry" Henry Survivor: Nicaragua Le Mans Nantes

5th Voted Out Day 12 5 3rd Voted Off Loss Island Day 13 2
Neil Patrick Harris Survivor: Celebrity Edition Nantes Paris

6th Voted Out Day 13 5 5th Voted Off Loss Island Day 14 2
Mike Chiesl Survivor: Redemption Island Le Mans Nantes

7th Voted Out Day 13 7 4th Voted Off Loss Island Day 14 3
Billy Adams Survivor: Loss Island Nantes Paris

8th Voted Out Day 15 5 Eliminated Day 16 0^1
Ashley Underwood Survivor: Redemption Island Nantes Paris Nantes
9th Voted Out Day 18 5 6th Voted Off Loss Island Day 19 2
Jonathan Bill Survivor: Loss Island Paris Paris Nantes
10th Voted Out Day 21 6 7th Voted Off Loss Island Day 22 2
Opal Halson Survivor: Ecuador Paris Paris Nantes
11th Voted Out Day 22 13 8th Voted Off Loss Island 1st Jury Member Day 23 2
Aaron Zepirino Survivor: Ecuador Paris Nantes Paris
12th Voted Out Day 24 9 9th Voted Off Loss Island 2nd Jury Member Day 25 2
Dawn Meehan Survivor: South Pacific Paris Paris Paris
13th Voted Out Day 27 7 10th Voted Off Loss Island 3rd Jury Member Day 28 2
Anthony Wadeson Survivor: France Paris Paris Nantes
14th Voted Out Day 30 6 11th Voted Off Loss Island 4th Jury Member Day 31 2
Brandon Hantz Survivor: South Pacific Nantes Nantes Paris Nantares 15th Voted Out Day 33 11 12th Voted Off Loss Island 5th Jury Member Day 34 2
Angelina Jolie Survivor: Celebrity Edition Le Mans None None
16th Voted Out 7th Jury Member Day 36 8

Danielle Oilio Survivor: Ecuador Nantes Nantes Paris
17th Voted Out 8th Jury Member Day 37 5

Kelly Bruno Survivor: Nicaragua Le Mans Nantes Paris
18th Voted Out 9th Jury Member Day 38 4

Patricia Dilly Survivor: Loss Island Reims Nantes Nantes
2nd Runner-Up Day 39 3 None
Zachary Gonnison Survivor: Loss Island Reims Paris Paris
1st Runner-Up Day 39 5

Andrea Boehlke Survivor: Redemption Island Reims Nantes Nantes
Sole Survivor Day 39 5

^1- Billy played a bad loss island idol so he was eliminated from the game.
Contestant Votes To Win Rank
Andrea Boehlke 6 1st
Zachary Gonnison 3 2nd
Patricia Dilly 0 3rd
Sabotage Island: Eric Mills Veterans vs. Rookies: Angelina Jolie, Anthony Wadeson
Eric Returned From This Season For Survivor: Chile - Sabotage Island which he won. Angelina And Anthony returned for Survivor: Veterans vs. Rookies. Anthony got 17th while Angelina got 14th.

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