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Predict the Boot Order and Game of Survivor: Nicaragua.

This is DanielleLavi's:
20. Espada win. Matthew goes for sucking at camp, in challenges, and being cocky.
19. La Flor win. Wendy goes for being weak and lazy
18. La Flor win. Jimmy J. is gone, he's too weak and people are somewhat threatened by his popularity.
17. La Flor win. Jimmy T. is eliminate since the tribe sees him as too competitive.
16. Espada win. Alina goes for being the weakest member.
15. Espada win. Shannon goes for being too controlling and cocky.
14. La Flor win. Jill goes for being too much of a physical threat (missyae said she's the strongest female player!)
13. Espada win. NaOnka is voted out for being a strong yet lazy girl
12. Chase wins immunity. Brenda gets Yve and Dan into the younger people alliance for being an outcast in their tribe. Tyrone is voted out for his physical threateningness and social weakness.
11. Yve wins immunity. The alliance continues and votes out Marty for being annoying and mean-spirited.
10. Ben wins immunity. Kelly S. breaks down and wanted to quit and the alliance respects her wishes and votes her out.
9. Kelly B. wins immunity. Jane gets voted out for being too threatening of a social player and in the underpowering alliance.
8. Chase wins immunity. Kelly B. is booted by everybody for being such a threatening member of the game.
7. Brenda wins immunity. There was no other boots for Holly to create so she was voted out.
6. Brenda wins immunity. Brenda didn't wanted Dan and Yve to lose now so she gets Chase to vote with her and voted out the likable Jud (note: Idk why I made him go this far he's one of my least faves).
5. Yve wins immunity. Ben is voted out for not being in the other vote.
4. Chase wins immunity. They all vote out Yve for being the largest jury vote threat.
Final 3.
3. Chase was seen as somebody who went under Brenda's Kewing the whole time but was liked by some La Flor men. He got votes from Jud and Ben.
2. Dan was seen as somebody who was strategic but not very social. He received votes from the Espada male "Friend" Tyrone, and ally Yve. Jane also wanted an Espada to win and voted for him.
1. Brenda played a great strategical game and social one and received votes from the bitter with Dan Marty, old ally Kelly S. and Kelly B. Also from Holly.

Brenda defeats Dan and Chase in a 4-3-2 vote.


1. La Flor wins immunity, Holly is seen as the weakest member and is voted out.
2. Espada wins immunity, Ben has a meltdown following in the loss and gets voted out.
3. La Flor wins immunity, Dan is voted out after annoying his tribe and costing them the challenge.
4. La Flor wins immunity, Jimmy J is seen as the weakest link who doesn't need the money as is voted out.
5. Espada wins immunity, Brenda is caught in the wrong end of alliances and is voted out.
6. Both tribes go to tribal, Shannon for La Flor and Jimmy T for Espada win individual immunity. At La Flor, NaOnka is voted out due to Shannon saving himself by winning immunity. At Espada, Marty is seen as too crafty and unlikeable to keep around and is voted out.
7. Espada wins immunity, Matt is voted out after Shannon plays a hidden immunity idol, cancelling out all but his own vote and Matt is the victim of the idol play.
8. La Flor wins immunity, Jill is voted out after Jane and Wendy decide to side with Yve and Tyrone. Jill becomes the first jury member.
9. La Flor wins immunity, Jimmy T is voted out as the alliance of Yve, Tyrone, Jane and Wendy holds.
10. Chase wins immunity, former La Flor decides to spare remaining Espada and everyone votes out Shannon for being seen as too crafty.
11. Jud wins immunity, Wendy is unable to cause any of the former La Flor to switch and is voted out.
12. Two boots: Kelly B wins immunity, Alina is seen as too devious to trust by the former La Flor and gets blindsided. Tyrone wins immunity, with Tyrone being immune Yve is seen as the biggest physical threat of the former Espada and is voted out.
13. Chase wins immunity, Tyrone is seen as the bigger physical threat over Jane, however Tyrone finds and plays a hidden immunity idol causing 4 votes against him to not count, and Tyrone and Jane vote out Jud.
14. Finale: Final 5: Kelly S wins immunity, Tyrone and Jane try to sway Kelly S to their side but she sticks with her former La Flor and Tyrone is voted out for being the biggest threat to win. Final 4: Jane wins immunity, with Jane immune Kelly S is the odd person out, however Jane decides to vote with Kelly S to vote for Chase, causing a fire making contest between Kelly S and Chase. Kelly is unable to get anything going and Chase makes quick work of the fire, causing Kelly S to get voted out.
Final 3:
Kelly B and Chase were both seen as very likeable and played with honor, while Jane was seen as likeable but had also turned on a few of her former Espada tribemates on the jury. Jane recieves votes from Shannon and Wendy; Shannon was bitter with Kelly and Chase for voting him out while Wendy had a good friendship with Jane. Chase gets votes from Jimmy T, Kelly S and Tyrone; Jimmy T saw Chase as the one who best demonstrated playing Survivor of the Final 3, Kelly S loved Chase, and Tyrone had the most respect for Chase's gameplay although he has a difficult decision on his hand. Kelly B gets votes from Jill, Alina, Yve and Jud; Jill was bitter at Jane for switching and had more respect for Kelly, Alina felt betrayed by Chase and barely spoke to Jane, Yve was most inspired by Kelly although she has a tough time deciding who to vote for, and Jud votes Kelly after deciding that she needs the money more than Chase.
With a 4-3-2 vote, Jane is third, Chase is second, and Kelly B is the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua.

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