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Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes Redemption Island Status
Russell Hantz Returned To Game Zapatera

1st Voted Out Day 3 7 1st Returnee Day 19
Kristina Kell Ometepe

2nd Voted Out Day 5 4 1st Duel Loser Day 6
Francesca Hogi Ometepe

3rd Voted Out Day 8 7 2nd Duel Loser Day 9
Phillip Sheppard Ometepe Zapatera

4th Voted Out Day 11 12 3rd Duel Loser Day 12
David Murphy Zapatera Zapatera

5th Voted Out Day 13 7 4th Duel Loser Day 14
Sarita White Zapatera Ometepe Zapatera
6th Voted Out Day 16 2 5th Duel Loser Day 17
Stephanie Valencia Zapatera Ometepe Zapatera
7th Voted Out Day 18 4 6th Duel Loser Day 19
Russell Hantz Survivor: Samoa & Heroes vs Villains Zapatera

8th Voted Out Day 21 21(2 12th Duel Loser 6th Jury Member Day 36
Krista Klumpp Zapatera Ometepe Ometepe
9th Voted Out Day 22 11 7th Duel Loser 1st Jury Member Day 25
Julie Wolfe Zapatera Ometepe Ometepe
10th Voted Out Day 24 6 9th Duel Loser 3rd Jury Member Day 31
Ralph Kiser Zapatera Ometepe Zapatera
11th Voted Out Day 27 6 8th Duel Loser 2nd Jury Member Day 28
Mike Chiesl Zapatera Ometepe Zapatera
12th Voted Out Day 30 6 11th Duel Loser 5th Jury Member Day 36
Andrea Boehlke Ometepe Zapatera Ometepe
13th Voted Out Day 30 4 2nd Returnee Day 36
Steve Wright Zapatera Ometepe Zapatera Murlonio 14th Voted Out Day 32 10 10th Duel Loser 4th Jury Member Day 33
Ashley Underwood Ometepe Zapatera Zapatera
15th Voted Out Day 35 3(1) 13th Duel Loser 7th Jury Member Day 36
Andrea Boehlke Ometepe Zapatera Ometepe
16th Voted Out 8th Jury Member Day 37 8
Grant Mattos Ometepe Ometepe Ometepe
17th Voted Out 9th Jury Member Day 38 3
Natalie Tenerelli Ometepe Zapatera Ometepe
2nd Runner-Up Day 39 2
Matt Elrod Ometepe Zapatera Ometepe
Runner-Up Day 39 14(2)
Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano Survivor: Marquesas,All-Stars,& Heroes vs Villains Ometepe Zapatera Zapatera
Sole Survivor Day 39 8
Survivor: Redemption Island My Version
Winner: Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano(5-4-0)Survivor: Redemption Island
Player of the Season: Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano
Previous Season: Survivor: Nicaragua
Next Season: Survivor: South Pacific
(1)-Because Ashley played the hidden immunity idol,5 votes against her did not count. (2)-Because There Was A Tie Between Russell and Matt there was a revote and Russell was voted out.
Votes To Win Name Rank
5 Rob 1st
4 Matt 2nd
0 Natalie 3rd

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