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Twist: None. However, this is the only Survivor season to have the castaways stranded for 42 days (as opposed to the usual 39)

Tribe Names:
  • Kucha (aborigine word for 'kangaroo')
  • Ogakor (aborigine word for 'crocodile')
  • Barramundi (merge)

Setting: Deep in the Australian Outback on the area around the Herbert River.

Air dates: 1/28/2001 - 5/10/2001

FAN FAVORITES:Colby Donaldson, Tina Wesson, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Amber Brkich, Jeff Varner, Michael Skupin, Alicia Calaway, Rodger Bingham

Refresh your memory:
Survivor Outback on

" of the most unforgiving places anywhere on earth...the Australian Outback."

Sole Survivor

Survivor: Outback - Survivor

(4-3 Final Vote)

Nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee

Colby Donaldson, Keith Famie

Jerri Manthey

Survivor: Outback - Survivor
Colby and Tina

Ogakor Tribe
(clockwise from top left: Amber, Keith, Jerri, Kel, Maralyn, Colby, Mitchell, and Tina)
Kucha Tribe
(clockwise from top left: Mike, Elisabeth, Jeff, Kimmi, Alicia, Nick, Debb, and Rodger)

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Debb Eaton
Kel Gleason
Maralyn Hershey
Mitchell Olson
Kimmi Kappenberg
Michael Skupin
Jeff Varner
Alicia Calaway
Jerri Manthey
Nick Brown
Amber Brkich
Rodger Bingham
Elisabeth Filarski
Keith Famie
Colby Donaldson
Tina Wesson
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Unforgettable moments

Read up on this season, then post photos and text here to recap the highlights and lowlights. (Survivor Outback on

Location, Location. The landscape for this season was amazing, beautiful cliffs and a breath taking Tribal Council set on top of the Herbert River falls.
Hot Villainess Jerri Challenge Powerhouse Colby
Buddies Rodger and ElisabethMichael is evacuated Motherly Winner Tina

Fan Favorite. The Outback is regarded by many as one of the best seasons in terms of people and the stories that surrounded them. It brought us the first female villain in Jerri Manthey. One of the sexiest survivor men in Colby Donaldson, the warmth of the loving father/ daughter bond between Rodger and Elisabeth, and the ultimate survivor mom in Tina.

Michael's Departure.
Definitely one of reality TV's most shocking moments was Michael Skupin passing out while tending to the camp fire, resulting in severe burns and forcing his immediate evacuation from camp and the game. Luckily the beastmaster, who smeared the blood of a pig he killed on his face to intimidate the other tribe, seems to have made a remarkable recovery since leaving the show.

Shelter for Rice. The Australian Outback survivors became so famished when they ran out of rice Jeff Probst made a rare visit to the camp site to offer additional food in exchange for the camp's tarp and Colby's giant Texas flag. The grateful survivors made the exchange, but almost lost the rice a few days later when a flash flood destroyed their campsite.

Aftermath of the Flood
Flash Flood.
With only six castaways remaining, the tribal camp was swept away by a flash flood while the players were away at a challenge. They returned to total devastation, and even their can of rice they had recently given up their shelter for had been swept away by the strong currents. Tina and Keith braved the rapids to retrieve their tribe's food in a remarkable rescue. Rodger had warned the tribe about the danger of building shelter in a dry riverbed with the wet season approaching, but he was outnumbered by those who preferred sleeping on soft sand.

C'mon now, no food fights

Finger Wagging- One of the most memorable fights in Survivor history occurred in the Outback between Alicia Calaway and Kimmi Kappenberg. Vegetarian Kimmi had been at odds with her tribe over consuming the chickens that they had won in an immunity challenge. Kimmi felt that her tribe should not eat chicken every day, but Alicia and the rest of the tribe felt that it was Kimmi's vegetarian beliefs that caused her to not want the chickens eaten. As tempers erupted fingers started wagging back and forth causing Alicia to spout her now famous phrase "I will always wave my finger in your face."

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