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The Twist: 2nd season to start as a Battle of the Sexes

The Season's Theme:
Cannibalism, Sorcery, and Spirits of the Dead

Tribe Names:
Lopevi (men) - Tribal Animal: Bat
Yasur (women) - Tribal Animal: Sea Turtle
Alinta (merge)

Fan Favorites: Ami Cusack, Lea "Sarge" Masters, Chad Crittenden, Julie Berry, Scout Cloud Lee.
Villain Edits: Chris Daugherty, Eliza Orlins

The Setting: South Pacific Ring of Fire, Vanuatu Islands

Air dates:
September 16, 2004 - December 12, 2004

Refresh your memory:
Survivor Vanuatu on

"In this land of volcanoes and ritual, sorcery is real...and the spirits of the dead are believed to have power over the living."

Survivor: Vanuatu - Survivor

The Flag of Vanuatu

Sole Survivor:

Chris Daugherty | Survivor Winner

(5-2 Final Vote)

Construction Worker from Ohio

Twila Tanner, Scout Cloud Lee, Eliza Orlins

Lea 'Sarge' Masters, Chad Crittenden, Travis 'Bubba' Sampson, Rory Freeman

Ami Cusack

Brook, John P., Brady, John K.

Remaining the last man standing against a 6 member all-female alliance, Chris found an opening as he aligned with dissenting female members Twila, Scout, and Eliza. This resulted in one of Survivor's boldest tribal council blindsides as, a then confident, Leann Slaby was shocked and booted.
(NOTE: Chris' sudden alliance with the 3 women carried him all the way to the Final 4, all the way to the Final 2 in which he won under Survivor history's greatest comebacks.)

Survivor: Vanuatu - Survivor
Chris and Twila

Elimination Order

Survivor 9: Vanuatu - Survivor
Yasur Tribe
(clockwise from top left: Dolly, Lisa, Julie, Leann, Scout, Eliza, Ami, Mia, and Twila)
Lopevi Tribe
(clockwise from top left: Chris, Sarge, John P., Rory, Brady, Brook, Bubba, Chad, and John K.)

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Brook Geraghty
Dolly Neely
John "J.P." Palyok
Mia Galeotalanza
Brady Finta
Travis "Bubba" Sampson
Lisa Keiffer
John Kenney
Rory Freeman
Lea "Sarge" Masters
Chad Crittenden
Leann Slaby
Ami Cusack
Julie Berry
Eliza Orlins
Scout Cloud Lee
Twila Tanner
Chris Daugherty
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Unforgettable Moments

Let the explosive ceremony begin!
An Explosive Beginning.
In Vanuatu's premiere episode, approaching their destination, the contestants surprisingly found themselves on a small ship surrounded by numerous native islanders in canoes. The Survivors were told to get into the canoes and were taken to the beach where another swarm on natives literally came at them with spears! These spearedmen divided the men and women, where the men were treated like royalty (sitting on cut wood stumps) while the women had to sit on the bare ground.
In Part Two of this opening ceremony, a live pig was sacrificed right before the eyes of the Survivors, using a primitive Vanuatu pig hammer. After this happened, the men smeared the pig's blood over their faces in ceremony. Moments later, the privileged men were given te chance to climb up a greased wooden pole to retrieve a spirit stone, told to ward bad spirits away from those who owned it. Brady Finta was chosen and in one quick attempt, won it for the mens Lopevi Tribe. Eerily, right after he touched it, the rain began to pour.

EARTHSHAKE! While some of the Survivors were taking part in their daily confessionals, a Survivor first occurred: Survivor's first earthquake. Luckily, no injuries were suffered amongst the Survivors.

Dreaded Balance Beam. In the season's first immunity challenge, the course consisted of puzzles, fire building, and the dreaded balance beam. Important to note, in Survivor: Amazon, the men failed to win the challenge due to the balance beam part; and it was the same fate that Lopevi would face. The Lopevi men, had a slight advantage over Yasur until it came to Chris Daugherty, who made many failed attempts to cross the narrow balance beam. Like Jaburu, in the Amazon, the Yasur women pulled out the victory,
However, regardless of how much he messed up in that challenge, Chris ultimately proved himself to become the winner of the Survivor: Vanuatu season.

Island Buddy. As a result of another Yasur reward win, the tribe received a native man named Da. As small as this reward may seem, Da showed the Yasur tribe efficient ways to survive, from what to and what not to eat to how to prepare meals.

"I Swear On..." In this season's most debated topic, the question arose: To get ahead further, is it ethical to swear on a family member's life? Twila Tanner took the heat for this as she swore on her son's life to Leann and Ami. Turns up, Twila didn't hold her end of the bargain, when she banded together with Scout, Chris, and Eliza to blindside Leann. Up until the Finale, this false swear would be held against her, which many believe is why she didn't win in the end.

Back off Romber, it JuJeff time!
Eliza's Revenge.
In the season finale's Final Tribal Council, a visibly hurt Eliza Orlins could not wait to address the Final 2, Chris and Twila. And because these two were the ones responsible for her elimination, she had less-than-kind words to say to them. Not quoted exactly, but to show an example, Eliza called both Twila Tanner and Chris Daugherty "lying, backstabbing" *******.

Jeff Meets Julie. It is in Survivor's ninth season that host Jeff Probst meets the eventual love of his life, Julie Berry. From then on, in all following seasons, Jeff is always escorting Julie down the red carpet of each Survivor Finale.

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