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Best All Stars List Ever!!!!
Julie (Vanuatu)
Eliza (Vanuatu)
Ami (Vanuatu)
Jenn (Palau)
Amanda (China)
Cirie (Exile Island)
Courtney (China)
Lydia (Guatemala)
Parvati (Cook Islands)
Michelle (Fiji)

(If there is a better China female than Amanda then replace Amanda with her)

Ian (Palau)
Coby (Palau)
Judd (Guatemala)
Gary (Guatemala)
Shane (Exile Island)
Terry (Exile Island)
Jonathan (Cook Islands)
Ozzy (Cook Islands)
Yau-Man (Fiji)
James/Todd (China)
Only Survivors after the first intallment of All-Stars will be on the list.
From: HalfAussie
The Real Allstars!!
Team 1- the lovers
  1. Boston Rob
  2. Amber
  3. Adam
  4. Candice
  5. Nate
  6. Parvati
Team 2- Smarties- Schemers
  1. Yau Man
  2. Earl
  3. Michelle
  4. Jonny Fairplay
  5. Yul
  6. Papa Smurf
Team 3- Athletics
  1. Ozzy
  2. Stephanie
  3. Bobby Jon
  4. Tom
  5. Danni
  6. Terry
Team 4- others
  1. Heidi
  2. Gary
  3. Cirie
  4. Rupert
  5. Jonathon
  6. Rocky
That would be 1 awesome season of Survivor!!!! Think about it!!

The Best All Stars 2 Cast List:
OK, here's the rules I made for casting:
1) No winners, they made the most of it the first time and would be huge targets.
2) Even numbers of men and women.
4) Many playing styles: villains, schemers, UTRs, leaders, etc.
5) Don't follw my own tastes, put something in for everyone.
6) Only survivors since All Stars 1 are eligible. (Darn, no Romber or Rupert)


Ami (Vanuatu)
Amy (Guatemala)
Angie (Palau)
Candice (Cook Islands)
Cirie (Exile Island)
Eliza (Vanuatu)
Michelle (Fiji)
Parvati (Cook Islands)
Twila (Vanuatu)
Amanda (China)

Brian (Guatemala)
Coby (Palau)
Ian (Palau)
Jonathan (Cook Islands)
Judd (Guatemala)
Rafe (Guatemala)
Shane (Exile Island)
Terry (Exile Island)
Gary (Fiji)
James (China)

Alternates (5 men, 5 women):
Courtney (Exile Island)
Cao Boi (Cook Islands)
Jeff (Palau)
Jenn (Palau)
Lisi (Fiji)
Ozzy (Cook Islands)
Rocky (Fiji)
Rory (Vanuatu)
Sally (Exile Island)
Scout (Vanuatu)

List courtesy of lanimilbus214

survivor_marc's list
Parvati Shallow:S13
Rafe Judkins:S11
Sally Schumann:S12
Ozzy Lusth:S13
Julie Berry:S9
Frosti Zernow:S15

Mogo Mogo
Yau-Man Chan:S14
Gary Hogaboom:S11
Cirie Fields:S12
Courtney Yates:S15
Jonathan penner:S13
Eliza Orlins:S9

Ami Cusack:S9
Nate Gonzales:S13
Michelle Yi:S14
Ian Rosenberger:S10
Terry Deitz:S12
Jenny Gouzon-Bae:S13


1) JonathanJonathan Penner (Cook Islands)
2)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Brian Corridan (Guatemala) [If Jonathan and Brian aren't on Survivor All Stars there is just no point in watching it. So make it happen, producers.]

3)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Kenward "Boo" Bernis (Fiji)
4)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor James "Chad" Crittenden (Vanuatu)
5)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Ian Rosenberger (Palau)
6)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Bobby "BobDawg" Mason (Panama)
7)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Terry Deitz (Panama)
8)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth (Cook Islands)
9)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Earl Cole (Fiji)
10)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)


1)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Michelle Yi (Fiji)
2)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
3)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Misty Giles (Panama) [She totally deserved to go farther than third to last.]
4)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Amy O'Hara (Guatemala)
5)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Jolanda "Jo" Jones (Palau)
6)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Ami Cusack (Vanuatu)
7)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor LeAnn Slaby (Vanuatu)
8)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Sally Schumann (Panama)
9)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Sundra Oakley (Cook Islands)
10)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Lydia Morales (Guatemala)

1) Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorPapa Smurf (Fiji)
2)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Judd Sergeant (Guatemala)
3)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Tom Westman (Palau)
4)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Chris Daugherty (Vanuatu)
5)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Coby Archa (Palau)

1)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)
2)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Angie Jakusz (Palau)
3)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Cindy Hall (Guatemala)
4)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Cirie Fields (Panama)
5)Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Rebekah "Becky" Lee (Cook Islands)


1) Bruce(Panama)
2)Papa Smurf (Fiji)

6)Bobby Jon(Guatemala)
10)Yul(Cook lslands)


7)Parvati(Cook lslands)


There you go, folks.
I don't know why you have Jolanda or Misty in your group.
My lineup (only people since all stars 1)-- A few people will mix things up with this group. Who do you agree or disagree with? And yes i know it is 24 people, but i need as better number than 18.
Late Game (1st thru 5th)
1. Cindy (GUATEMALA)
2. Cirie (EXILE)
3. Eliza (VANUATU)
4.. Jenn (PALAU)
5. Earl (FIJI)
8. Terry (EXILE)

Middle Game (Merge thru 6th)
1. Michelle (FIJI)
2. Ami (VANUATU)
3. Parvati (COOK ISLES)
4. Courtney (EXILE)
5. Coby (PALAU)
6. Chad (VANUATU)
7. Bruce (EXILE)
8. Jonathan (COOK ISLES)

Early Boots
1. Angie (PALAU)
2. Misty (EXILE)
3. Flica (COOK ISLES)
4. Erica (FIJI)
5. Ibrahem (PALAU)
6. Brian (GUATEMALA)
7. BobDawg (EXILE)
8. Dan (EXILE)

From Mattactor210:

1. Elisabeth (Australia)
2. Yul (CI)
3. Becky (CI)
4.Angie (Palau)
5. Neleah (Marqueses)
6. Pascal (Marquses)
7. Terry (Exile)
8. Cirie (Exile)
9. Gary (Fiji)
10. Gervese (Borneo)
11. Clarence (Africa)
12. Gina (Marqueses)
13. Helen (Thialand)
14. Matthew (Amazon)
15. Teresa (Africa)
16. Chris (Vanuatu)
17. Rafe (Guatamala)
18. Lydia (Guatamala)
19. Sally (Exile)
20. Austin (Exile)
From Indigo15:

1. Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands runner-up)
2. Lydia Morales (Guatemala)
3. Austin Carty (Panama--Exile Island)
4. Neleh Dennis (Marquesas runner-up)
5. Heidi Strobel (Amazon)
6. Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)
7. Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands)
8. Sundra Oakley (Cook Islands)
9. Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)
10. Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)
11. Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton (Panama--Pearl Islands)
12. Sandra Diaz-Twine (Panama--Pearl Islands)
13. Tom Westman (Palau)
14. Ian Rosenberger (Palau)
15. Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)
16. Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
17. Scout Cloud Lee (Vanuatu)
18. Terry Deitz (Panama--Exile Island)
19. Cirie Fields (Panama--Exile Island)
20. Judd Sergeant (Guatemala)
1-Ozzie (Cook Island)
2-stephanie(Palau and guatemala)
4-Tom (Palau)
5-Rob (Amazon)
6-Matthew (Amazon)
7-Bob John (Guatemala)
12-Rupert(Pearl Island)
13-Jon Fairplayer(Pearl Island)
14-Yul(Cook Island)
19-Boston Rob(Marquesas)
From TheCiscoShow

1 Sarge (Vanuatu)
2 Johnathan (Cook Island)
3 Tom (Palau)
4 Coby (Palau)
5 Gary (Guatamala)
6 Judd (Guatamala)
7 Terry (exile Island)
8 BobDawg (exile Island)
9 Ozzie (Cook Island)
10 Gary (Fiji)


1 Ami (Vanuatu)
2 Eliza (Vanuatu)
3 Angie (Palau)
4 Steph (Palau - Guatamala)
5 Danny (Guatamala)
6 Cirie (Exile Island)
7 Courtney (exile Island)
8 Parvati (Cook Islands)
9 Scout (Vanuatu)
10 Twila (Vanuatu)

This was a tough choice for the men. Left out Shane and Bobby Jon amoung others that may deserve it. But these are the ones I find most interesting not just most popular. Left out Yul because I think he was just too PC for my tastes.
1. Ozzie (Cook)
2. Sarge (Vanuatu)
3. Tom (Palau)
4. Gary (Guatamala)
5. Terry (Exile Island)
6. Gary (Fiji)
7. Yul (Cook)
8. Bobby Jon (Palau/Guatamala)
9. Shane (Exile)
10. Ian (Palau)

1. Eliza (Vanuatu)
2. Cirie (Exile)
3. Steph (Palau/Guatamala)
4. Angie (Palau)
5. Twila (Vanuatu)
6. Candice (Cook)
7. Lydia (Guatamala)
8. Christy (Amazon despite my staying away from the original seven seasons)
9. Sondra (Cook)
10. Michelle (Fiji)
by bighead7364

1) Ozzy (ci)
2) yul (ci)
3) Yau man (fiji)
4) terry( panama)
5) aras (panama)
6) ian (palau)
7)tom (palau)
8)earl (fiji)
9)rafe (guatamala)
10)shane (exile)

1) Michelle (fiji)
2) Candice (ci)
3) Parvati (ci)
4) becky (ci)
5) steph (palau/guatamala)
6) lydia (guatamala)
7)dannelle (exile)
8) sundra (ci)
9) danni (guatamala)
10) stacy (fiji)

cao boi (ci)
boo (fiji)
rocky (fiji)
jonathan (ci)
austin (ei)
sally (ei)
cirie (ei)
katie (palau)
From Bingoboy11

1. Yul (Cook Islands)
2. Earl (Fiji)
3. Rob M (Marquesas)
4. Brian (Thailand)
5. Rob C (Amazon)
6. Chris (Vanuatu)
7. Tom (Palau)
8. Johnathan (Cook Islands)
9. Richard (Borneo)
10. Jon (Pearl Islands)

1. Stephenie (Palau)
2. Kathy (Marquesas)
3. Shii-Ann (Thailand)
4. Cirie (Exile Island)
5. Tina (Outback)
6. Sandra (Pearl Islands)
7. Ami (Vanuatu)
8. Danni (Guatemala)
9. Twila (Vanuatu)
10. Candice (Cook Islands)

My chosen twenty were based on all 14 seasons so far because I wasnt sure whether the choice was including the first seven seasons or not. I choose these twenty because I believe they are the best of the best in terms of the game strategically. Not all were popular but all were willing to do anything for the million bucks and were ruthless throughout!

However I did have to leave out some truly great and favourite players of mine that deserve to be in the line-up like Rupert, Michael, Terry, Ozzy, Parvati, Yau-Man, Ian, Lex, Bobby-Jon, Eliza, Big Tom, Sue, Jerri Manthey, Amber & Sundra to name but a few. I Hope you like my choices and please post me a comment if you disagree with any of the survivors I picked....Cheers to Survivor!!!
1. Yul (Cook Islands)
2. Brad (Cook Islands)
3. Terry (Exile Island)
4. Cao-Boi (Cook Islands)
5. Jonathan (Cook Islands)
6. Aras (Exile Island)
7. Ozzy (Cook Islands)
8. Gary (Fiji)
9. Earl (Fiji)
10. Alex (Fiji)

1. Becky (Cook Islands)
2. Michelle (Fiji)
3. Parvati (Cook Islands)
4. Cirie (Exile Island)
5. Danielle (Exile Island)
6. Candice (Cook Islands)
7. Sundra (Cook Islands)
8. Stacy (Fiji)
9. Morasca (Amazon)
10. Elisabeth (Australia)
  1. Ozzy (Cook)
  1. Michael (australia)
  2. Silas (africa)
  3. Jonny Fairplay (pearl)
  4. Austin (exile)
  5. Rafe (guatemala)
  6. Ian (palau)
  7. Rocky (fiji)
  8. Hunter (Marquesas)
  9. Brady (Vanautu)
  10. Twila (Vanautu)
  11. Christy (Amazon)
  12. Helen (Thailand)
  13. Sally (Exile)
  14. Gretchen (Borneo)
  15. Gine (Marquesas)
  16. Amy (Guatemala)
  17. Michelle (Fiji)
  18. Heidi (Amazon)
  19. Lil (Pearl)
1. Rich
2. Matt
3. Rob.C
4. Rocky
5. Yau-Man
6. Fairplay
7. Terry
8. Shane
9. Boston Rob
10. Lex

11. Sue
12. Alicia
13. Jenna.M
14. Sandra
15. Christy
16. Colleen
17. Stephenie
18. Jerri
19. Kelly.W
20. Cirie

I would start it off with Men vs Women, could you imagine that male tribe, and you've already got the established rivalries of Sue and Kelly and Rob.M and Lex, plus you've got scary Matt running about the place.
Women: 1) Twila (Vanuatu)
2) Jennifer (Palau)
3) Stephenie (Palau/Guatemala)
4) Ami (Vanuatu)
5) Cindy (Guatemala)
6) Cirie (Panama E.I.)
7) Parvati (Cook Islands)
8) Lisi (Fiji)
9) Sally (Panama E.I)
10) Michelle (Fiji)
Men: 1) Jonathan (Palau)
2) Tom (Palau)
3) Jamie (Guatemala)
4) Terry (Panama E.I.)
5) Shane (Panama E.I.)
6) Yul (Cook Islands)
7) Jonathan (Cook Islands)
8) Ozzy (Cook Islands)
9) Earl (Fiji)
10) Gary (Fiji)
Other choices: 1) Candice (Cook Islands)
2) Julie (Vanuatu)
3) Angie (Palau)
4) Sundra (Cook Islands)
5) Liliana (Fiji)
6) Rocky (Fiji)
7) Austin (Panama E.I.)
8) Bobby Jon (Palau/ Guatemala)
9) Rafe (Guatemala)
10) Ian (Palau)
From Matt96
2) Austin (Exile Island)
3) Jeff (Palua)
4) Nate (Cook Island)
5) Shane (Exile Island)
6) Sean (Borneo)
7) Gabriel (Marquesas)
8) Micheal Skoopin (Outback)
9) Gary (Fiji)
10) Matthew (Amazon)

1) Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands)
2) Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
3) Julie Berry (Vanuatu)
4) Stacy Kimball (Fiji)
5) Jessica (Cook Island)
6) Jessica (Fiji)
7) Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu)
8) Sally Schumann (Panama)
9) Neleh Dennis (Marquesas)
10) Elisabeth Filarski (Outback)

Terry (EXILE ISLAND) Stephanie(PALAU)
Gary (Fiji) Deena (AMAZON)
Yul (ci)
"ozzy" (ci)
Terry (exile)
Rafe Judkins (guatemala)
Ian Rosenberg (Palau)
bobby john (guatemala)
yau-man (fiji)
cirie (exile)
michelle (fiji)
Byeynyn's List of 18
1. Chad (Vanuatu)
2. Ian (Palau)
3. Brian (Guatemala)
4. Rafe (Guatemala)
5. Terry (Panama)
6. Ozzy (Cook Isles)
7. Jonathan (Cook Isles)
8. Yau-Man (Fiji)
9. Dre (Fiji)
From the Newer Seasons
1. Ami (Vanuatu)
2. Julie (Vanuatu)
3. Angie (Palau)
4. Jolanda (Palau)
5. Amy (Guatemala)
6. Misty (Panama)
7. Cirie (Panama)
8. Candice (Cook Isles)
9. Michelle (Fiji)
1.Bubba Sampson(Vanuatu)
5.Sekou(CI)(Just give him another chance)

By Eljono
1) Ian (Palau)
2) Nathan (CI)
3) John K (Vanuatu)
4) James(Palau)
5) Judd (Guatemala)
6) Shane (Exile)
7) Edgardo (Fiji)
8) Brandon (Guatemala)
9) Ozzy (CI)
10) Sarge (Vanuatu)

1) Ami (Vanuatu)
2) Angie (Palau)
3) Amy (Guatemala)
4) Sally (Exile)
5) Cirie (Exile)
6) Michelle (Fiji)
7) Candice (CI)
8) Eliza (Vanuatu)
9) Cindy (Guatemala)
10) Twila (Vanuatu)

I decided not to include any winners in my list because of the absolute pagonging the winners received in the first all stars. But if I were to.. then Tom, Danni and Aras would def be in there!
First off, I like all of Half Aussie's choices except Jolanda and Misty. Anyway-

1. Yul (Cook Islands)
2. Jonathan (Cook Islands)
3. Tom (Palau)
4. Chris (Vanuatu)
5. Earl (Fiji)
6. Jamie (Guatemala)
7. Gary (Fiji)
8. Rafe (Guatemala)
9. Bobby (Panama)
10. Aras (Panama)

1. Danni (Guatemala)
2. Rebecca (Cook Islands)
3. Cassandra (Fiji)
4. Danielle (Panama)
5. Parvati (Cook Islands)
6. Janu (Palau)
7. Cirie (Panama)
8. Rita (Fiji) She deserved higher than 14th.
9. Michelle (Fiji)
10. Sundra (Cook Islands)
From conchshell~
Aras - Panama EI
Brian - Guatemala
Chris - Vanuatu
Earl - Fiji
Ian - Palau
Jonathan - Cook Islands
Ozzy - Cook Islands
Terry - Panama EI
Yau-Man - Fiji
Yul - Cook Islands

Ami - Vanuatu
Amy - Guatemala
Candice - Cook Islands
Ciree - Panama EI
Danni - Guatemala
Jolanda - Palau
Michelle - Fiji
Misty - Panama EI
Parvati - Cook Islands
Twila - Vanuatu
From: Winners!07
Yul Cook Islands
Earl Fiji
Bruce Panama
Bobby Panama
Adam Cook Islands
Brad Cook Islands
Gary Fiji
Boo Fiji
Rafe Guatemala
Mookie Fiji

Michelle Fiji
Cirie Panama
Becky Cook Islands
Candice Cook Islands
Dannielle Panama
Tina Panama
Stephanie Palau
Lydia Guatemala
Danni Guatemala
Misty Panama
From: Immunityidol

No Winners, 20 players

1. Ian (Palau)
2. Coby (Palau)
3. Judd (Guatemala)
4. Gary (Guatemala)
5. Shane (Exile Island)
6. Terry (Exile Island)
7. Ozzy (Cook Islands)
8. Jonathan (Cook Islands)
9. Gary (Fiji)
10. Earl (Fiji)

1. Ami (Vanuatu)
2. Eliza (Vanuatu)
3. Twila (Vanuatu)
4. Stephenie (Palau)
5. Lydia (Guatemala)
6. Cirie (Exile Island)
7. Sally (Exile Island)
8. Candice (Cook Islands)
9. Parvati (Cook Islands)
10. Michelle (Fiji)
From: BigBrother17

Sarge (Vanuatu)
Rory (Vanuatu)
Ian (Palau)
Colby (Palau)
Rafe (Guatamala)
Judd (Guatamala)
Shane (Exile Island)
Jonathan (Cook Islands)
Nate (Cook Islands)
Rocky (Fiji)

Twila (Vanuatu)
Eliza (Vanuatu)
Amy (Vanuatu)
Katie (Palau)
Stephanie (Palau)
Cirie (Exile Island)
Courtney (Exile Island)
Parvati (Cook Islands)
Candice (Cook Islands)
Cassandra (Fiji)

I didn't include any winners but if I did then Aras would be put in there.
From: JackOfClubs

Team 1: (Post-Merge Players)
Vanuatu: Chris Daugherty (Winner)
Palau: Coby Archa (9th Place)
Guatemala: Danni Boatwright (Winner)
Exile Island: Cirie Fields (4th Place)
Cook Islands:Jonathan Penner (7th Place)
Fiji: Michelle Yi (10th Place)

Team 2: (Post-Merge Players)
Vanuatu: Ami Cusack (6th Place)
Palau: Caryn Groedel (5th Place)
Guatemala: Rafe Judkins (3rd Place)
Exile Island: Terry Deitz (3rd Place)
Cook Islands: Parvati Shallow (6th Place)
Fiji: Alex Angarita (Place Undetermined)

Team 3: (Pre-Merge Boots)
Vanuatu: John Kenney (11th Place)
Palau: Angie Jakusz (13th Place)
Guatemala: Brian Corridan (13th Place)
Exile Island: Misty Giles (14th Place)
Cook Island: J.P. Calderon (17th Place)
Fiji: Erica Durousseau (18th Place)
1. Rob Mariano
2. Amber Brkich
3. Ozzy Lusth
4. Alex Angartia
5. Boo Bernis
6. Aras Baskaukas
7. Yul Kwon
8. Jonathan Penner
9. Rocky Reid
10. Yau-Man Chan
11. Candice Woodcock
12. Parvati Shallow
13. Stephenie La Grossa
14. Liliana Gomez
15. Sundra Oakley
16. Adam Gentry
17. Jessica "Flica" Smith
18. Cirie Fields
19. Jennifer Lyon
20. Wanda Shirk

Post Merge
1. Ozzy Lusth (F3)
2. Amber Birkich (F3) (Finds hidden idol
3. Rob Mariano (Finds hidden idol after tribal switch) (F3)

Post Merge Boots
4. Alex Angartia
5. Boo Bernis
6. Aras Baskaukas
7. Yul Kwon
8. Rocky Reid
9. Yau-Man Chan
10. Stephenie La Grossa

Pre Merge Boots
11. Adam Gentry
12. Candice Woodcock
13. Jonathan Penner
14. Parvati Shallow
15. Jessica "Flica" Smith
16. Lilliana Gomez
17. Sundra Oakley
18. Jennifer Lyon
19. Wanda Shirk
20. Cirie Fields
From RomanticRights
-Dreamz (Fiji)
-Rocky (Fiji)
-Jonathan (Cook Islands)
-Cao Boi (Cook Islands)
-Bruce (Exile Island)
-Ibrieum (Palau)
-Sarge (Vanuatu)
-Ted (Thailand)
-Michael (Outback)
-Sean (Pulau Tiga)

-Michelle (Fiji)
-Cirie (Exile Island)
-Tina (Exile Island)
-Caryn (Palau)
-Jolanda (Palau)
-Janu (Palau)
-Twila (Vanuatu)
-Eliza (Vanuatu)
-Marilyn ("Mad Dog", Outback)
-Kelly (Pulau Tiga)
From Janellefan06


1. Rob M. (Survivor All - Stars
2. Yul (Cook Islands)
3. Bobby Jon (Palau)
4. Alex (Fiji)
5. Mookie (Fiji)
6. Gary (Fiji)
7. Rocky (Fiji)
8. Edgardo (Fiji)
9. Ozzy (Cook Islands)
10. Anthony (Fiji)


1. Michelle (Fiji)
2. Stacy (Fiji)
3. Amber (Survivor All - Stars)
4. Stephanie (Palau)
5. Erica (Fiji)


1. Boston Rob (Survivor All-Stars)
2. Rupert Boneham
3. Bobby Jon (Palau)
4. Gary (Fiji)
5. Ozzy (Cook Islands)
6. Tom (Palau)
7. Yul (Cook Islands)
8. Jonny Fairplay
9. Adam (Cook Islands)
10. Nate (Cook Islands)


1. Amber (Survivor All-Stars)
2. Stephanie LaGrossa (Palau)
3. Michelle (Fiji)
4. Parvati (Cook Islands)
5. Candice (Cook Islands)
6. Danni (Guatemala)
8. Jenna (All-Stars)
9. Heidi (Amazon)
10. Vecipia (Marqueses)
  1. Yul
  2. Aras
  3. Earl
  4. Danni(Guatemala)
  5. Rafe
  6. Alex(Fiji)
  7. Candice
  8. Parvati
  9. Ozzy
  10. Tom(Palau)
  11. Ian
  12. Jenn(Palau)
  13. Ami
  14. Eliza
  15. Michelle
  16. Cassandra
  17. Cirie
  18. Terry
  19. Sally
  20. Ausin
From Pode8

Team 1 - Lovers

1.Boston Rob
5. Parvati
6. Candice

Team 2 - Smarties- Schemers

1. Yau-Man
2. Earl
3. Michelle
4. Jonny Fairplay
5. Yul
6. Elisabeth

Team 3 - Athletics

1. Stephanie
2. Ozzy
3. Bobby Jon
4. Tom
5. Danni
6. Rupert
My Favs/Deserving Men

1. Colby
2. Ethan
3. Rob Mariano
4. Rupert
5. Jonny Fairplay
6.Chad Crittenden
7.Tom Westman
8. Ian Rosenberger :)
9. Gregg Carey
10. Bobby Jon
11. Gary Hogenboom
12.Aras B
13. Insane Shane
14. Terry
16. Ozzy :)
17. YAU MAN :)
18. Rocky
My Favs/Deserving

1. Amber Brkich/Mariano
2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck (FAV survivor EVER)
3. Kim Powers
4. Kelly Goldsmit
5. Neleh
6. Penny
7. Jenna Morasca
8. Heidi Strobel
9. Christa Hastie
10. Sandra Diaz-Twine
11. Ami Cusak
12. Eliza Orlins
13. Julie Berry
14. Jenn Lyon
15. Stephenie La Grossa
16. Danni Boatwright
17. Candice Woodcock
18. Parvati
Since the producers want at least one man and one woman from each season, these should definitely be in it.

Ami Cusack
Lea "Sarge" Masters
Ian Rosenberger
Caryn Groedel (unless they get Stephenie LaGrossa again)
Cindy Hall
Rafe Judkins
Terry Dietz
Cirie Fields
Cook Islands:
Ozzy Lusth
Parvati Shallow
Yau-Man Chan
Lisi Linares
Two people from China
Other deserving women:
Twila Tanner
Eliza Orlins
Sally Struthers
Michelle Yi
Other deserving men:
Judd Sergeant
Jamie Newton
Shane Powers
Jonathan Penner
"Dreamz" Herd
Mookie Lee
From Brand0n124

Rory Freeman
Julie Berry

Caryn Groedel
Ian Roesenburger

Brandon Bellinger
Cindy Hall

Cirie (2nd fav. women survivor)

Parvati Shallow

Edgardo Rivera (deserves 2 play a second time bc of that awesome blindside lol)
Michelle Yi

Todd Herzog (Fav. man)
Courtney Yates

Jason Siska
Alexis Jones

Kenny Hoang
Sue Smith

Coach Wade
Erin Lobdell
Lydia (Guatemala)
Amanda (China)
Cirie (Panama)
Eliza (Vanuatu)
Scout (Vanuatu)
Taj (Tocantins)
Angie (Palau)
Dawn (South Pacific)
Sundra (Cook Islands)
Denise (Philippines)

Ozzy (Cook Islands)
Penner (Cook Islands)
Rupert (Pearl Islands)
James (China)
Yau-Man (Fiji)
Rob (Marqueses)
Tom (Palau)
Rafe (Guatemala)
Cochran (South Pacific)
Tarzan (One World)



1. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorRupert Boneham
2. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor Rupert Boneham
3. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorRupert Boneham
4. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorRupert Boneham
5. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorRupert Boneham
6. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorRupert Boneham
7. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorRob and Amber Mariano
8.Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorRupert Boneham


1. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorStephenie LaGrossa
2. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor
Stephenie LaGrossa
3. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor
Stephenie LaGrossa
4. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor
Stephenie LaGrossa
5. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor
Stephenie LaGrossa
6. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - SurvivorMelissa McNulty
7. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor
Stephenie LaGrossa
8. Survivor All-Stars 2 Lineup - Survivor
Stephenie LaGrossa

These people are the true champions of the mantra: Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast. No one else even deserves to be considered imo.


1. Tom Westman (Palau)- Winner and 1st challenge monster
2. Ian Rosenberger (Palau)- knows now that $1000000 > friendship
3. Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)- great schemer and funny to watch
4. Terry Deitz (Exile Island)- 2nd challenge monster
5. Bobby Mason (Exile Island)- the "Bob Dawg", got unfair cut
6. Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)- Winner, possibly the best schemer ever
7. Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands)- 3rd challenge monster
8. Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands)- very amusing and mutinied twice
9. Earl Cole (Fiji)- Winner, calm, cool, and collected
10. Yau-Man Chan (Fiji)- words of wisdom and surprising at challenges


1. Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)- extremly frank
2. Julie Berry (Vanuatu)- will Probst favor her?
3. Ami Cusack (Vanuatu)- great shcemer; that is, for women only
4. Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)- Winner over massive odds
5. Amy O'Hara (Guatemala)- fighter, Boston accent :)
6. Cirie Fields (Exile Island)- leafaphobe, great schemer
7. Sally Schumann (Exile Island)- beat odds for most of the time
8. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands)- shamless flirt
9. Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)- mutinied, but no Adam now!
10. Michelle Yi (Fiji)- funny to watch, got unfair cut :(

From BladeBlur:

1. Terry Deitz (Exile Island) - Dominator. And unlike Tom he didn't win so he can come back
2. Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands) -
3. Brooke (Vanuatu) - I always wondered how he'd do if he lasted longer
4. Gary Hoogeboom (Guatemala)
5. Cao-Boi (Cook Islands) - A character. Hate or Love, he is a character.
6. Boo (Fiji)
7. Yau-Man Chan (Fiji) - Obvious Reasons)
8. Coby (Pulau) - Probably could've done well it if weren't for Westman.
9. Dreamz (Fiji) - Would he do better the second time?
10. Judd (Guatemala) - Loose cannons are always welcome!

Alternates - Brian (Guatemala), Rafe (Guatemala), James (Pulau), Bruce (Exile Island), Ozzy (Cook Islands)

1. Ami Cusack (Vanuatu) - Definately the biggest woman to be reckoned with
2. Amy O'hara (Guatemala) - Need I say?
3. Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu) - Jenna Lewis of the new age.
4. Michelle Yi (Fiji) - Funny and cute. deserves another chance.
5. Cirie Files (Exile Island) - I believe that besides Steph she is the only woman on the show that gain as much popularity.
6. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands) - Much more intelligent than she let on.
7. Sally Schumann (Exile Island) - She is a wild card. Wish she'd done better.
8. Twila Tanner (Vanuatu) - Pre Lisi
9. Lisi (Fiji) - THE Lisi. God it'd be hillarious to see her and Twila on the same tribe, haha!
10. Lydia Morales (Guatemala) - Despite her being quite, she had he moments.

Castmember Season
Candace Cook Isles
Jessica Cook Isles
Parvati Cook Isles
Michelle Fiji
Danni Guatemala
Angie Guatemala
Cirie Panama
Courtney Panama
Danielle Panama
Misty Panama
Sally Panama
Julie Vanuatu
Dolly Vanuatu
Becky Cook Isles

Castmember Season
Jonathan Cook Isles
Nathan Cook Isles
Ozzy Cook Isles
Yul Cook Isles
Yau-Man Fiji
Earl Fiji
Rocky Fiji
Dreams Fiji
Boo Fiji
Gary Guatemala
Judd Guatemala
Rafe Guatemala
Ian Guatemala
Bobby Panama
Shane Panama
Chad Vanuatu

Castmember Season
Lea Vanuatu
Cao Boi Cook Isles
Adam Cook Isles
Aras Panama
Terry Panama
Erica Fiji
Rita Fiji

Men Women
Terry Stephenie
Ozzy Sally
Rafe Cirie
Yau Man Misty
Judd Cassandra
Jonathan Candice
Adam Parvati
Bobby Jon Michelle

by: survivormaniac123456


Ozzy (Cook Is)
Yau-Man (Fiji)
Rafe (Guatemala)
Terry (Panama)
Boo (Fiji)
Rocky (Fiji)
Jonathan (Cook Is)
Judd (Guatemala)
Shane (Panama)
Ian (Palau)


Parvati (Cook Is)
Michelle (Fiji)
Sally (Panama)
Eliza (Vanuatu)
Jenn (Palau)
Cirie (Panama)
Candice (Cook I
Ami (Vanuatu)
Cassandra (Fiji)
Twila (Vanuatu)

Alternates (and if w/ Winners)

Aras (Panama)
Earl (Fiji)
Yul (Cook Islands)
Tom (Palau)
Dreamz (Fiji)
Danni (Guatemala)
Stacy (Fiji)
Lisi (Fiji)
Courtney (Panama)
Cindy (Guatemala)
My Survivor All Stars Cast by dylanpad

Boo Bernis (Fiji)
Dreamz Herd (Fiji)
Ian Rosenberger (Palau)
James Clement (China)
Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands)
Judd Sergeant (Guatemala)
Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands)
Rafe Judkins (Guatemala)
Terry Deitz (Exile Island)
Yau-Man Chan (Fiji)


Amanda Kimmel (China)
Ami Cusack (Vanuatu)
Cirie Fields (Exile Island)
Danielle DiLorenzo (Exile Island)
Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu)
Jennifer Lyon (Palau)
Lydia Morales (Guatemala)
Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands)
Peih-Gee Law (China)
Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)

The Alternates

Aras Baskeraus (Exile Island)
Shane Powers (Exile Island)
Alex Angarita (Fiji)
Erik Huffman (China)
Adam Gentry (Cook Islands)

Sundra Oakley (Cook Islands)
Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands)
Michelle Yi (Fiji)
Courtney Yates (China)
Jaime Dugan (China)

all stars 2 by sv5

boston rob (marquesas)
russell (samoa)
james (china)
pavati (cook isle)
jerri (outback)
stephenie (palau)

mogo mogo:
colby (outback)
rupert (pearl isle)
coach (tocantis)
shambo (samoa)
alexis (fans vs faves)
amber (outback)

tom (africa)
tom (palau)
rob (amazon)
natalie (samoa)
sugar (gabon)
sue (borneo)

From Moviemaker
1. Ian Palau
2. Rafe Guatemala
3. Yau-Man Fiji
4. Jonathan Cook Islands
5. Brandon Guatemala
6. Brook Vanuatu
7. Austin Exile Island
8. Terry Exile Island
9. Mike Australia
10. Ryno Pearl Islands

1. Ami Vanuatu
2. Cirie Exile Island
3. Michelle Fiji
4. Candice Cook Islands
5. Twila Vanuatu
6. Wanda Palau
7. Lydia Guatemala
8. Kelly Africa
9. Heidi Amazon
10. China Lady
This cast list is more realistic than what I want.

The best All-Stars

Tribe 1:

- Eliza (Vanuatu)
- Julie (Vanuatu)
- Ami (Vanuatu)
- Leann (Vanuatu)
- Scout (Vanuatu)
- Brady (Vanuatu)
- Brooke (Vanuatu)

Tribe 2:

- Tracy (Micronesia)
- Mikey (Micronesia)
- Teresa (Africa)
- Ethan (Africa)
- Diane (Africa)
- Katleen (Micronesia)
- Jonathan (Cook Islands)

The Best Survivor Ever:

Eliza Orlins (Vanautu - Micronesia)

I love this girl!

all stars 2:)

russell (samoa)
richard (borneo)
colby (australia)
cirie (exile island)
jerri (australia)
natalie (micronesia)

loga loga:
yau-man (fiji)
fairplay (pearl islands)
rupert (pearl islands)
courtney (china)
susan (borneo)
sandra (pearl islands)

yogoa boa:
james (china)
ozzy (cook islands)
boston rob (marquesas)
amber (australia)
parvati (cook islands)
amanda (china)

coa boi (cook islands)
JT (tocantis)
rudy (borneo)
jenna (borneo)
jenna (amazon)
sugar (gabon)

all stars 3:

russell (samoa)
richard (borneo)
B.B. (borneo)
kelly (borneo)
shambo (samoa)
susan (borneo)

rupert (pearl islands)
fairplay (pearl islands)
ozzy (cook islands)
jerri (australia)
tina (australia)
sugar (gabon)

bob (gabon)
lex (africa)
chet (micronesia)
amber (australia)
eliza (vanuatu)
liz (samoa)

Women's All-Stars
Mogo Mogo:
Shii Ann(Thailand)
Becky(Cook Islands)
Darrah(Pearl Islands)

The Greates All Stars EVER.
Survivors: Strength versus Strategy
Tribe 1: Strength
1. James (China, Micronesia and HvV)
2. Ozzy (Cook Islands and Micronesia)
3. Colby (Australian Outback, All Stars, HvV)
4. Stephenie (Palau and Guatemala)
5. Parvati (Cook Islands, Micronesia, HvV)
6. Lex (Africa and All Stars)
7. Tyson (Tocantins and HvV)
8. JT (Tocantins, HvV)
9. Jason (Micronesia)
10. Terry (Panama)

Tribe 2: Strategy
1. Boston Rob (Marquesas, All Stars, HvV, Redemption Island)
2. Russell (Samoa, HvV, Redemption Island)
3. Cirie (Panama, Micronesia)
4. Richard (Borneo, All Stars)
5. Sash (Nicaragua)
6. Coach (Tocantins, HvV)
7. David (Redemption Island)
8. Jonathan (Cook Islands, HvV)
9. Jonny Fairplay (Pearl Islands, Micronesia)
10. Sandra (Pearl Islands, HvV)

Along with Strength vs Strategy I though of another one, Survivor: Before the Merge (Including first elimination after Merge) vs Jurors
Before The Merge
1. Cao Boi (Cook Islands)
2. Mike (Australian Outback)
3. Dan (Panama)
4. Bobbi Jon (Palau, Guatemala)
5. Bubba (Vanuatu)
6. Andrew (Pearl Islands)
7. Stephanie (Redemption Island)
8. Russell S. (Samoa)
Jurors 1. Cirie (Panama, Micronesia, HvV) 2. James (China, Micronesia) 3. Lex (Africa, All Stars) 4. Shane (Panama) 5. Yau Man (Fiji) 6. Candice (Cook Islands) 7. Alicia (Australian Outback, All Stars) 8. Jerri (Australian Outback, HvV)

Just A Sneak Peek To All Stars 2 (Survivor: Japan - The good people return)


Bold- Voted Out

Matt (redemption island)
Kenny (gabon)
Russell Hantz (samoa/heroes vs villains/redemption island)
Ozzy lusth (cook islands/micronesia/south pacific)
Erik (micronesia)
Rupert (pearl islands/all-stars/heroes vs villains)
Alternate Men

Blake (guatemala)
Austin (panama)
danger dave (samoa)
JT (tocantins/heroes vs villains)
Phillip (redemption island)
Jonathan (cook islands/micronesia)


Andrea (redemption island)
Amanda (china/micronesia/heroes vs villains)
Cindy (guatemala)
Danielle (panama)
Parvati (cook islands/ micronesia/ heroes vs villains)
Candice (cook islands/heroes vs villains)

Alternate Women

Becky (cook islands)
Sandra (pearl islands/heroes vs villains)
Jenna (amazon/all stars)
Heidi (amazon)
Eliza (vanuatu/micronesia)
Stephenie (palau/guatemala/heroes vs villains)

Tribe 1


Tribe 2

Russell Hantz

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fanofSURVIVOR91 SURVIVOR ALLSTARS: Sole Survivors 2 Apr 25 2008, 3:43 PM EDT by lordsquidy13
Thread started: Apr 15 2007, 9:25 AM EDT  Watch
Richard Hatch (Borneo)
Ethan Zohn (Africa)
Brian Heidik (Thailand)
Rupert Boneham (America's Vote)
Chris Daugherty (Vanuatu)
Tom Westman (Palau)
Aras Baskauskas (Exile Island)
Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)

Tina Wesson (Outback)
Vecepia Towery (Marquesas)
Jenna Morasca (Amazon)
Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands)
Amber Brkich-Mariano (Allstars)
Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)

+ The Winner of SURVIVOR: Fiji
Total - 15
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canadianmoose My lineup 0 Dec 1 2007, 10:23 AM EST by canadianmoose
Thread started: Dec 1 2007, 10:23 AM EST  Watch
Tribe 1-
Amanda (China)
Misty (Panama)
Stacy (Fiji)
Ami (Vanuatu)
Candice (Cook Islands)

Tribe 2-
Rita (Fiji)
Cindy (Guatemala)
Leslie (China)
Twila (Vanuatu)
Cirie (Panama)

Tribe 3-
Terry (Panama)
Rafe (Guatemala)
Chad (Vanuatu)
Ian (Palau)
Alex (Fiji)

Tribe 4-
Jonathan (Cook Islands)
James (China)
Brian (Guatemala)
Frosti (China)
Judd (Guatemala)
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ottawasens All Stars 2 0 Nov 3 2007, 5:36 AM EDT by ottawasens
Thread started: Nov 3 2007, 5:36 AM EDT  Watch
four tribes five members each 16 members from 9-15 and 4 from 1-7 who did not compete in survivor all stars 1
Team 1
1- Ami ( Vanauatu)
2- Tom (Palau)
3- Danni (Guatamala)
4- Yul ( Cook Islands)
5- James (China)

team 2
1- Ozzy( Cook Islands)
2- Julie (Vanauatu)
3- Yau Man (Fiji)
4- Courtney (Panama)
5- Jonathan (Cook Islands)

team 3
1- Danielle (Panama)
2- Kelly (Borneo)
3- Parvrati (Cook Islands)
4- Gary (Guatamala)
5- Chris (Vanauatu

1- Matthew (Amazon)
2- Terry (Panama)
3- Heidi (Amazon)
4- Candice ( Cook Islands)
5- Erin (Tahiland)
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