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Quick recap of Survivor 18 Episode 3:

Show starts off with Erinn being paranoid, since she associated with Candace who was just voted off.

Jerry complaining about the beans (read below to find out why)
Survivor Tocantins Episode 3 - Survivor
Blindfolded pairs challenge involving water bucket filling for the reward of some nice-to-haves (chairs, pillows, etc.).

Jalapo beats Timbira tribe easily. Brendan is sent back to Exile and he chooses Taj again.
Survivor Tocantines Episode 3

Tyson earns assistant coach label from Coach - he seems to like it.
Immunity challenge is to build an over-sized puzzle that creates a stairway for the tribe (and spells their tribe name out).

Brendan finds the idol hidden behind the tree-mail statue.
Survivor Tocantins Episode 3 - Survivor
Challenge is to build roll cubes in groups of two to create a large stairway puzzle that spells out the Timbura and Jalapao tribe names.

Timbira doesn't have the finishing abilities and Jalapao pulls ahead with confidence in the end.
Jerry hurtingJerry was hurting in the challenges and it showed. Made him an easy mark for the vote off. Jerry admits he is sick and later Tyson recommended he act not-sick.

Coach & Erinn build hatred towards each other that comes out in tribal council. Jerry is voted off.

Tyson hopes for a blind-side "I love seeing people cry, when you crush their dreams."
Jerry voted off SurvivorInteresting developments:
Both Brendan and Coach vying for leadership position. Coach very jealous that Jerry & Erinn said Brendan is a better leader.

Brendan has the immunity idol and is working Sierra while Taj works Steve to create a foursome alliance (two from each tribe) for the eventual merge.

Next time on survivor.... Taj orchestrating the biggest upset in Survivor history?

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