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Where are they now? For many of these Survivor Winners, it's been years since they won their $1 million prize. What's happened to them since? Click EasyEdit to add any details on their lives since the shows aired. (Don't see the EasyEdit button? Sign Up.)
Richard Hatch | Survivor Winner Survivor: Borneo
Survivor Winner | Richard Hatch

Survivor' Stats: Won the first season, 'Borneo'
Where Is He Now? After being convicted of tax evasion -- a charge he still vehemently denies -- in 2006, Hatch was sentenced to 51 months in prison. He was released in May 2009 and placed under house arrest for the remainder of his sentence. Three months later, he was re-arrested for having granted two interviews that hadn't been cleared. On October 16, 2009 Hatch was finally released from prison. 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly that had Hatch been a free man, he would've been invited to participate 'Heroes vs. Villains.' No word on which tribe he'd have been on.
Tina Wesson | Survivor Winner Survivor: Outback
Survivor Winner | Tina Wesson

Survivor' Stats: Won 'Australian Outback.'
Where is She Now? Using her fame to garner attention as an advocate of adoption, the Evangelical Free Church and the Outstanding Young Women of America organization, Wesson penned the book 'Out Live, Out Laugh, Out Love,' which shares her personal story to help others lead better lives.
Who Knew? Wesson tries to get outdoors almost everyday for a hike, bike,swim,run, or to play paddleball.
Survivor Winners - Survivor Survivor: Africa
Survivor Winner | Ethan Zohn

Survivor' Stats: Outlasted everyone on 'Survivor: Africa
Where is He Now? After receiving several awards for his nonprofit organization Grassroot Soccer, which educates African kids about HIV/AIDS through the sport, Zohn hosted two soccer shows, 'FC Fox' on the Fox Soccer Channel and 'The Metro Soccer Report' on the MSG Network. After battling cancer, Zohn got a clear CT scan in April 2010 and is now in remission. He is currently dating Jenna Morasca. Competed in All Stars (8th voted off), and competed on Fear Factor with Jenna!
Vecepia Towery | Survivor Winner Survivor: Marquesas
Survivor Winner | Vecepia Towery
Married fiance Leander (who appeared on the show) and gave birth to a child during the airing of All-Stars!

She received votes from John, Tammy, Robert, and Sean to win.
Brian Heidik | Survivor Winner Survivor: Thailand
Survivor Winner | Brian Heidik
Did not do All Stars. Instead, he shot a puppy. Wife called the police to send him to jail!

He received votes from Jake, Ted, Helen, and Jan to win.
Jenna Morasca | Survivor Winner Survivor: Amazon
Survivor Winner | Jenna Morasca
Posed nude for Playboy. She hosted Survivor Live and currently is dating Ethan Zohn. Competed in All Stars (Quit game... 3rd off), and competed on Fear Factor with Ethan.

She received votes from Dave, Deena, Alex, Christy, Heidi, and Rob to win.

She was invited for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains but declined to stay with her boyfriend (and former Survivor winner) Ethan Zohn who is battling Hodgkins Lymphoma
Sandra Diaz-Twine | Survivor Winner Survivor: Pearl Islands
Survivor Winner | Sandra Diaz-Twine
Can get loud also.

She received votes from Ryan O, Rupert, Christa, Burton, Darrah, and Jon to win.

Asked for All-Stars but was recovering from parasites at the time. But is now on her second time in Heroes vs. Villains.
Survivor Winners - Survivor Survivor: All-Stars
Survivor Winner | Amber Brkich

Survivor' Stats: Amber was sixth on 'Australia,' while husband, Rob Mariano was eighth on 'Marquesas.' They were the top two 'All-Stars.' Rob was the eighth person voted out on 'Heroes Vs. Villains'
Where Are They Now? They made reality TV love an easy business by running 'The Amazing Race' (twice) and airing their wedding. And they've started the next generation of 'Survivors' with baby girl Lucia Rose.
Survivor Winners - Survivor Survivor: Vanuatu
Survivor Winner | Chris Daugherty
Discovered that he lied to get time off work to appear on Survivor saying he was suffering from depression!

He received votes from Sarge, Chad, Leann, Julie, and Eliza to win.
Tom Westman | Survivor Winner Survivor: Palau
Survivor Winner | Tom Westman
After winning Survivor, he retired from the fire department, with plans to be a motivational speaker!

He received votes from Janu, Stephenie, Gregg, Caryn, Jenn, and Ian to win.

And he wants to do it all again and is competing in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
Danni Boatwright | Survivor Winner Survivor: Guatemala
Survivor Winner | Danni Boatwright
Currently involved in various sport programs on TV and the radio! Is currently married to football player, Casey Wiegmann, and they have one child.

She received votes from Bobby Jon, Jamie, Gary, Judd, Cindy, and Lydia to win.
Aras Baskauskas | Survivor Winner Survivor: Exile Island (Panama)
Survivor Winner | Aras Baskauskas
Current CEO of, a winter hat company!

He received votes from Austin, Sally, Courtney, Cirie, and Terry to win.
Survivor Winners - Survivor Survivor: Cook Islands
Survivor Winner | Yul Kwon

Considered as one of the top 10 Heroes of Survivor, by Jeff.

Got Lasik eye surgery, along with Becky - performed by Michael Wood, Candice's father.

He received votes from Brad, Candice, Jonathan, Adam, and Sundra to win.

Survivor Winners - Survivor
Survivor: Fiji
Survivor Winner | Earl Cole

Played a friendly game and got unanimous votes winning the cash!

He received votes from Rocky, Lisi, Michelle, Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Stacy, Boo, and Yau-Man to win.
Survivor Winners - Survivor
Survivor China
Survivor Winner | Todd Herzog

Played a very conniving game that put him in the right places at the right times, very strategic player.

He received votes from Jaime, Jean-Robert, Frosti, and Peih-Gee to win.
Parvati Shallow Survivor Micronesia
Survivor Winner | Parvati Shallow

Parvati Shallow and her alliance made arguably one of the best games in the History of Survivor. She knew who to align with and who to manipulate. She also constructed in 4 blindsides with her "Black Widow Brigade Alliance", definitely a Survivor Record. Then she ended it in a great way by receiving 5 out the 8 jury votes winning Survivor: Micronesia.

She received votes from Cirie, Natalie, Alexis, Jason, and Eliza to win.

She returned for season 20 on the Villains tribe.
Survivor Gabon Winner Survivor Gabon
Survivor Winner | Robert (Bob) Crowley

Likable and clever, Bob made the best looking fake hidden immunity idol in Survivor history. He survived chaotic Gabon and came out on top.

He received votes from Marcus, Charlie, Randy, and Corinne to win.

Also won SURVIVOR Sprint Player of the Season.
Survivor Winners - Survivor Survivor Tocantins
Survivor Winner | James "J.T." Thomas, Jr.

Friendly and Strong Competitor

J.T. never received a vote against him through the duration of the game, and won every vote of the jury of Survivor Tocantins. He therefore, played a theoretically "perfect" game.

Brendan, Tyson, Sierra, Debbie, Coach, Taj, and Erinn to win.

He is now competing in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains as a Survivor Hero for being a very likable winner.

Also won SURVIVOR Sprint Player of the Season.
Natalie White Survivor: Samoa
Survivor Winner | Natalie White

Natalie White played a social and strategic game. She aligned herself with fellow tribemates Russell, Jaison, and Mick. She quickly made friends with the former Galu at the merge. The jury viewed Natalie as playing more subtle and actually investing in other people. She received 7 of 9 votes to win.

She received votes from Erik, Kelly, Laura, Dave, Monica, Jaison, and Brett to win.

Russell won SURVIVOR Sprint Player of the Season.

Survivor Winners - Survivor Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
Survivor Winner | Sandra Diaz Twine

Sandra survived her entire alliance on the Villains tribe. She was brought to the finals because the other two remaining Villains thought she wouldn't get votes. Russell won SURVIVOR Sprint Player of the Season.

Survivor' Stats: Won 'Pearl Islands' and 'Heroes Vs. Villains'
Where Is She Now? After declining to appear on the first 'All-Stars' season, because she was still recovering from her bout with parasites from 'Pearl Islands,' Sandra was inexplicably cast as a bad girl in 'Heroes Vs. Villains.' Thanks to crafty use of strategy, she took home another $1 million again to become the only two-time winner of 'Survivor.'
Survivor Nicaragua: Episode 4 Survivor: Nicaguara
Survivor Winner | Jud "Fabio" Birza

Fabio survived his tribe and his alliance. He is the youngest player to ever win Survivor at the age of 21.
Survivor Winners - Survivor Survivor: Redemption Island
Survivor Winner | Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano

Rob has been on Survivor 3 times before returning for this season.

Survivor Stats: Won Redemption Island,placed 13th place on Hero's vs Villains,was Runner-Up on All-Stars,and placed 10th Place on Marquesas
Where is He Now:
Survivor Winners - Survivor Survivor: South Pacific
Survivor Winner | Sophie Clarke

Survivor: One World
Survivor Winner | TBA

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