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Since Survivor: The Australian Outback, every Survivor contestant who has won the car reward challenge has gone on to lose Survivor! Whether a strange coincidence or a certifiable misfortune, it is kind of spooky that the person who wins the car just can't seem to win the game. Here is a season-by-season guide to the car winners and their downfall!! Can a car winner ever get his or her act together and be a Sole Survivor?!

The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Borneo
Car Winner: Richard Hatch

Car Type:

Downfall: As it was the very first season of Survivor, there was no car challenge, meaning no curse. Instead, the winner of Survivor: Borneo was given a new car as well as the million.
However, it is debated that Rich's curse would come later, as it is now known that he's currently in prison for tax evasion in regards to his prize money
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: The Australian Outback
Car Winner: Colby Donaldson

Car Type: Pontiac, Aztek

Downfall: Though making it to the Final 2 on his physical prowess, lost to Tina Wesson, who was seen as the better strategic player, overall.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Africa
Car Winner: Lex van den Berghe

Car Type: Chevrolet, Avalanche

Downfall: Kim J., who previously won individ. immunity @ final 3, who knew that both would be hard to beat, decided that it would be better to vote off Lex and go up against a very deserving, Ethan in the Final 2.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Marquesas
Car Winner: Sean Rector

Car Type: Saturn VUE

Downfall: Kathy was the swing vote between the Neleh/Paschal and Vecepia/Sean couplings. She decided to go with Neleh and Paschal and Sean became the fist victim, due to his loud outburst at tribal council.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Thailand
Car Winner: Ted Rogers

Car Type: Chevrolet, Trailblazer

Downfall: Considered as useless to Brian's ultimate plans, Plus, he was suspected as being a double agent.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Amazon
Car Winner: Matthew von Ertfelda

Car Type: Saturn ION

Downfall: Even though making it to the Final 2, Matt lost due to the lasting friendships Jenna had made with the jury members.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Pearl Islands
Car Winner: Burton Roberts

Car Type: GMC Envoy XUV

Downfall: Becoming too complacent with Lillian Morris and believing she was with him 100%. Burton became too comfortable, underestimating the women (Sandra, Lill, and Darrah) who would eventually band together to blindside him at the very next tribal council.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: All Stars
Car Winner: Rob Mariano

Car Type: Chevrolet Colorado

Downfall: Although making it to the Final 2 with then girlfriend, Amber Brkich, Rob had double crossed one too many of the jurors. Thus leading to his 4-3 final vote loss.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Vanuatu
Car Winner: Eliza Orlins

Car Type: Pontiac G-6

Downfall: Alliance with, ultimately winner, Chris Daugherty fell through when he decided to side with Twila and Scout; the two who he felt were easier to be
at in the Final 3.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Palau
Car Winner: Ian Rosenberger

Car Type: Chevrolet Corvette

Downfall: After losing trust with Final 3 allies, Katie and Tom, Ian decided to voluntarily exit the game in order to gain back their respect.
The Car Curse! - Survivor

Survivor: Guatemala
Car Winner: Cindy Hall
Car Type: Pontiac Torrent
Downfall: Given the opportunity to give up the car to each of the other competitors (after host Jeff Probst warned her about the car curse), Cindy decided to keep the car before ultimately being voted off for being seen as greedy and selfish.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Panama, Exile Island
Car Winner: Terry Deitz
Car Type: GMC Yukon
Downfall: After a triumphant and necessary immunity run, Terry lost immunity to Danielle DiLorenzo in the Final 3 who decided to vote Terry off because she felt that she had a better chance against Aras in the Final 2.
The Car Curse! - Survivor

Survivor: Cook Islands
Post-finale Car Winner: Ozzy Lusth

Car Type: Mercury Mariner SUV

Downfall: Although technically, there was no car challenge in the Cook Islands season, during the live finale reunion, Ozzy was awarded the car by a fan favorite vote. Coincidentally, you can say the car curse applies, as minutes earlier he had just lost the million to Yul Kwon.
The Car Curse! - Survivor
Survivor: Fiji
Car Winner: Yau-Man Chan
(*gave car to Dreamz Herd)

Car Type: Ford Super Duty Truck

Downfall: Despite Yau's good gesture of handing the car over to Dreamz (in return for Dreamz' agreement to hand him the Immunity Necklace at Final 4), in one of Survivor's most controversial decisions, Dreamz went back on his word and thus Yau-Man was voted off, only one day short of making it to the Final Tribal Council.

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